#FlatEarth | #DomeEarth The Real World Order: JESUIT Conspiracy – Flat Earth Research

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True knowledge takes time and effort. Research the books and witness testimonies of who is really in control. Those who look for leaders in the truth community, are only falling for the same mistakes of the general (blind) population. Sources Below:
Catholic Confidential | Deplorable Jesuit Secrets Revealed –



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20 Thoughts to “#FlatEarth | #DomeEarth The Real World Order: JESUIT Conspiracy – Flat Earth Research”

  1. First Of All… First President Of The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Was John Hanson.. Who Was An African Man.
    Rest Of The Vid Is Okay. Yes Earth Is Flat And Jesuits Controll The World.

  2. Ignatius Loyola was a crypto-Jew. What's the purpose of "exposing" the Jesuits when the first ones were Jewish? Even St. Theresa of Avila was Jewish.

  3. the greatest evil in the world today is fake Jew Zionism. they are behind all our wars including the 2 world wars. how evil is that? and just look at the Middle East. is that Christians fault? who controls the Congress? through their bribery and corruption. the Rothschild Jew banksters

  4. tell u why I think the Jesuits conspiracy is false….i come from a deeply maronite catholic family. my uncle is a retired monsignor and was trained by the jesuits his whole life. he certainly was no diabolical greedy monster. the guy couldn't have cared less bout money and only cared bout the families in his parish. i also went to jesuits schools and today because of their finances,, are barely able to stay open. the vatican is opulent and owns a fortune in land but i dont see them controlling government or military or media.

  5. nasa in Hebrew means to deceive

  6. So this is outlining that flat earth is a false flag conspiracy theory? if so I approve,.. watch this later for sure.

  7. Good video,wonder what kind of program you use for creating your videos.

  8. Hi "MM". Yes "it's the jesuits", or "it's the globalists" or "it's the elite".
    Remember goyim, Mig Mag knows…. it's NEVER the jews. Oy vey, that's anti semitic

  9. "Give me the child until he is seven and I'll give you the man" – St Francis Xavier (Jesuits co-founder)

    Now you know why there is a globe model in every primary school.

  10. I learned about the jesuits from Eric Jon Phelps and Walter veith.
    I've spoken on the phone with Phelps. He actually is a nice man, very humble and not the fire brand you hear on the broadcast.

  11. The NWO Is about Identity theft primarily and the Coudenhove Kalergi Plan to mongrelise Europe and the USA. The Satanic Kenite Baal worshipers and descendants of The House of Esau, Edomite Jews control every aspect of your life but Jesus said he Is coming back for his lost sheep. God made It clear In scripture he hated Esau.

    The King James Bible Is a book of the Generations of Adam as clearly stated In Genesis Chapter 5. The true Israelites are the Anglo Saxon British Isles (House of Ephraim) France, Scandinavia, Holland, Austria, Russia, Germanic, most of Europe etc and those who emigrated to the USA (House of Manesseh).

    Those people are the direct blood decendants of the Lord and saviour Jesus Christ. Aren't you proud of your ancestry?

  12. WOW finally , very nice work !!! Undeniable proof through out history . Their mission to destroy the US protestants and all Jews !

  13. I've seen this so many times, but nobody stops between quotes to break down what they are really saying, with examples or the implications behind the meaning. (hint hint)
    hope you're well, migs!

  14. Praise God!!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! Found this Truth right on time! God is so good to his children,,, WE WIN……WE WIN. WE WIN

  15. So Jesuits are at the top of the pyramid?
    Why so many efforts to make pass the Jews as victims…
    Eric Jon Phelps, for example, is a zionist white supremacist.

    It seems to be an operation of scapegoating the Vatican for the lie…
    but who controls who?

    Mim Mag: "Earth is flat, we've been lied to and it's not the Jews."

    Your work on flat Earth reality was interesting, but answer honestly, Mig Mag: are you "jewish"?

  16. I'm well aware of the "elite", the Jesuits, Masons, etc… but THIS video was really chock full of GOLDEN references. Well done, MIGMAG. Immediately in my faves list.

  17. Most informative, thanks MIG MAG, love and peace

  18. Adr

    Looks like Mig ran out of bubble gum…again ……Great Stuff Mig !!!!!!! 🙂

  19. Totally outstanding mirror brotha! ✊ i think i am going to upload some of WLC's work, your brilliant productions of course, Walter Vieth… Jeranism…etc. Mirroring docs like this is imperative if one decides to create a channel 😀👍(or at least pointing the way to excellent works like this💪) ……the lost sheeples need to see their enemy…so they may know him….Abadon..when he comes…..and so that they may have NO fear 💪 like pulling back the curtain just to find an old wrinkly wizard at the jade helm with a bunch of CGI, smoke machines, loud speakers, and a few projectors trying to rule Oz….I mean US 😏 thanx for all your time, effort and hard work brotha ✊…it is all greatly appreciated

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