Hey @Wikileaks, Where’s the Real #ProofofLife #PizzaGate #Corruption #Wikileaks ( NOT #FakeNews)


A list of reasons that Julian Assange, the Wikileaks founder, is dead or compromised, as well as strange things happening at Wikileaks! #ProofofLife .

Julian Assange talks about PGP Key Facebook Live Stream Please subscribe to The Unexplained Inquiry.

Is WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange Dead? – The Weird Connection with Pamela Anderson ! ~~ Links: 1) . Thanks for ing this video .!!!! don’t forget like and .

Alex Jones from infowars.com explains the sudden 180 degrees WikiLeaks took 33 days after Julian Assange was last seen. Articles have surface of late .



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6 thoughts on “Hey @Wikileaks, Where’s the Real #ProofofLife #PizzaGate #Corruption #Wikileaks ( NOT #FakeNews)

  1. Whomever has been trying to hurt Julian Assange is terrible and the people are angry. Is this now Russia? I hope not, # FREE JULIAN ASSANGE.
    Snowden is talking, but we need to get proof of life, not some bs about Julian.
    This is bad!!!

  2. and the mystery continues…yawn…

  3. priceless example of ethics. thank you

  4. Oo.. excuse me, it's obvious you are trying to confuse people not to trust the wiki but He has proved enough and we trust him!!!!!

  5. hmm wonderful info. rich's death was caught on security cameras is the rumor i heard.
    also oddly it said 1 comment here but no comment was visible.

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