FULL: Sean Spicer White House Press Conference 5/10/2017 James Comey Fired, Michael Flynn, Trump #LatestNews

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WATCH LIVE: President Donald Trump Press Secretary Sean Spicer Press Conference (5/9/2017) – Press Briefing with Press Secretary Sean Spicer – Sean Spicer Briefs Reporters at the White House – Sean Spicer Live – Donald Trump Rupert Murdoch – President Trump Weekly Address – President Trump’s Actions – Sarah Huckabee Sanders Live

James Comey Fired, Trump Latest News Today, Sally Yates, Russia – James Comey Is Fired by Donald Trump

BREAKING NEWS: President Trump Fires FBI Director James Comey

FBI Director James Comey Fired by President Trump Press Conference

FBI Director James Comey Is Fired by Donald Trump

Senate Democratic Leader Reacts to FBI Director Firing

Senator Schumer Remarks on Director Comey Firing

FBI Director James Comey testifies before Senate Judiciary Committee

Sally Yates Testify on Michael Flynn, Trump, and Russia

Sally Yates Testifies to Congress on Michael Flynn, Trump, and Russia

Sally Yates Testifies Before Senate Over White House, Russia Connections

DHS Secretary John Kelly, OMB Director Mick Mulvaney and Press Secretary Sean Spicer discuss the new budget at The White House press briefing. Sarah Sanders

Press Briefing with Principal Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Sanders

FBI Director James Comey Testifies at Hearing on Trump/Russia – Senate Judiciary Committee
FBI Director James Comey Opening Statement at Trump/Russia Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing – James Comey Testifies On Trump’s Ties To Russia – Senate live

Patriots’ Rob “Gronk” Gronkowski Crashes Press Briefing, Asks Sean Spicer If He Needs Help
Rob Gronkowski INTERRUPTS sean spicer press conference briefing 4/19/2017 – Rob Gronkowski crashes White House press briefing, asks Spicer if he needs help

Sen. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell holds news conference
President Donald Trump Addresses the Nation

President Trump Surveillance Confirmed

Breaking Tonight President Trump Latest News Today 3/28/17 White House news, with Chris Wallace

Tucker Carlson Tonight Full Show 4/3/2017 Donald Trump News Today, Neil Gorsuch SCOTUS – Fox News CEO, host advising Trump
WikiLeaks Julian Assange News Conference on CIA leaks (4/3/2017) – WikiLeaks Press Conference on #Vault7 – Dark Matter

WATCH: Senate Confirmation Hearing of Neil Gorsuch as Supreme Court Justice Nominee SCOTUS

Devin Nunes Press Conference On Trump Surveillance Paul Manafort Devin Nunes

Exclusive Interview With President Donald Trump – Tucker Carlson Tonight – Fox News – 3/27/17

Sean Spicer White House Press Briefing Donald Trump Wiretapping Russia Surveillance Jeff Sessions Devin Nunes Trey Gowdy Trump Surveillance Russian Interference Michael Flynn testimony immunity Donald Trump’s Tax Returns White House Press Briefing Sean Spicer Neil Gorsuch Steve Bannon

Steve Bannon dropped from Donald Trump’s National Security
Senate Democrats Block Neil Gorsuch’s Supreme Court Nomination

James Comey Fired
Michael Flynn
Trump Fires James Comey
trump russia
trump Vladimir Putin
Mike Pence South Korea President Trump
Supreme Court Justice neil Gorsuch
Rose Garden
Nuclear Option
Chuck Schumer
Mitch McConnel
Spokesman Sean Spicer briefs reporters at the White House daily briefing,
Press Secretary Sean Spicer Reports at The White House Daily Briefing,
Donald Trump Sean Spicer News Conference
News Conference – Press Briefing with Press Secretary Sean Spicer
Spokesman Sean Spicer briefs reporters at the White House daily briefing.
New White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer Deliver Statement
White House Statement
White House Daily Briefing
New White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer Blasts Media Over Reports
Sean Spicer Slams Media First Press Conference
Sean Spicer Gets Confronted at Apple Store
Crazy Liberal confronts Sean Spicer at apple Store in DC

