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A brief overview of our flat earth in 5 minutes.

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40 Thoughts to “#FlatEarth | #DomeEarth Voted “BEST FLAT EARTH SHORT PROOF””

  1. As someone who has no religious bias, is generally a "free thinker" and only wants to know the truth, I would certainly like to get to the bottom of this. I see compelling arguments being made in favor of the Earth being flat but all I see from the globe side of the debate are insults. Is there anyone here who has any explanations that could make the observations presented in the video fit the globe model? Is there an explanation for why the moon phases are never inverted? Thank you!

  2. why the sun rises from horizon and sets there too?

  3. If the Earth is flat, then Why we can't see the mount Everest by telescope everywhere? why people in Planes are so stupid if they go so far trip from far space to far space because it is so far cause earth is flat and not globe?

  4. I think all those comments towards you and any round flat like a coin earthers are the real gorillas from evolution. I don't want confusion here globe heads are the gorillas.I don't believe we evolved from an ape, but i am starting to think on the stupidity they always say to anyone that discovered how the earth really is..They are like a clan of apes they always say the most idiotic things to you or any flat earth non moving come to believe through their eyes. they who are they the globeheads curse at you and call you names and sniff each others butts.They are like a hollywood ape that copies everything they see and hear like pseudo science and science they had drilled into their heads without question..We are in some type of false reality here too much greed and lies in the world if you take the blindfold off your eyes..Some of these apes would see the truth, if not most of them.. I can't say all because some are bought and paid for already. Good video no way they can prove the globe~! It doesn't exist they always use math which i already think that's what they did to work the math make this BS work in theory..God Bless and keep an open mind You need to always have this in mind.. They try to (still believers out there)dazzle you with brilliance ( CGI images that look cool and rob everyone on earth math equations that work in theory ) instead they baffle you with Bullshit in reality~! There is more waking up all the time if they look into it. There is also a mountain of truth in movies and songs lies in the news. God Bless I forgot to mention the most important thing to realize the millions and billions trillions light years away absurd is what they say but in reality it is the money they stole from everyone that believes this bullshit…

  5. Hebrews 1:2 Hath in these last days spoken unto us by his Son, whom he hath appointed heir of all things, by whom also he made the worlds." World's " (plural) get it? KJV Bible proves you're wrong.

  6. what led me to flat Earth was I had a globe and one day I realized it couldn't be accurate so I ran in home experiments and yep it failed everyone of em big time

  7. +Charles Arthur – Your posts are informative. Occasionally one encounters a flattard that asks "where's the curve?". Well, it's there – just not easily noticeable when at Earth's surface..
    A globular earth has a 360° circumference. One of those degrees would be 69.172 earth miles. On a protractor one degree (69.172 miles) appears extremely level. That's why nobody can significantly see the "curve" at ground level.
    Plus, 69.172 miles × 360° = 24,901.92 miles, the circumference.

    The protractor example is more ammunition for you.

  8. Great video, short, "factual" and to the point !
    Globe earth "theories" are loaded with unprovable, open ended, theoretical mathmatical equations and not factual evidence !

  9. In the book of Job it says the earth reels like a drunken, and is suspended upon nothing. So it spins like a top suspended upon nothing swaddled in darkness where flat earth model is wrong portraying the four pillars holding up the earth not reeling like a drunken which would otherwise explain the precession of the equinoxes not being in understanding with the phenomena god is talking about to Job.

  10. To say that the horizon always raises up to eye level is patently untrue. I took this video while on my way home from a business trip in Boston. As anyone with eyes can see, the horizon is visible through the gaps in the clouds. The horizon is thousands of feet below the clouds and the clouds are thousands of feet below the jet I am in.

  11. Water is subject to gravity, you asshole.

  12. Flat earth people.
    Put your arm (either one) out in front, view along arm to hand and change hand positions.
    I can make my whole fucking hand disappear.
    Top that.

  13. They put a gun to Einstein's head and made him come up with his theories.

  14. Ever flown at 500 mph?
    Did you feel it?

  15. Moon phases are caused by positional change.

  16. In 230 B.C. Eratosthenes not only proved the Earth was round, but also measured it fairly accurately….with two sticks- get with the times already!

  17. Well put together, looking forward to seeing more videos, love the name of your channel. We all need the Full Armor of God. God bless brother.

