Gutfeld: Fox News to blame for Clinton’s defeat?

President Obama points fingers



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47 thoughts on “Gutfeld: Fox News to blame for Clinton’s defeat?

  1. Nancy Pelosi is like Weekend At Bernies.  It is a question of how long they can keep her on life support.  Other than Donny himself, the person responsible for Clinton's defeat is Kelly Anne Conway.  I would also give Ann Coulter credit for encouraging the republicans in a stand and fight battle rather than the run and hide from Trump fight that Ryan was talking about.

  2. Obama is still a clueless dumbass fuck,

  3. Obama is so blind when it comes to Clinton,she lost because her campaign was shit.I guess he can't handle the fact he endorsed the loser,well tough shit swallow it.

  4. So what Bars does Obama frequent?

  5. Some of Trump's biggest donations went to Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Hillary Clinton. It was kind of funny about them talking about all the money Pelosi raised.

  6. clinton being shit was to blame

  7. Hope and change as a democrat focus? Hah! How about Hopeless Chains – Stuck on STOOOPID aka Pelosi Galore! I am glad, honestly glad because this will further the marginalization the leftists.

  8. Obama and his wife Michelle both campaigned for Hillary more-so than Hillary did !!!! Obama let in millions of illegals into this country just to get their vote and the same thing for these worthless Muslim refugees that we taxpayers are paying for through Government programs, but never-the-less it was all for Hillary and the Democrats still LOST !!!!!! if the truth is known Trump won by a landslide , yes even the popular vote, my response to that whole mess is " There really is a God" !!!! :)))))
    Hillary is the embodiment of a complete total failure………

  9. I think the greatest false accusation that can possibly be made is that you were responsible for Clinton's defeat. I would be so thrilled I would be writing the President to thank him and sending him a bouquet of flowers in a pink vase for him and a hide-away jock strap for his wife.

  10. I thought she lost because she's a lying treacherous bitch….. but that's none of my business

  11. The argument over how many whites or blacks may have voted for Obama is irrelevant. In both elections the Republicans could not possibly have won anything. Bush almost destroyed the Republican Party…and is it not amazing that Trump, of all people, has risen as the one who can pull it all back together?

  12. Evidently Obama is unaware of Megyn Kelly, or several other of the FOXNEWS propagandists who published BS headlines and or attacked Trump many times during the campaign. I was surprised by FOX's apparent herd-following as their articles frequently focused on Trump's negative factors, just like all the rest of the MSM. That should be behind us, but the media will not let it die, will they?

    Let's face it America — The liberals lost it, miraculously indeed, but they lost it. Let's look ahead with positivity — SO FAR there has never been a reason to doubt Trump. When he screws up, if he screws up, and he probably will (we all do) — then the parasites in the media, on both sides, will be there to bathe in the bloodshed. That's really all they do anymore.

  13. How the fuck is Juan drawing a pay check?? one of the dumbest fucks on the planet.
    Every time he opens his mouth I get the urge to stick a screw driver in my ear.

  14. Clinton was so busy trying to cover up her steps, she has so many illegal irons in the fire that she didn't campaign, she hid from being interviewed, shes afraid to answer a question on her own. She might have to think on her feet, and her brain will go into shock. So while playing camera tricks to make her rallys look big, and busing in high school kids who won't or cant vote wasted her time. She didn't have the right campaign manager running the show. He himself had too many illegal activities of his own going on to really run a campaign. She couldn't buy off enough People to get the votes. The women voters who voted for her because she's a woman wasn't enough to out do us smart women who voted for a change. We can think for ourselves and can see a liar when we hear one. we are not that ignorant to follow a liar, cheat, corrupt politician who only cares about power and not the ppl. We saw through her. Now she is proving herself even more clearly since she lost. She is still trying to scam her way into office. She has Jill Stein trying to recount votes, when we know she is doing it for Hillary. Hillary shows up on tv looking like hell so we feel sorry for her. No woman on earth would come out in public looking that way on purpose, it has to be another scam. Sorry Hillary, American just are not that stupid to fall for your tricks and lies. The rest of Americans that did vote for you, did so because they are Gullible, and ignorant. They can't think for themselves and follow what their friends are doing . They see a chance to be on TV, or to steal a TV if they attend a protest. Probably need quick cash so they get paid by you to vote or protest. Sorry you lost. You can't make a deal with the Devil because in the end the Devil will come to collect. He don't care what u want, he just wants your soul like you want our votes. Maybe you can run your own cell when you get to Hell.