President Trump’s 2005 Tax Return Revealed Paid $38 Million Tucker Carlson Tonight Fox News 3/14/17

Breaking Tonight , President Donald Trump Latest News Today 3/13/2017 fake news

Jeff Sessions Russia connection

trump Travel Ban
Trump New Immigration Order
Trump Congress speech
Law Day proclamation
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President trump Press Conference
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President Trump Press Conference
Donald Trump Interviews

last news about donald trump
donald trump news today
latest on donald trump
Sean Spicer Debacle
Sean Spicer Controversy
Sean Spicer Apologizes



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30 Thoughts to “FULL: Sean Spicer White House Press Conference 5/10/2017 James Comey Fired, Michael Flynn, Trump #LatestNews”

  1. Russia sold me the engine for my icbms.

  2. Sarah (the soft hammer) nails it !

  3. if Sean was smart he would use this time to RUN!!! JUST RUN!!! that dude looks tired of lying and he's about to snap and he looks like the kinda guy who would hang himself with his own tie. Just escape while you still can someone save his family maybe they were kidnapped.

  4. All these animals do is spend our money on balls and Satan worshiping child rape parties. These creeps will go directly into a satanic sex orgy after this briefing. None of them want to work because the share holders steal all the profits so the laborers cannot even survive without welfare supplements.

  5. Her first comment was that Spicer was on "reserve duty". What is the White House definition of "reserve duty"?

  6. WTH do you put "Sean Spicer Press Conference" in the title and his picture in the thumbnail, when you know full well that Sean Spicer is not even there! Misleading crap! Reported for annoying me.

  7. Sarah Sanders another lying bitch for the orange ape.

  8. i think they all need hearing aides, really they are a bunch of leaches asking the same thing over and over its just silly..

  9. Are you all blind, or just stupid? No one even mentions what's going on behind our backs! It's all a frickin' circus. Trump has taken over the media by doing the stupid shit he does everyday. IT'S ALL  a smoke screen. Hitler did the same thing. For Christ sake people wake up. Our rights are being taken away from us, right under our noses! If you don't believe me……I pray you and your children are healthy. Trump is weeding out the weak, or at least trying to. We must stop this dictator.  And if ya wanna hate on me for my comments….don't waste your time…just wake the fuck up!

  10. these reporters are scum.

  11. Scara here is Mike Huckabee's daughter. Spicey is much more entertaining! Bring back Spicey!

  12. This woman is excellent 👍

  13. These media guys are so bad. Seriously go slap yourselves for being so anti American. Good job president trump

  14. what a stupid cunt no one cares about your austitic 5 year old

  15. since Comey recommend not indict Hillary , he was dead man .

  16. These people are absolutely pathetic, they literally make me sick, pushing the Russian false narrative we all know is just a failed liberal ploy against our Great President, they haven't got a clue how retarded they sound asking the same rediculous questions over and over again, when there's so many important things the millions across the country who actually care about American need to know, FAKE NEWS has no place in our government.

  17. Is this the child of Kelly Anne and Spicy Sean ? Amazed someone can talk this much and say so little.
    #SeekTheTruth #FollowTheMoney #DirtyDonny #ImpeachNow #UnitedWeStand

  18. What is the point of these press conferences? The Trump Administration obviously doesn't care, they send out indivudals unqualified for even a basic public speaking job and say utter nonsense. The media tries to make it look unfair but they are doing just as a bad doing quality journalism here. Such a pity to watch America sink to new lows, conservative and liberals alike.

  19. Let me sum up every press conference for the next two years until rump resigns. "My boss isn't that bad"

  20. Lol! This shit is nothing but a tv 📺 show.

  21. LMAO what a fat ugly waste of air, her stupid southern accent and use of common phrases, 'you guys' what a dumb ass. She is 100 pounds overweight, what a dog

  22. Sean gets thrown to the lions on a regular basis…tough job!

  23. Let's Prosecute the Bitch

  24. "….Sean is on 'reserve duty…." AKA — "Sean is diligently updating his resumé and indeed.com profile."

  25. Somebody cut some bacon off this pigs back and shove it out the door. Nothing but filth coming out of this sows mouth.


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