  18. posting mathematics to prove the globe theory does not prove anything. you can make equation after equation for anything .Tesla said it best "todays scientists rely on numbers rather than experiments "

  19. But why does flat earth seem ridiculous? Because it is. 30 years? You're retarded.

  20. Here are some scientific proofs of the heliocentric globe earth model. Some of these claims are sometimes miss understood and used to claim a flat earth, but together, when correctly understood, they provide indisputable proofs of the globe earth model. Please also notice the bonus awards 5000 USD + 5000 USD , point 1 and 11!

    1. The stars in Southern Hemisphere are different from the stars in the northern hemisphere and seem to rotate clockwise around a celestial south pole. The stars in the northern hemisphere rotates counterclockwise around Polaris. From a place close to the equator you can see most stars, both in the Northern Hemisphere and the Southern Hemisphere. So look at the stars seen from Jacksonville Florida, relativity close to the Equator. The Northern Hemisphere is to the left in the picture and the Southern Hemisphere to the right, the celestial south pole being below the horizon.
    All stars raise from the bottom of the picture, they all move in the same direction but looking at the curvature, the stars in Northern Hemisphere move counterclockwise and stars in the Southern Hemisphere move clockwise .
    Explain all this with the flat earth model, and I will reward you with 5 000 USD!
    2. Gravity is a real force, and a flat earth would collapse into a sphere. Buoyancy can only be described using the law of gravity.
    3. The distances to the moon and Venus can be accurate measured using radio, radar and in the case of the moon with laser. The distance to other planets and the sun is then easily calculated with trigonometry.
    4. Geodesic science and the measurements of the earths curvature. The difference in angle between the line of sight (perpendicular to the line of gravity) and the line to the horizon as observed from a high tower or mountain can be measured. The difference in angle is small, from a tower 100 meter high, it is only 0,15 degrees, but can be measured. You should also check this link:
    https://www.metabunk.org/earth-curvature-refraction-experiments-debunking-flat-concave-earth.t6042/page-3#post-162542 At the bottom of the page you will find some interesting pictures of the Chicago skyline from distance.
    5. The retrograde motions of the planets.
    6. The moons of Jupiter can be observed orbiting Jupiter with a amateur telescope.
    7. Gravity and Newton's laws of motion perfectly describes and predicts all motions of the planets, our moon, the moons of other planets, comets, asteroids and all the man-made satellites orbiting our earth and even orbiting our moon and some of the other planets, and also the Lagrangian points. DSCOVR (the Deep Space Climate satellite) is positioned in the Lagrangian point L1, the distance Earth- DSCOVR = 1 500 000 km ( 3,9 times the distance Earth-Moon).
    8. Telecommunication satellites. Parabolic antennas are pointing upwards into the sky. You might argue that your dish is mounted vertical and your dish is pointed rather horizontal. Yes, then you have an off axis dish. The receiver head is mounted below the axis of the dish, and you receive signals from an angle above the axis of the dish. There are many hundred telecom satellites and the are in geosynchronous equatorial orbit (GEO) 35,786 kilometres (22,236 mi) above the Earth's equator and following the direction of the Earth's rotation.
    9. The variations of the seasons, explained by the tilt of the earths axis to the orbital plane of earths orbit around the sun.
    10. The sidereal day being approximately 4 min shorter than 24 hours.
    (Number of days in a year is 365 ==> 365 * 4 min = 1460 min = 24 hours ). This is also closely related to point 23.
    11. The midnight sun in Antartica. (Occurring at the same time as the "no daylight " north of the north polar circle). Explain this with a flat earth model, and I will reward you with another 5 000 USD. The Amundsen–Scott South Pole Station is a research station at the South pole, the southernmost place on the earth and the Sun is continuously up for six months and then continuously down for six months. The continuous period of darkness and dry atmosphere make the station an excellent place from which to make astronomical observations when the moon is not up. The earths tilted axis does explain the midnight sun in both the Arctic and Antartica. Also, please note that the suns heating being less far north and far south has nothing to do with distance to the sun which appr the same for the entire globe, a tilted surface gets less incomming radiation per area than at the equator.
    12. The fact that the moon has the same phase, observed from all places on earth on the same day, proving that the moon is illuminated by the sun.
    13. The fact that the moon can be seen at the same time for a short period of time every day from almost any 2 places on earth.
    14. The phases of Venus as being illuminated by the sun is observable with an amateur telescope.
    15. Shadows of mountains and craters on the moon changing with the phases of the moon, proving the moon is a sphere illuminated by the sun.
    16. The impact craters on the surface of the moon are always circular but looks elliptical at the edge, indicating a sphere shaped moon.
    17. The moon always showing the same side, which is explained with tidal locking, predicted with laws of physics . If the moon was as close as FE ers claim, you should be able to see a little more than one side depending on from where on the earth you are observing the moon.
    18. Eclipses of the sun and moon being predicted precisely to the minute and even seconds many years in advance, using the laws of physics. Check the very precise predicted data for the total eclipse of the sun in USA August 21st this year.
    19. The Coriolis effect witch can be proven with the Foucault Pendulum. There is nothing mysterious with the Coriolis force. It is just Newton's 2nd law of motion: F = ma in a rotating frame of reference (the spinning globe).
    20. The Michelson–Gale–Pearson experiment, the Michelson–Morley experiment and the Sagnac effect due to Earth's rotation, are testing the theories of Einstein's relativity and/or aether being dragged along the rotating frame of Earth. Together they prove the nonexistence of aether and the correctness of Einstein.
    21. The earths magnetic field. A magnet always has 2 poles, there are no magnets with one pole in the center and the opposite pole distributed in a circle.
    22. Pictures taken of the earth from space every day, weather satellites, ISS, DSCOVR (the Deep Space Climate satellite) just to mention a few. Those pictures are not computer generated fake pictures, they are computer contrast enhanced pictures and computer composite pictures using different wavelengths.
    23. Leap years. Leap years are needed to keep our modern day Calendar in alignment with the Earth's revolutions around the sun. It takes the earth 24 hours to rotate around its axis relativ to the sun, but it takes the Earth approximately 365.242189 days – or 365 days, 5 hours, 48 minutes, and 45 seconds – to circle once around the Sun. This is called a tropical year. Please explain this with the flat earth model!
    24. And there are many more proofs… FE ers basically have to invent a completely new set of physical laws to explain their model, not just replacing the laws of Newton and Einstein, but they also have to completely reject the whole field of nuclear physics to explain how the small "flat earth sun" and the very small stars in the flat earth model are powered. Hydrogen fusion is not possible in a small sun or in small stars.

