Hannity CONFIRMS Obama Court Order & WIRETAPPING Donald Trump Tower Hannity 3 8 17 Fox News #Obamagate #CIA #wiretap #wiretapped

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Did Obama approve a FISA warrant to wiretap Donald Trump before the election? All signs point to yes.

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9 thoughts on “Hannity CONFIRMS Obama Court Order & WIRETAPPING Donald Trump Tower Hannity 3 8 17 Fox News #Obamagate #CIA #wiretap #wiretapped

  1. Hannity and Trump are not smart enough to play the game they are watching.

  2. Interesting opinion piece.
    The Strata-Sphere » Obama Administration Looks To Be In Very Serious Legal Trouble

  3. you white americans are truly scum of the world didnt you authorize the government to have this power? What did u expect? You people are gullable to believe everything this government tells you and honestly you people are your own demise maybe at one point in time you were great and powerful but reality check here one example for you when you have a bunch of illegals (mexicans) protesting a presidential candidate 8and start smacking around his supporters on many different days and videos and the illegals get away with it With Your Own Govt. Blessings, what does this tell you? If you cant figure this out honestly you do deserve your rotting as a people and the near future is here now, where the illegals wont be illegals anymore and you lost your numbers in strength and its already happening for many reasons that has to do with your own stupidity and gullability just to mention a couple of your pathetic ways of thinking. Youve already lost and cant accept the reality of things oh by the way what going on with your presidents promise on the wall and deporting all these mexicans because since Trump has been president these illegals are still crossing the border. You people are truly pitiful. tootles😊👍

  4. Will the crimes against Flynn and Trump be prosecuted? Will the pedophiles be prosecuted? Will the Clintons crimes be prosecuted?

  5. The CIA listen to all on us. Tell me something i don't know.

  6. Trump should show me his taxes. Bet Hannity is on pay roll.

  7. Damn! I just found out that Trump is literally a cuck. There's a video of him watching Melania. Hahaha.


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