#FlatEarth | #DomeEarth real evidence response to popular flat earth models disinformation!!watch the definitive proof se

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14 thoughts on “#FlatEarth | #DomeEarth real evidence response to popular flat earth models disinformation!!watch the definitive proof se

  1. why do people believe thumbs up or down or subscribers are so important on youtube? you don't get payed for any of that you get payed for clicks on the video "views" so you may have unsubscribed them & thumbs down them but by clicking their video's you contributed to getting them payed! plus you were subscribed to them at one point so you either believed them or you were trolling them either or like i said you are helping them more then hurting them, you want to know the best way to solve the problem with all these youtube weirdo's? IGNORE THEM! now saying all i just said i just contributed to you being payed, your welcome!

  2. Great video. Good work. Remember folks "The best way to control the opposition is to lead it" Beware of Flat Earth Society

  3. the real earth the apparent sun is bull shit and for the sun to form a circle it will have to move of "course" basically at some point it will have to curve or turn its never a straight line over the sky. it moves in a curved motion. please dont give up for one dumb ass theory.

  4. This is very poor for someone new here. The author talks of something that sounds like "aey" map. What the fuck is that?
    If he is talking about the azimuth equidistant projection why not say so? That would have cost him only one or two seconds.
    I hate this sort of sloppiness.

  5. hey good vid, i would like to point out the hidden biblical Book of Enoch, this book clearly details the 'gates' of the dome & the multiple suns & moons…your idea & this book plus the footage that is increasing showing more than 1 sun going across the sky really seems to 'come together', no?

  6. The footage of that sun set is flat out INCREDIBLE! As it lowers below the horizin it looks like a distant night time forest fire.

  7. on TV I watch his NASA has never left lower Corbett five times video and I went and found each one of those instances and he had edited out the following sentence which was since Apollo out of each instance be careful what you believe I still don't think they made it to the moon and I don't know what the fuck's going on with them telling us the Earth is a pear shape and the Mars rat was in Utah that's where the Mars rover is

  8. there doing it the way modern science tells us, supposedly were not looking at the actual sun
    modern science says that's just we're we think we see it.the sun sweeps around me everyday and didn't just go by in a straight line.It's ready to see just by watching it yourself.in Antarctica it cones in and then moves away in the north it diss a 360 around u.That's impossible in a globular model.if u think u good it figured out plz show how were in cooker climate when the sun is 4 million miles closer to us in the winter.geo ppl are brainwashed I'm sorry to say.and would rather be luceferians and dokie a belief system than actually think for themselves.with the fe model u can make up your own mind what to believe

  9. +stephen smith, that was an interesting vid but there is something I would like to address: The Wolfie6020 clip's depiction of the sun setting just south of 'west' would make sense as the sun is approaching the Tropic of Capricorn therefore circling at the widest, most outer circumference of it's path which would explain setting just south of 'west'. I would like to see Wolfie6020 repeat the exact same experiment in June as the sun should appear to be setting just north of 'west' from his perspective. We know the sun circles as there is plenty of video evidence of the midnight sun in the arctic region as well as countless eye witnesses testimonies to support that fact. I live in Minnesota and can verify that the days are definitely shorter in the winter than they are in the summer. I would like to hear more about your 'simulation theory'… Btw, I took the picture of my thumbnail of a sunrise over lake Superior, I think it was sometime in July, 2005?

  10. OK, so then if the earth is flat and the sun and moon do not float around 3 thousand miles above. Then where do the sun and moon go when they set?

  11. i thought this was proving the sphere earth

  12. Very interesting video you got there. When you say simulation what exactly do you mean? I'm looking forward to seeing more videos from you.

  13. Great video Subbed and shared great work~

  14. hello. i got 1 question, how is it possible that the moon got the same "face/side" pointed from rise to set aligned to the viewer? i like your street talk interview video's, greez from switzerland

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