#FlatEarth | #DomeEarth Kyrie Irving admits science shows Earth is round

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Kyrie Irving seemed to suggest he was making a political statement when he said the Earth was flat, and at any rate admits the science shows it is indeed round



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33 thoughts on “#FlatEarth | #DomeEarth Kyrie Irving admits science shows Earth is round

  1. Youre a public figure. Kids wear your jersey and they look up to you. Reporter probably thought you were joking – apparently not…

  2. If a person says he eats shyt.then I ask for clarification on his fondness of shyt. I find this to be normal inquiry into an odd statement.

  3. what does it matter if kyrie thinks the earth is flat I'm pretty sure like one hundred more people think that and it's not a big deal when it comes to them but it is when it comes to kyrie it's stupid

  4. Science doesn't just say the Earth is round. It's been proven via satellite images and first hand expiernces. How does someone who went and graduated college end up saying the dumbest shit with ZERO facts to back up his statement. So now the Cavs have a whiner/crying bitch and a stupid person riding the crazy train. I lost brain cells listening to Kyrie talk. His fans that follow his social media are deliberately being made even more stupid with statements like this and then buy into it.

  5. Ben

    So has Irvin never seen any satellite images of Earth? Are those all made up? This is absurd and proves that he is a moron that was never worthy of going to Duke. Money obviously doesn't always come with intelligence.

  6. where does it show that he says its round? screw you.

  7. Do any of u retards realize that Kyrie Irving is exposing that all the stuff we hear on the news is pretty shitty and useless.

  8. Trolling the idiots on both sides of the argument.

  9. Why does it matter anyway! Is this what News has come today. Not reporting real world issues but what a basketball says about the earth is flat. Who cares about this. Smh!

  10. a lot of you people don't seem to get it. smh he's trolling

  11. World is flat wake up, he is serious but risking his ass.

  12. hes confusing science, with imagery. they have pictures of bigfoot too!!! only difference ia the bigfoot pictures stand up to scrutiny. ive got a bridge in brooklyn i want to sell this moron.

  13. What a colossal fucking idiot. You cannot have an opinion on a scientific fact, you dim-witted retard. The most brilliant minds in the word have worked and are working to this day to find out the functioning of the universe and you have these blithering idiots who think their shitty unscientific statements mean something. If this is the IQ of famous people, America is fucked.

  14. Shame shame Kyrie!! Get back in line boy!
    Bring on the _Scientific Inquisition_!!!

  15. Kyrie is the most intelligent baller and Baller Skeptic in pro sports! Far more intelligent than the Ballers In Tights who get their ASSES slapped by CHESTERS as kids. What an insane Ball Planet.

  16. Kyrie is pretty much showing that public figures can't have an opinion of there own. They have to go with what society says is right, and if someone goes against that people make a big deal about. Now idk if he truly believes that or not, but so what it's an opinion

  17. they are trying way too hard to discredit him, makes you wonder why.. must be some truth because If he said I think sneakers and shoes are the same think nobody would say shit at all.

  18. No way he actually believes that, he's gotta be mocking the reporters and how stupid as fuck the media is. Honestly the dude seems annoyed, they never actually want to have a geniune conversation, all they care about is the next big headline. Fuck man, people analyzing everything you say all the time, it's like having a psycho girlfriend. Probably not fun

  19. Yeah, it's pretty obvious. He trolled a lot of people. I got his point. Petty things like this don't belong in the news is his real point.

  20. The interviewer is ignorant…. it's disgusting…

  21. Kyrie has to be trolling. For all the people that are saying the Earth is flat, if you are not trolling then how can you be that stupid? Just look at every planet we have look through a telescope with. Their all-round! Why would Earth be any different?

  22. Mainstream media nowadays are so full of BS. That's all they can report. The fact that Kyrie said " the earth is flat" is news. Where are the real world issues stories at? No one wants to here what famous basket ball player got to say.

  23. He is totally right! I stand with Kyrie. DO YOUR RESEARCH! Like he said. And stop bashing people for their beliefs.

  24. Man up. You made an ignorant statement and now you cant even admit you were wrong.

  25. Believe what you want to believe! 😀

  26. the earth is clearly a quadrilateral

  27. People still believe in this religion shit but got the nerve to try to clown Kyrie…

  28. Trolling is popular. We used to ignore dumb shit.

  29. this proves how dumb this fuck-tard is, why would anyone watch sports and spend a single penny on a moron like this awwww what the fuck is happening to America

  30. hi… the player are amazing

  31. It matters because he is a black public figure and he is making a fool of himself. He's just putting fuel on the fire of every person who thinks blacks are dumb and uneducated.

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