#FlatEarth | #DomeEarth Student proves Flat Earth in Geology class

Help us get this information out there, share this article around, make people aware of what is really going on.

Definitely not the best presentation that could have been done on the subject. It was my first presentation I’ve ever done. Class ended in the middle of it and there were a group of kids that stayed to hear the rest of my presentation.
Let’s not be scared to speak out. It’s time to stand up and start speaking truth. Even to those that don’t wanna hear it.



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47 Thoughts to “#FlatEarth | #DomeEarth Student proves Flat Earth in Geology class”

  1. Hey guys! I wanted to admit the mistakes I made on this presentation. Highway 1 is 90 miles straight** not squared. I meant to say weather** balloon not water balloon lol. Auguste Piccard went thousands of meters* high not thousands of miles. There are 14 known freemason presidents* of the Untied States not members of the United States. There's a lot more than 14 in the US lol. I could've worded some stuff better, oh well. I really wasn't expecting this much of a response on this.
    Thanks for everyone opening new doors for me and showing me support. I got observations on film coming soon. This is not the last of me.

  2. I would have given this kid an "F" and then call his parents and tear them a new one for allowing this kid to leave the house LOL

  3. Debunk the nonstop flight from Sidney to Santiago in 13 hours. Cant happen on a flat earth, only a globe.

  4. Fred Jamison gives an entirely new definition to the word "Stupid" yes, Fred………….. Gravity is a LAW, and it works on helium just as it works on matter.

  5. After that nonsense you can say goodbye to any responsible high paid job, no one employs morons.

  6. Hey this was awesome! i mirrored it a few weeks ago – now I have found the original I'd like to give a huge THANK YOU to Kevin Bobick! (shared on Facebook and subbed)

  7. PLEASE take a science class, math class and it all will be very clear to you. your view of the earth and its projected height, is a great example of this. you have no clue of basic phenoms such as refraction, perspective, geometry etc. you sound like a complete fool. please do some research. you want to prove the earth is not flat… take a piece of survey equipment and you can measure the horizon falling. also, it is proved by the highest altitude jump how the horizon drops by 5% when it went from 94,000feet to 128,000feet. how can this happen if the earth is flat?? answer, it CANT! wake up

  8. Why hasn't anyone circumnavigated the earth North to South?


  10. No one can prove its a sphere like he proving is flat. Yall been brain washed since birth😂

  11. Good job kid, it is better to be right, than to fall victim to the jerkoffs that ridicule you.

  12. good job, young man. keep up the good work. don't get discouraged on your 1st presentation; they get better and better if you keep your confidence and keep at it. earth is flat. bless.

  13. Ironic that you would discuss map "projections" when you wanted to prove a flat Earth. You realize that they are "projections" from the globe, right? If the Earth were flat, you wouldn't need to pick a projection that distorts certain parts of the Earth more than others. You could use a flat map without any distortions.

    There is nothing wrong with that globe view of the US shown very big. It's a lower altitude picture than you are expecting.

    So… the first few minutes of your video are wrong. What grade did you get?

  14. valid attempt. You will have to work on your speaking skills as well as conveying your point clearly and concisely. You really jumped around a lot which gets most people uninterrsted and tuned out quickly. Yet and still I commend you for your bravery and for at least attempting to prove what no one has ever proven. No proof exists that we are on a ball earth.

  15. It's sad the amount of brain washed comments discrediting this research. Open your minds people. Our ancestors have given us the tools to see, we just have to become self aware and understand what is happening in front of our eyes. What we are FORCED to believe. Think for yourself. Spread positivity and grow your mental capacity. Sound resonance and light is the truth behind our world.

  16. You've just killed any prospect of you getting a job when you leave school if you continue to believe this nonsense that you found on the internet.

  17. I recently had a discussion with a flat earther, and he claimed there's no such thing as gravity. His reasoning? "I can see birds and planes flying so if there is such a thing as gravity then they wouldn't". I was in awe.

  18. I hate to tell you this kid, but you have demonstrated a complete lack of understanding of basic scientific principles. Your "favourite" example "proving" only your retardation were circumpolar stars. It is far more likely you haven't "discovered" some secret truth about the cosmos that only a few "enlightened" individuals are "awake" to and that you are actually simply some young dude trying to find their way in the dark. Fumbling around grasping at whatever seems easier to understand or what fits your limited mental model. Taking bits and pieces of understanding and assembling into certainty is what primitive desert people did thousands of years ago. Science isn't hiding any truths, that human beings with enough determination cannot fully understand. Read books. YouTube videos are not helping you. Had to edit to add: Grade school kid debunks Einstein because: YouTube. Brilliant.

  19. Density apply to the theory of relativity

  20. There is far less air in the altitude where the "thermosphere" is meaning that the friction is so much less meaning less heat

  21. The thermosphere isn't that temperature

  22. I look this channel about a college student who doesn't know anything about anything tries to get laid in college but fails

  23. So nice to see that autistic and mentally challenged people can now present and be treated just as normal people

  24. this has to be a Christian school lol

  25. I'm gonna give you a tip. You might be able to make friends in life being an ignorant fuck who refuses to look at the evidence for a ball earth…but you won't if you laugh to yourself and after things you say. You sound completely retarded so stupid doing it. it doesn't make you cool. Just trying to help you buddy.

  26. atheists/satanists would rather believe in their empty bank accounts, not God.

  27. OK the earth is flat people of Melanie skin we already know this , what's next for y'all to figure out? because it's a whole lot of things that's lies but bringing the truth out isn't going to change anything,

  28. 2:45 uhh, it doesn't grow, it is from a different perspective

  29. disappointed in society, u have to clap and cheer for the retards after the presentation. jeesh

  30. Please don't do this again…

  31. Your whole presentation was wrong

  32. This has got to be a sarcastic presentation, right? 😂

  33. I wonder why people waste their time to watch this for the only reason to write something mean in the comments section. Why? Why? Why? If you don't believe in it just go about your day. That is what a free thinking person with a soul would do. You cant be real humans. You are clones/machines/agent smiths.

  34. It is time. Christ/Dath is coming. It cannot be stopped. The good will reign as kings very soon.

  35. This should be called " kid makes a fool of himself infront of entire clads"

  36. I realize now that arguing with flat heads is like arguing with a wall. No matter how much proof you give them, they still will believe their shitty flat earth theory.

  37. Thank you, great job. Hopefully one day the truth will come out.

  38. If the earth is flat, then what keeps everything on the flat earth? gravity? or do you want to disprove gravity as well. If gravity exists, the earth is a sphere.

  39. I loved your presentation and admire your courage to educate the students, when I was young it was pretty hard for me to wrap my head around this 360 spinning earth crap they taught us and often wondered how this was possible but we were all taught to depend from NASA & the government for our answers even if they didn't make sense. I feel like I knew something was wrong all this time but was taught not to question whom I though was telling us the truth.

    Earth and humanity are part of a divine creation, someone put us here with a purpose, we are the creation of a powerful and divine creator. A creation demands a creator and they been is hiding this from us. Please continue to do more videos the truth needs to be put out there for people to know.

  40. Make America FREEMASONRY Again. – FHHH.

  41. This asshole literally watched a YouTube video for his presentation that was due the next day….

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