  15. BLAME? I thought it's a good thing no…

  16. As for the liberal left parading up the streets in protest of defeat, crying in universities and needing counselling, you are now known as extremists! Frankly, if it were Christians, white men or rural white peoples doing what you are doing, they'd be branded extremist and dangerous. That's what you are now. Only extremists follow motherhood statements like "a world without borders" simply to occupy a higher moral ground without giving a second thought to what that means or even asking what that means practically. The left echo chamber is very full.

  17. Trumps really going to show Obama up lmao get ready to look like shit even more Obama

  18. i guess obama believes only drunk and fatties watch fox news. Definitely out of touch

  19. The blame for Hillary's defeat belongs to Obama's failed policies and Hillary. Why in the world would the democrats go with her as their candidate in the first place? If she hadn't married Bill Clinton nobody would know her name. Nobody. She would be an anonymous attorney on some NYC law firm. That's it.

  20. Obama, Clintons, Bushs, DNCRNC Gatekeepers (NANCY!, Johnny Mac, Paul Ryan, Lindsey Gayham…) are acting like they know Trump won't live much longer.

    -MSM, (Except FOX).

  22. Hilary is the cause for the Democratic Party being in crisis

  23. Hey, there's a TV in my coal mine shaft tuned to Fox.

  24. fox news didn't do shit. we the people voted trump because of his message. screw the news

  25. No no Obama, I actually FOUND what is to blame for Clinton's defeat. It's just a tiny place on Earth although it gapes bigger than the Grand Canyon. Hint, Obama ol' pal: Search somewhere between Hillary's nose and chin. Let us know if you need more help. We'll get you through this.

  26. RollingStone Magazine makes for good kindling.

  27. mainspring has sprung!

  28. All these shitty news channels like Fox and CNN claim to be the most watched! MSM is dead bitches…

  29. It was Fox News Hillary! Kill them all!

  30. I always thought politicians acted like kindergarten kids.
    But this not being able to get over a loss brings a whole new meaning to toddler tantrum.
    Jesus Fucking Christ, are these dems incapable of taking any responsibility for anything they have done.

    They created Trump, now fucking deal with it!

  31. if that is true, then grats fox news. dont get me wrong you tend to be pretty biased too but for the right wing fundies, but I can still say that you have lately been better(or just compared to other media).

  32. Who was to blame, that Hellary lost the election ? why it was Obimbo himself, no one likes him, but yet what a better way too turn DemocRATs around too vote for Trump, great job you MORONS.
    Keep up the GOOD news, FOX NEWS

  33. FOX, it's your fault my dog crapped in my house.

  34. The Washington Post columnist in November of 2011 wrote a column that ran in the Washington Post — Thomas B. Edsall — and he explained how the Democrat Party, the Obama administration had decided, strategically, to abandon the white working class in favor of a giant constituency made up of every minority group they could think of. Gays, lesbians, transgenders, one-armed amputees in Soho, you name it. Whatever the minority group was, they were gonna go for it and to hell with the white working class.

  35. It couldn't be because they had a corrupt candidate with more baggage than Imelda Marcos had shoes?

  36. Typical democrat blame everyone else for failure, no accountability.

  37. It's entertaining to watch Fox "News" hosts try and pretend that they are not part of the MSM, followed immediately by bragging about their ratings.

  38. Nancy Pelosi standing in front of the flag with Maritime Law tassels again says it all. We need to end the rule by foreign corporations who claim us as their chattel. We are not your slaveship of slaves.

  39. No it wasn't FOX News. It was my fault Hillary lost. I admit it. And I'd do it again. I just had to do it.

  40. The great issue of contrast between democrats and republicans is over the first-degree murder of the unborn, and even the born… The profanity of sodomy and sexual perversion where transgenders and beastiality rise to prominence in the public square. This is shameful to any little child whose morals must be developed on godly principles and not ungodly principles. Even nature teaches that the perpetuation of life depends on the loyalty of a husband and wife.

  41. "Captain Sulk!" hahahahehehehohohoho….

  42. Except for the FACT that CNN is the default news show that you'll find at 90% of public places in the U.S.

  43. No one is to "blame" for Clinton's defeat. TRUMP is responsible for his own victory, geographically. He worked hard to woo the white, middle class workers in "the swing states" … Hillary didn't. They liked his racism, misogynist ideas, his anti-immigrant stance, his xenophobia, his old-fashioned nationalism, and his use of non-politically correct rhetoric. Trump's "people" were better informed about who and where he needed to put his time and money … and IT WORKED. Everyone else was wrong!

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