#FlatEarth | #DomeEarth PROOF of Antarctica’s FLAT EARTH Dome Firmament!! | FE Quick Facts ep3

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PROOF Admiral Byrd Discovered The FLAT EARTH Dome Firmament in ANTARCTICA!! | FE PROOF 4 pt2

Find out why there is believed to be a dome firmament edge barrier in antarctica. this is a flat earth quick facts series…so i will explain to you in less than 5 minutes why i believe there is flat earth dome firmament in antarctica. there is much more proof than this. if you want to learn more, click the link at the very top of this description box and find out how admiral byrd discovered antarctica’s flat earth dome firmament!! plus i lay out many more reasons in this video as well. thanks you for tuning in.. please comment, like, share x subscribe!!


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26 Thoughts to “#FlatEarth | #DomeEarth PROOF of Antarctica’s FLAT EARTH Dome Firmament!! | FE Quick Facts ep3”


    PROOF Admiral Byrd Discovered The FLAT EARTH Dome Firmament in ANTARCTICA!! | FE PROOF 4 pt2

    Flat Earth QUICK FACTS!! [by Feed Your Mind]


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  2. you flat earthers have a strange definition of proof. A bunch of guesses based on half truths do not equal proof. No one owns Antarctica because that's what the treaty was for. No one CAN own It, but you can live down there if you choose to. Some people only live down there for a few months at a time, but there are a few that stay year round. As for mysterious deaths while exploring, death by exposure is not that mysterious. Antarctica is the coldest place on the planet, so it's pretty easy to die there. Why hunt for non-existent conspiracies when there are already wildly fascinating things to explore. One of my favorites is the fact that no one actually lives in the present. We experience life through memories since it takes a few milliseconds for the brain to interpret signals from the eyes and the nervous system and the taller you are, the further in the past you actually live. Isn't that fascinating? How about the fact that you never actually touch anything. Atoms resist other atoms and it is that energy separating the 2 objects that feels like contact. In reality, the 2 objects never come in contact.

    I know, these are off topic, but they have a point. With so many fascinating things to occupy your mind and time, why spend so much time weaving these ludicrous theories? If you step back from it and really look at it, and I mean really look, you would have to see how preposterous this concept is. Giant silica trees cut down by giants to make a dome over the Earth that somehow doesn't trap any heat. Denial of other planetary bodies that you can freely look at any night with a telescope and minimal surrounding light. Also, if the stars are affixed to this dome, can anyone explain why the massive earthquake in South America altered the wobble of the planet enough that we had an entirely new zodiac sign in the sky? How would a natural disaster move the stars in the firmament?

    Flat earth requires a ton of faith, imagination and very little critical thinking. That is a big reason why there is nothing scientific about It, it's all reliant on faith.

  3. Yes that Antarctic treaty is very fishy, then the start of nasa then his expeditions suddenly stopped, it definitely makes us wonder wtf is going on down there. An why it's so hush hush.

  4. question, im new to this, why do u think the firmament is a dome? i mean couldnt it be also flat?

  5. STOP WITH THIS FLAT EARTH BS, you can't go and explore Antarctica on your own because it's freaking too dangerous for an inexperienced person. Go explore Everest,bet you won't be able to without an experienced giude. And you can go to Antarctica, all you have to do is research and obey the guidelines and stipulations on the visit. It's the last truly untainted piece of our planet man, you can't puss in the snow and toss your trash anywhere or set up a camp that may disturb the surrounding ecosystem. Even the dirt on your boots that you bring with you must be collected bagged and tagged so it doesn't contaminate the purity of Antarctica. if there's a spider in your luggage you must catch it bag it tag it, DO NOT LET IT LOSE. These are just small examples of the extremely detailed guidelines of the most restricted and undamaged place on Earth. Humans have poisoned the rest of the world, leave Antarctica alone. That still belongs to the planet so let's keep it that way

  6. sounds like you have cum in your mouth

  7. Keep talking about the dome firmament. Richard E. Bryd found out what they didn't want anyone else to know. Thats why Richard E. Bryd and others died. They're tying to hide GOD!!!!!!!

  8. and how do you call this a fact series without facts?

  9. you mention the Antarctic treaty but have no idea what it is. it was created so that no country could claim ownership that should answer your question. also it says that the Antarctic is available two scientific research by everyone. if there is a Magic Dome who made it? and how do you propose lucky Lindy flew an airplane around the world?

  10. they are going down there because of the ancient cities under the ice, not because the friggin world is flat lmao. the stupidest thing i ever heardit might have been flat long long ago, but it sure as hell isnt flat anymore, admiral byrd found the hollow earth , not a flat one.

  11. Anyone can take an expedition to Antarctica you just need the money.
    There have been 573 trans Antarctic expeditions. From solo dog sled
    through to specially designed vehicles. Do the research, get the real

  12. Thanks for the video. Praise Yahweh for His glorious flat earth creation!

  13. your information is very informative. I am new to the flat earth/ globe theory and am finding it very interesting and interesting

  14. i sub to second channel to be honest this got me intrigued

  15. the firmament is not the dome – it is described as a solid that separates the waters from above from the waters from above. The waters below are the oceans lakes and streams and the waters above are gas clouds. Use your heads, the ancients were far smarter than u think. the firmament is the ground.

  16. Sure … that's why a plane fly 5.6 hours every week throug right? lmao You are watching Game of Trones 2 much ! You live inside a Sphere – concave cellular LSC Earth! That UN logo is a spider web .. you are a fly caught in lies … congratulations! Sure I wouldn't alove your fools to go there also… Wild nature is not for stupid!

  17. FYI the UN flag is not proof of a flat earth LOL

  18. Feed your mind.
    You are talking through your butt man ! Or your man butt.
    The Antarctic treaty is a world agreement to prevent drilling for oil and mining for minerals so to keep Antarctica in pristine condition…..thats all it is, nothing else.
    Anybody can go there on any type of transport that they choose….. walk, skidoo, car, bike, camel, donkey, pogo stick, unicycle, they just can't take a drilling rig or mining equipment.

    You are correct in saying it is the only place on earth that every country in the world will get on with one another……but they are scientists NOT soldiers , they have no interest in killing each other.

  19. You do realize that a tornado in Texas spins counter-clockwise and that a tornado in Australia spins clockwise, right?

  20. Glad to be subscribed! Keep up the good work, Sir!

  21. Well the UN flag clearly is a top down view of the GLOBE. It's the only way to show all the nations on a GLOBE. Stuff like this doesn't help the FE argument.

  22. because the world is a bleeping stage……."rumors of war" "lies"

  23. Anyone can go explore Antarctica, in reading the treaty, all one has to do is get permission from: A) one's own signatory nation and B) every other signatory nation. How much more simple could it be…easy peasy. Mike

  24. The evidence is that Admiral Bird was a trusted member of this conspiracy. Thus any claims made are most likely attempts to miss lead anyone who is aware. When I listen to claims made by Bird about the supposed resources and recognize the corporation are running government; well it is hard for me to believe that the corporations are forgoing the profits such resources represent, seeing as how profit is the entire reason for the existence of corporations.

  25. hitler was down there for three months i wonder why he died………

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