Hillary Clinton Email Mentions Sacrifice To Moloch – The Illuminati idol of the Bohemian Grove #ThingsWeShouldInvestigate #PedoGate #Pizzagate

One of Hillary Clinton’s newly released emails contains a reference do making a sacrifice to Moloch, the Illuminati idol best known from the Bohemian Grove. In an email to Hillary from Cheryl Mills, who defended Bill Clinton during his impeachment hearings, she ended an exchange saying, “With fingers crossed, the old rabbit’s foot out of the box in the attic, I will be sacrificing a chicken in the backyard to Moloch.” There is a little known Bohemian Grove meeting for women called the Belizean Grove, which most likely conducts similar Satanic rituals as their male counterpart. © 2016 by Mark Dice

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The Illuminati in Hollywood


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29 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton Email Mentions Sacrifice To Moloch – The Illuminati idol of the Bohemian Grove #ThingsWeShouldInvestigate #PedoGate #Pizzagate

  1. omg she also believes in rabbit's foots!

  2. and after a little research I found that Moloch is a demon of "abomination of children"… pizza gate ties?

  3. FYI – she's Not sacrificing a "chicken" – Research the FBI identified CODE Words that these satanic pedophiles use. CHICKEN = LITTLE BOY

  4. Anyone else here incredibly happy that this wicked satanic witch doesn't live in the white house right now?

  5. seth rich was the chicken sacrificed to Moloch

  6. …and Trump is the bad guy…. really?

  7. You should go on the Alex Jones show.

  8. Drake is representing moloch symbols with is OVO brand and the OVO logo is a owl face also

  9. shit, I didn't know moloch was a criminal defense lawyer…keep those fingers crossed.

  10. Is this a joke? I mean come on. Maybe she just wanted fresh chicken for dinner.

  11. tf? and this is surprising. she ain't joking hell she like that banks chic with chicken blood an poop

  12. Moloch is not just another symbol of Satan you idiot. Satan is a myth. Moloch is an old elder god. If anything Satan is a twisted Christ-cuck version of Moloch.

  13. That is the most heinous, disgusting of all sins, by an immeasurable amount. Shirk الشرك associating others in worship with Allah (God)

  14. Chicken means a little boy

  15. I wonder if the demons will come to collect HRC because they gave her so much money and funding and all the mainstream media, practically handing the election to her, wah wah waaahhh…………and she Lost.

  16. http://www.nytimes.com/2011/04/03/business/03grove.html
    Interesting article on the Belizean Grove. Here is a quote from the article: "Some members of Belizean Grove are working on a mission of their own: the White House Project. Its goal is to have a woman elected president."

  17. looks like we meet again you little fuck

  18. what a demonic baby hole.

  19. They use code for everything except this moloch ,it's bs your being misled

  20. this becomes even more interesting with the pizza gate revelations.

  21. Hillary Rotten Clinton – Justice Is Coming for You…..

  22. Santa is coming to town…Satan/Santa same diff.Mr.Dice,how many sources of yours are actual members?And do you reall y want to know what goes on during the so-called Christian business mans retreat?because my pop went from 1973-1997. As guest to the p,,,, well his memory just faded(85) as I take care of the old man,he very rarely will make a comment on said topic,and the last time almost got me killed hours later in a car wreck(total) so I can,t push for the name of his camp…My point is that their are surviving family members who have nothing to do with it,but are witnessing it.Look me up as jimi on fb.

  23. sacrifice a chicken to a false god? Damn these people are more stupid than I thought.

  24. +Global Agenda
    Hey dude, did you dig out the pooh of Cheryl Mills(sacrificing a chicken) Killary E Mail?
    https://wikileaks.org/clinton-emails/emailid/14333    CHICKEN IS BABY=666

  25. And still millions voted for her

  26. it is not moloch, but minerva in the grove. moloch has a bull head, minerva the owl…. do your homework.

  27. Who the fuck jokes about sacrificing a chicken to Moloch? A false ancient pagan god from the bible

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