    Let's use some simple logic:
    We have two theories: Theory A (or rather hypothesis for flat earth) and theory B (globe earth)
    Observations/experiments supporting only theory A, let's call them:a1, a2, a3, etc
    Observations/experiments supporting theory A and B, let's call them: ab1, ab2, etc
    Observations/experiments supporting only theory B, let's call them: b1, b2, b3, etc
    We have NO OBSERVATIONS AND EXPERIMENTS in the group a1, a2, a3….
    We have OBSERVATIONS AND EXPERIMENTS in the group ab1, ab2, ab3..
    We have OBSERVATIONS AND EXPERIMENTS in the group b1, b2, b3..
    Which theory is the correct? Obviously theory B is correct.
    Sometimes FE ers claim to have observations/experiments in the group a1, a2, a3..
    I have always been able to prove that their claims should be placed in the group ab1, ab2, ab3…. or even quite often in the group b1, b2, b3…..
    And this is what I found regarding all flat earth claims!
    To be clear: There are a few (very few) observations and experiments that can be explained with a flat earth model, but they are always also explained with the heliocentric globe model. There are no observations and explanations that cannot be explained with the globe model. There are many observations and experiments, that can only be be explained with the globe model.

    Flat earth people distrust science not because what it can do to explain reality. They distrust science because they don't understand how it does what it can do. That absence of understanding or miss-understanding makes them afraid of real science and makes them turn into pseudoscience and/or religious myths.

  21. 1:47 that right there is proof that the earth is a globe…why the fuck do you think you can't see the base of the buildings? Is it maybe because of the CURVATURE of the earth ? You illiterate, inbred fucktard

  22. After a full minute of annoying pointless animations and CGI, I give up on this video

  23. voted by grade three dropouts!

  24. The whole flat earth theory was made by the roman-catholic , the roman catholic religion was made in an attempt to try and control the masses because they couldn't stand the fact that people worshiped god and put god higher than the government , they wanted to be god , they wanted control of god and wanted people to worship them as gods, hence why they fed the christians to the lions and crucified them , a later form of blood sacrifice. also a reflection of our current times.

