#FlatEarth | #DomeEarth shocking evidence, flat earth astronomy the heavens revealed

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flat earth astronomy heavens revealed, this will blow your mind



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6 thoughts on “#FlatEarth | #DomeEarth shocking evidence, flat earth astronomy the heavens revealed

  1. More crap by someone that's never been to the North Pole (or even seen a video of the sun circling around it), or the South Pole, or even the Southern Hemisphere. The juvenile 2 dimensional thinking – hey, let's just place our flat earth in here where we just showed how the globe works – is so delusional that it's hard to fathom that someone can be that ignorant about what they actually see everyday. Day and night alone prove a globe earth. Do you want another 10 or 15 observations of the sun and moon that can't physically take place over a flat earth? Give it up guys. It's not flat.

  2. Common sense tells me …..by now there would be a whole lot of people at the edge of the flat earth live streaming here on youtube. Am I right? Can I add that …..you're all idiots. 💋👽🔺👁🔦👀🏃🖤

  3. What don't u people fucking understand about the earth being flat??open your fucking eyes it's not a marble globe do u not see cgi in NASA video or the web site that shows a supposed earth it's fucking clergy cgi I men what more do u need, look at real footage of a air balloon in space u can clergy see the earth is a flat plain

  4. The END of the flat stupidity…

  5. May i ask who created this video please, nice work.

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