Full Show – 06/16/2015 – Hillary’s Election Corruption Exposed

On this jam-packed Tuesday, June 16 edition of the Alex Jones Show, we cover how Pope Francis is now pushing a New World Order agenda, including his call for a new “global authority.” Also, Jeb Bush and Donald Trump both announced their 2016 presidential candidacies and banks are now demanding that customers account for every deposit and bank withdrawal before they will approve mortgages. Constitutional lawyer Phyllis Schlafly joins the show to discuss Hillary’s plan to stuff the ballot box with illegal alien votes. Also, Dr. Edward Group talks about beneficial health practices you can do every day which are largely unknown to the general public.

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21 Thoughts to “Full Show – 06/16/2015 – Hillary’s Election Corruption Exposed”

  1. feminists support Sanders and Clinton, intelligent and successful women endorse Trump. I wonder why they are dumb, IDK hard to determine.

  2. Did he just quote a Slayer song? Hell yeah!

  3. ThX 5 upload & fighting! The interview from Kerry is legenderie! I hate this puppets!

  4. Dude did you quote reining blood by slayer in this video?

  5. 28:48. You are saying they are like roaches so you can hunt them and kill them.. If that is a valid argument why do you have a problem with the depopulation agenda anyway? To them they are more evolved and so we are their roaches. Or do you maybe only care about human life because you are a human?

  6. Hope Hillary crashes it's broomstick into a tree.

  7. Alex you just butt right in when your reporters are trying to talk; please, have some politeness.

  8. Full show on Hillary?? Really. 45 mins in is still on jade helm.

  9. these bastards/sluts are supposed to do things for the people not to them

  10. Prepare for the death of America as a result of gullible Americans supporting the bride of Dracula

  11. I may be mistaken, but maybe tuning down a bit the neurotic atmosphere may actually help the cause they claim they stand for… because even if they were saying the truth, the way they say it could end up discrediting it… unless that's their original purpose of course.

  12. people do know Obama is just a puppet right? he's a low life, but these are not his decisions.. he is just doing as he is told. Look at his u turn of gay marriage, his lies about the gender wage gap…

  13. When I look at Donald Trump and Alex Jones I see no difference there the same.

  14. Next step? Put a Watson entity in a drone weapon platform!

  15. Sometimes I listen to you ,but why for shitbags hell is no one asking the president about Jade Helm 15 ?Ask the motherfucker if you have questions about it.Let me help you.1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.Attn Mr.President.If you can't do that then go fuck yourself Alex.

  16. I'm voting for Hillary Clinton this coming election, her or Bernie Sanders.

  17. "As far as i'm concerned this Pope needs an exorcism" hahahahaha naaaaah bro he needs Jesus

  18. They also trying to take out my beloved Zimbabwe….

  19. 14:45 has got to be the greatest line ive ever heard anyone say about the pope…WOW

  20. :57 is that the soundtrack from sword of the stars II? The ambient music when you are on the campaign map?

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