Gold/Silver Theory, PizzaGate Updates 12/1/16 #PizzaGate #Corruption

In today’s video, gold/silver theory and why I’m buying gold (and even some silver) to protect myself from the possibility of an inflationary currency meltdown. Goldmoney:

8:40 UPDATES on the PizzaGate scandal—and an unusual interview request from a BBC reporter.



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30 Thoughts to “Gold/Silver Theory, PizzaGate Updates 12/1/16 #PizzaGate #Corruption”

  1. Hey David, can you help me score an interview with PewDiePie? You both have youtube channels so I know you can make this happen for me. Thanks. I'd offer you some silver for the favor but I see you've already got some so let me know if there's anything I can do in return. LOL #Facepalm #BBC #OutofTouch #OldMedia

  2. Bitcoin, gold and silver indeed

  3. Is Pizzagate a psyop? Are they playing us? Did Trump rig the election? Why are Trump assigning zionists?

  4. Good for you, David! These MSM puppets are deluded, jaded, over paid and they just don't get it. They assume everyone is as stupid as they are or in their ignorance they think they are smarter than everyone else. Phuk 'em.
    edit to add: I believe a lot of these journos have been compromised ie they're taken out, wined and dined, attend private parties where they are drugged or drunken and when they are stoned out of their minds they are escorted to a room where a 10 year old child is waiting in bed… and the cameras are rolling….instant blackmail material.

  5. DAVID!! Some other YT channels are saying your part of a psyop to use pizza gate to discredit truthers who are investigating pedophiles. They say your last name Seaman is part of a pedophile code. Robbie from Boston has quite an awful hit piece on you saying you can't have this many subs in such a short time with out being a part of the psyop. He is a "christian" don't let him being an ass prevent you from seeking the light of God and reading the Bible.

  6. People wake up to this plant. What a fraud this Seaman is. Wolf in sheeps clothing 100%.
    Do some critical thinking and it shouldnt take long to find out he is a fraud.
    Former Huffington Post, high following in a short time frame. If he was legit YT would not give him these numbers. People are being deceived by this guy.
    Check out Zachary Hubbard videos for the truth, and for prove of this guy being a fraud.
    Nice try David your gig is up.

  7. some of the shit in pizzagate is being proved for false such as the paintings from Kim Noble being involved, especially the really blatant bad ones. You need to delay or just out right not go on the Daily Show because even the stuff we know is true such as the Haiti child trafficking will not be taken seriously.

  8. What if there were no gold or silver? You still have to print money. But if they only print money based on demand, then it will only reflect the goods and services that are produced.

  9. hey Check Out Richie from Boston/Pizzagate Is Real S.W.S. on youTube. You Came UP. Watch you will find it intresting. stay up. be safe

  10. Given the hard argument of Richie From Boston I have to tell you these Pizzagate interviews may be a strategic catalyst to power play us out of what little we have left of our internet freedom and free speech and may be followed up with a false flag event on the pizza shops. I have to recommend those be canceled and find a better way to reach the masses about the pedo rings….which aren't new….they have been going on for a long time. If not I guess I will have to assume you are part of the agenda. I hope not but your timing on the scene is odd.

  11. gold confiscation in the 30's happened .ask the oldttimers .

  12. hey fuckweed… you understand that if you do a sponsored content without mentioning that it is a sponsored content, you can be sued and lose your channel?
    one more thing, the gold stuff as investment, is not a good solution!

  13. look up Jimmy Seville and the pedophile ring uncovered in Britain the BBC is a joke just like American media

  14. If playing ads with the content you provide wasn't bad enough now here you are talking about gold and silver: how obvious you are.

  15. david seaman loves cheese pizza

  16. no kidding the whore is in the book of revelations 17. they are still here via the Vatican.

  17. Exactly ! Who is behind it? probably factions
    that still have morals and are tired of this evil slime in a human shell
    running our country. Look up the real attack on the pentagon on 911 It was a
    cruise missile NO effin PLANE  WE BOMBED our own military HQ to stop
    bush.cheney & the rest of this sick MF's  from continuing to wreak
    havoc with the false flag attacks with RC planes.

    Bottom line is the pizzagate stuff IS REAL and not isolated to just 2 pizza
    shops Time to put these sick satanists away for good

  18. What a bunch of bullshit. Weed is bad. It's a tool to make you dumbed down and ok with anything the elite might throw at you. And metals are somehow better than the paper? Bullshit. Both of those values are fictional. Any object in the world is only valuable if there is someone who wants it. Gold and Silver are no different than that or paper. The one and only problem is the FAKE money that you all spend without actually having it, so they charge you interest on the money you don't even have, and have to pay the interest larger than the sum you used.
    You are full of shit. Wow you read a book, great you must be wise. There is a problem with gold currency as well, since the elite tends to hoard it and then there is no "money" left for the people to use.
    I said it before and I'll say it again, you are just like these elites.

  19. Just to mention: I just finished to read an article written by Jeffrey Steinberg (7.2.1999) "Satanic Subversion of the US Military". The author started his paper mentioning a civil action (Paul A. Bonacci v. Lawrence E. King) connected to a nationwide pedophile ring "linked to powerful political figures in Washington, (…)."
    … In 1999: pedo-ring / Washington / political figures.
    We're in 2016 and apparently, it's still the very same. The difference is that now we know because of Internet.
    When all of this has started? It seemed well established for decades if even more. So, public knows now. Is it really going to change something? Where are we going to??

  20. bbc owned by same jewish elite behind the pizzagate, you expect them to seek for truth?

  21. BBC Huh ! Do you ever get the feeling of being in the cross hairs?

  22. The IRS has demanded the records of bitcoin holders… it's under attack. BTW, gold & silver doesn't require internet connection.

  23. I'm all for legalization of marijuana, but people should allowed to grow on their property. But let's not kid our selves, most people don't actually smoke weed at a therapeutic dose. That's still degenerate.

  24. David, if I thought you were real, I would like you.

  25. Gold and silver are worthless without food ,water

  26. You're doing a fantastic job David. I love the fire in your tone, and how you used 100% pure logic to put that BBC so-called journalist in his place. Keep up the great work. Freedom is popular!

  27. I'm British, and just to let you know we have freedom of speech over its comes as a given, we don't need a bill for it!! as a journalist for the Huffington Post I thought you would know that.

  28. The same BBC that covered up for Jimmy Saville while he raped children including infants? Tell them to go to hell.

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