Fox News: Hillary Possessed by “Spirit Cooking” Demon! Pembroke Pines Rally #SpiritCooking #PedoGate #Pizzagate

A look at Hillary Clinton’s demonic performance at her rain-soaked rally today in Pembroke Pines, FL.

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27 thoughts on “Fox News: Hillary Possessed by “Spirit Cooking” Demon! Pembroke Pines Rally #SpiritCooking #PedoGate #Pizzagate

  1. OMG. missed that video. thanks for catching it. unbelievable. hundred think she's a witch summoning up a storm all right. this is good as that one with a Shiner and gold light and in your whole face and hair lit up shining like gold. guess she was trying to outshine the gold boy himself Trump. except instead of looking golden she looked even more creepy then she already is. thank God this demon turned everybody off so bad they never even came out to vote for her and the rest of us came up and hold it for Trump. they may have thought he was crass but we believed he was honest in what he was saying just didn't say it very politely different than all the other politicians that doublespeak and sugarcoat words never say what they mean and usually say the opposite of what they mean say one thing to their Banker friends and a different thing to us. Hillary was a real piece of work I don't think a single solitary word came out of her mouth ever that was true. I'm not even sure what you tells the banker is true. she just does whatever she wants to do as long as it benefits her it's okay. a billion here a billion there finally ends up with 2.8 billion transferred to Qatar. I wouldn't quibble about David Seaman trying to hustle little money here and there got to make your income somehow. but Hillary taking billions from Saudi Arabia I wouldn't even bother talking about David Seaman and researching him. but you did a good job researching him and you did a good job getting this video up. this is the scariest video I've ever seen.

  2. Thank God Americans cried out for something different and He heard us!!! God is so good!!! God bless Trump and God bless America!!! 🇺🇸

  3. Mentions children the future..?
    Pizza Gate

  4. OMG!! Those dudes had too many puns about that event the night before. Too many to not be familiar with the subject. SMH. Disgusting & gross. I'm glad they didn't stick with the news, they had to show off their inside info & by doing so revealed their familiarity with & of these 'people'. Especially how he commented about spirit cooking is 'supposedly' performance art. LIKIN & SUBSCRIBIN! THANKS

  5. What a stupid mind you have

  6. I hope the FBI takes you down and brings justice for your sins.

  7. Thank you Lord for saving us from 4+ years of that nasty sounding voice.

  8. Im so glad she lost Praise God!!!

  9. Heil Hitlary! Here you go you dumb democrats. A perv for a President? America says no.

  10. You sound crazy. People listen to your CRAZY VIEWS

  11. It was God raining on her parade. An omen that she would NOT be president.

  12. Um she lost,President Trump,took the electoral and the popular vote by a landslide

  13. how can she say God bless you without bursting into flames?

  14. Yeah look at her then, TOO BAD SHE LOST ha ha ha

  15. Just watching her is the cure for a viagra overdose!

  16. Lmao she's summoning storm

  17. She pumped up of breast milk and Sperm…nasty ass

  18. Be afraid, be verrrry afraid! Funny thing, some news broadcasts managed to block out the thunder sounds! BUT, anyway, YAY TRUMP WON! Good won over evil (so far so good anyway)! She would have taken our religious rights away….. we won a battle but not a war they will be back next election, be assured of that so we much always be on guard.

  19. shit that cocaine its very powerfull

  20. not a good news at all….bad spiritual vibe

  21. So what happened. I thought I was looking at my next president. Good will always out power evil.

  22. Bitch shoulda spirit-cooked herself up some votes.

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