  25. haha haha omg how can people be so* stupid? I can walk in a straight line in any direction and end up eventually returning to my starting point but from the opposite side. flat earth 😂😂

  26. I'll make it simple. There is NOT A SINGLE WORKING MODEL of the flat earth theory. Flat earth theory can't predict, therefore flat earth theory is worthless.
    There is a working solar system model that can predict with almost infinite accuracy all sky phenomena over seconds or milennia. Examples: Stellarium, Celestia, 3d astronomer… and many more.

  27. Simply borrow a welding mask and observe that the sun does NOT change size at all during the day. With the Fe cult it should start small in the morning, reach max size at noon and get smaller again in the afternoon as to travels around the so called plate. Simple observation completely debunks the fe rubbish.

  28. Here is another one for Flat Earth believers to ponder. I served as a gunners mate on the USS Iowa BB61. We could fire a 2700 pound projectile 23 or more miles. One of the calculations we had to make was for the rotation of the Earth. This is called the Coriolis effect.

    This is how you correct for the rotation of the Earth in long range artillery fire. Projectiles which travel great distances are subject to the Coriolis force. This is a artifact of the earth's rotation. The local frame of reference (north, east, south and west) must rotate as the earth does. The amount of rotation, also known as the earth rate is dependent on the latitude:

    earth rate = (2p radians)/(24 hours) sin(latitude).

    For example, at 30 Degrees North, the earth rate is 0.13 radians/hr (3.6 x 10-5 rad/sec).

    As the frame of reference moves under the projectile which is traveling in a straight line, it appears to be deflected in a direction opposite to the rotation of the frame of reference.

    If the Earth were flat we would not need to correct for THE ROTATION OF THE EARTH. Since I know math is not your strong point I will point out that the value, aka Earth Rate changes depending on your latitude. Yes that means the rate of rotation differs depending on you latitude.
    Again in the flat Earth model this is IMPOSSIBLE.

    The Earth is round and it rotates. That is a FACT, no amount of scientific ignorance is going to change that.

  29. the earth is not flat , you guys forget the sheer size of eart

    I am not going carry on talking about this because many YouTubers have debunked this shit

  30. It's so easy to figure it out. Your just making something way more complex than it ever should be. Just tell me why are all flat earthers creationist? Coincidence? Don't you think that's peculiar? How come, with any telescope, you can't see the sun 24/7? Why do so many fe's rely on outright lies and deception if they actually do have a case with some real evidence? Are they just waiting for the right time to cut the BS and expose us all to it despite inadvertently ruining their credibility in the process? Isn't the idea of thousands of people in so many different countries speaking so many different languages and of so many different faiths and religions and occupations for thousands of years, friend and foe, actually cooperating in a conspiracy that would include so many unnecessary photos and vids in the last century be far more difficult to execute than a few people, thru social media, pulling the wool over every eye willing to believe this nonsense. I think the FE's would have a much easier time with this, particularly since they not only provide no falsification for this notion but cater to a religious bias. The only problem with that idea and why this will not eventually perpetuate itself is that FE is so much easier to debunk with so many holes in its illogic. I witness in this circumstance a group of people very scared and threatened by the fact that they may not be alone in this universe, not unlike a first born child in denial about their parents having another child. I have come to believe that such creationists and FEs underestimate the true power of God by putting such limitations on his/her/it's abilities and the possible extent of his/her/it's influence in this universe. If God is all powerful then you should already know that we are and will always be special just as all his/her/it's creations are indeed special. No one has the right to proclaim ownership over some provincial Providence or insight to sovereignty within the thoughts and logic behind his/her/it's plan or intent. I don't think that's necessarily supposed to be our God given right because you can't or shouldn't pretend to know a mind so infinitely greater than our own because then you simplify and infuse a limitation to his greater glory. It's so particularly disturbing when, ironically, some would perpetrate all the actions they so vehemently oppose in order to substantiate the word that they so sadly seem to have, in this process, lost the meaning of.

  31. The only thing more gullible than a Christian is a flathead. The bible is a hoax.

  32. The only thing more gullible than a Christian is a flathead. The bible is a hoax.

  33. I see a lot of hard work and research has gone into this excellent video. God bless you brother.

  34. i wonder who's paying this guy?

  35. Isa 40:22  It is he that sits on the circle of the earth, and the inhabitants thereof are as grasshoppers; that stretches out the heavens as a curtain, and spreads them out as a tent to dwell in:

  36. That's your full armour?
    Oh GOD.

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