Gill Broussard Interview 22nd May 2017 Planet X Nibiru Arrives Global Catastrophe Earth Destroys #UFO #ufosighting #Aliens #nibiru


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46 Thoughts to “Gill Broussard Interview 22nd May 2017 Planet X Nibiru Arrives Global Catastrophe Earth Destroys #UFO #ufosighting #Aliens #nibiru”

  1. You lost me when you started to detail the
    Biblical facts. Humans have free will and it is
    Impossible to predict to the minute, and day, and week, everyone's
    every event. Remember, the word " history"
    literally means
    HIS – STORY….

  2. Google "Telmario Moto Planet" NOW

  3. Hey gill your a tosser mate you have said the wrong shit about the planet alignment in every video you posted its 23 of september go use stellarium its not march 2017 its september 2017 gee mate your making your self look like a real tosser now !!!!!!!!!!

  4. This is very hard to follow, but from what I gather, Gil has a very different take on end time events than most pretrib theologians. It sounds like he is saying there is a partial rapture, which I don't think is biblically founded.

  5. When was this recorded? At 2:21:16 he says, "This date greatly concerns me," referring to the Revelation 12 sign occurring on March 25 or 26 of 2016 ~~~ and today is May 28, 2017.

  6. So is he saying there was no moon until the flood?

  7. Wots with all the fear you lot are wack promoting all this fear . Ain't you lot every heard of the law of attraction come on people get a grip and so fucking wot if Planet X or wotever you calling it nowadays

  8. How do I and mine survive this.. w/out animalism

  9. thank you for the new gill info we do deeply appreciate it all the work you guys and others do..


  11. I like how every one of you tards actually belive this shit. Theyve been saying that this thing will destroy us all every year since 2015!!! Im still waiting.

  12. its biotapestry not Baxter tapestry

  13. where you miss that date I do believe the actual fulfillment a strongly speaking is September the 23rd 2017 I also think you're wrong about the Moon to but I will give you credit where credit is due you have done more research really applied logical thinking and thinking outside of the box and all in all I think you're doing a great job

  14. fuck off its now the 24th of may ive been hearing this kind of alarmist shit for too long, eversince i was a kid, man. Im putting you on my block list, it's a video blocker addon for my browser, which prevents me from even seeing your results in YT. Hah!

  15. 23 sep 2017 stars line up ,,,,, rev 12 mate ūüėČ

  16. I think I heard the Hebrew was mistranslated on the word whale and it means dragon. FYI might check it out.

  17. It's 2017 did I miss it?

  18. sept 23 is the date it all lines up in the heavens above. planets and stars with jupiter going in the belly of virgo. he was close on that.

  19. Do a tesla beam on the asteroid belt , scientifically speaking. Other wise.. God help us all. Look at the brightest star tonight with a pair of readers and adjust the distance until u get an image!!!! You will not see what you expect! I guarantee it will be a mind boggling viewing!

  20. Tower was an attempt to reach the dome and touch what God made. Thus the painting with humans and God reaching to touch fingers with a still separation that exists. Thank you for your show!:D

  21. I hope it's quick or we are inside a ark . Wet isn't on fire.steel protected the inside crew of the Philadelphia experiment but the surface crew not so lucky. Might put your boat in backyard or on your roofs with quick disconnects and stock it , hummmm

  22. Go to Google Sky, select "constellations" and then "Virgo", then push the "infrared" button. You will see a black redaction box on one of Virgo's legs. Zoom in. You are seeing 1/2 of a dual planet(?) system that has captured 1/4 to 1/2 million (or more) asteroids that orbit it and it is headed this way. In the Bible (Revelation 12) it is described as the "Red Dragon".

    Other astronomy sites will give you a full view of this anomaly, such as SkyView Virtual Observatory. Type in coordinates: 13 48 37, -08 30 57 then select "IRAS" survey and the full view will come up. Left click between the "eyes" and then hit "zoom" for a closer look.

  23. They had northern lights as far as Mayo and even Cork last year.

  24. Broussard's not the same since he got threatened two years ago. Don't believe him anymore

  25. dude your not looking at an earth pole shift AS the source of WORLD FLOOD!

  26. I am in agreement with some others on the dates being discussed. We have passed the 2016 date.i totally understand not knowing the exact dates, but help us out here.

  27. Maybe we get lucky and one of those astronomers will watch this video and realize they have to predict the other side of the earth will be struck by the debris field because of the 12 hour delay.

  28. how you know this,today is 23 /5 /2017 no catastrophe on earth

  29. It is difficult to accept that even if the earth lost a large proportion of it's crust that it coalesced into the body of the moon at the great distance in space it now resides from earth, 384, 400 kms. It would fair to assume that much of the heavier material would have fallen back to earth, as the amount of energy required to escape earths gravity would be so great. Nice try, but this man Broussard is struggling with what I would describe as, desperation to find meaning in scripture that has resulted in circular reasoning that smacks of confirmation bias and dilution.

