Ghost Of Benghazi – Elizabeth Pendleton #PizzaGate #Corruption #Wikileaks ( NOT #FakeNews)

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This is a very basic lyric video for a song inspired not only by Wikileaks, the election of 2016 and the events in Benghazi, Libya in September 2012, but by Youtube vlogger and columnist H.A. Goodman. From the start of the leaks, H.A. diligently reported on each new batch, sometimes several times a day. One late October morning he inexplicably encouraged his channel subscribers to write poems.

As I was readying myself for bed that night, the idea for these lyrics came to me. Wanting to get comfy, cozy and off to sleep, I resisted. But the clarity of the words persisted. So I trudged upstairs to get out my yellow legal pad and rhyming dictionary, two of my songwriting staples. Within 30 minutes, a solid rough draft had emerged. The melody came just as easily, and I played it into Garageband on a piano the following day. A few days later I flew to Los Angeles where I worked on the song’s structure and arrangement in an iPad version of Garageband. When I returned to Austin, TX, the song and its form were very clear. But I needed to catch up on work, so it wasn’t until Thanksgiving time that I was finally able to record this full version. Mainly, I consider myself to be a songwriter, not a vocalist and not a producer. I am fortunate that Garageband is such an amazing tool for helping musicians communicate our ideas. For instance, the auto drummer functions I found when working on this piece energized it and kept me motivated. Metal always does the trick!

The election is behind us, as are the heady days of the Scorpio cycle of 2016. There was a brief period prior to November 8th when my days were spent between H.A.’s videos on Youtube, the Reddit boards, Twitter and long phone conversations with a like-minded friend. It was fun, obsessive and all enthralling. I know that I ate, slept and worked at various points, but the details are vague.

My friends, family, teachers and social media companions continue to be an amazing source of support and encouragement, for which I am eternally grateful. Moreover, I, like so many Americans, owe Julian Assange and the Wikileaks staff, the alt media and the honest members of the MSM, like the Denver Post, who covered Wikileaks, an enormous debt of gratitude. We need the truth. Finally, I could not post this video without remembering the lives, work and sacrifice of Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens, Information Management Officer Sean Smith and CIA contractors Glen Doherty and Tyrone S. Woods. My prayers and thoughts remain with their loved ones.

H.A. Goodman

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  1. This is an awesome song. Good job. Because i am Libyan i have question what is the reason you have the Name of the ghost of Benghazi in your song?

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