  30. These dates have all passed. the birth of the child is this year Sept 23 2017. Could you recalculate possible dates based on this new info please?
    thank you for tackling and sharing this very complicated subject!

  31. Funny how Brossard story has changed so many times over the years

  32. By the side: It was Hawkin who declared FOR ALL TO HEAR that we have 100 years and counting to GET OFF THE PLANET. Instead, we are at war with the world. DARPA along with HAWKING FOR PRESIDENT once this embarrassment is removed let's put a genius who CAN GET US GOING IN THE STAR TREK DIRECTION. JOBS for everyone, the whole planet. Wow. What a concept. Rid ourselves of the on going bull crap; LET'S GET OFF THIS PLANET. It's too late for me, but not my children's children.
    Trump nor any of his leaders want us going toward a NON Monitory system so OF COURSE, NO ONE is going to direct ALL OF US to work on GETTING OFF THIS PLANET, get DARPA to focus on the VAN ALLEN BELT or whatever else we have to get through…time is wasting. LOOK AT YOUR CHILDREN, you at least owe it to THEM, not the fricking billionaires for crying out loud. They WILL be off, while the rest of your family will be left behind, I guarantee it.
    God, Creator, Enki, Jesus, all of them want us to DO SOMETHING instead of running in circles. Gees.

  33. The House of Bonaparte still covertly run France. They are backed up by Rome and the Italian Nobility like the Bourbon-Two Sicilies, Colonna-Walewski, Medici, and Aldobrandini families which they are intermarried with. Napoleon Bonaparte was really the first political Zionist who proclaimed for all the Jews to settle in Jerusalem while he was in power. Napoleon also established the Legion of Honour which is headed by the President of France who also holds the title of Honorary Canon of the Papal Archbasilica of St. John which is the ecclesiastical seat of the Pope. Louis-Napoleon Bonaparte III was the first President of France. Emmanuel Macron is President elect of France and was Jesuit educated and worked for the Rothschild bank and he will be the Grand Master of the Legion of Honour and Canon to the . Bernard Arnault who is worth over 50 billion is a Knight of the Legion of Honour. Patrick Pouyanne is CEO and Chairman of the major oil company Total and he is also a Knight of Legion of Honour. Alan Greenspan is a Knight of the Legion of Honour and was Chairman of the Federal Reserve. Many members of the European Round Table of Industrialists are French Knights of the Legion of Honour. A "knight" is defined as a military servant. Prince Jean Christophe Napoleon Bonaparte is considered the head of the Imperial House of Bonaparte today and his mother is Princess Beatrice of Bourbon-Two Sicilies. Jean Christophe has worked for Morgan Stanley and is an associate for Advent International which is a major buy firm with assets estimated at 31 billion. The Bonaparte family are intermarried with the Aldobrandini papal nobility in Italy. Baron David Rene de Rothschild who is the current head of the French Rothschild family and head of the Rothschild bank is married to Princess Olimpia Aldobrandini who has Bonaparte ancestry through Prince Camillo Borghese (Aldobrandini). The Italian Nobility and House of Bonaparte are closely working together like a crime syndicate and working towards dominating and controlling society. They are evil.

  34. The rate of human devolution is has almost reached critical mass

  35. All this intrigued me to buy a telescope and look at the stars. Sence Juniper is one of the brightest stars in the evening, I decided to check it out. What I saw was unexplainable. I could see the details of Jupiter and its moons. But then just to the side of Jupiter I saw a sphere dark in color and slightly larger. It's there go look and tell me what you think. We are under clouds here for the next few days so I can't see. I can't wait to look again.

  36. i have dozens of pics of alien life emerging from the major points of where the earthquakes are prominant! download Earthquake tracker and you can zoom in and snd see for yourself! i also have captured the planet behind the sun. scary stuff!!!

  37. if it happens because it happens that we (USA) is on the wrong side but you cannot tell me that europe, asia, russia is more God fearing so it will not affect them or that israel /jerusalem is now more Godlike and in God's favor! Really?

  38. This is a real event and respect to you both

  39. I would just love for Gil to give me the definition for Harpazo, "Caught up", and explain to me what a violent snatching away means, and tell me the places in the bible caught up are mentioned and why he is cursing people.

  40. Very Interesting, thank you.

  41. Today is 22 May 2017 (19:25pm). Nothing has been seen and obviously blown us to oblivion. So SUPER BRIGHT SPARKS where is it??? Ur all seeking attention, we'll stop messing with people's lives and keep ur theories to yourselves!!!

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