#FlatEarth | #DomeEarth How Water Level Proof The Flat Earth|Amazing Observable Evidence

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This is truly Amazing! It shows how observable evidence (Water Level) proves the flat earth. The evidence in this footage also include a mention of the Chicago skyline.
This footage completely destroys the globe earth model.
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46 Thoughts to “#FlatEarth | #DomeEarth How Water Level Proof The Flat Earth|Amazing Observable Evidence”

  1. Wow, I feel dumber for watching this video. Absolutely hilarious though.

  2. As you get farther away from the center of a Ball Earth the pull of gravity decreases. Gravity keeps the atmosphere around the Earth. As you get farther away from the center of the Ball Earth, there is less atmosphere, due to the pull of gravity. The farther away from the center you are the less atmosphere there is At one point, far enough away, there is no atmosphere. There does not need to be a firm barrier to hold in the atmosphere. You can experience this change in atmospheric pressure on Earth. Take Interstate 17 from Interstate 40 to Phoenix. You will get 5876 feet closer to the center of the Earth and you feel the thinner air at 7000 feet in elevation compared to the thicker air when you get to Phoenix (1124 ft.)

    This fountain can not explain that the Earth is flat. It is all under the influence of the Ball Earth's gravity. If that ball in the fountain was the same size, and had the same mass, as the Earth AND it was somewhere in space so it was NOT under under the influence of the Earth's gravity (the same gravity that keeps you on the ground in front of that fountain) the water would stay still and would cover the ball. The water is flowing down this ball because it is under the influence of the Ball Earth's gravity which is affecting all the water in the fountain as well as you.

    How can you see around the curvature of the Earth? The atmosphere acts as a lens and curves light. You have seen an extreme example of this effect if you have ever seen a rainbow. You have seen an example of this effect if you ever seen "heat waves" above a mall parking lot or a highway. You have seen an example of light being bent by a lens if you have ever seen a spotlight in a concert.

  3. 2:20 Excellent point, I like this approach. Just keep in mind that a lot, and i mean A LOT of flat earth promoters are continuously presenting false, misleading, cherry picked or out of context arguments.

  4. ngga cant even grammar in the title ugly ass ngga

  5. what is on the other side of our flat earth? You think its like a coin then? The flat model I seen with the earth spinning and the sun lighting up the earth as it spins would only make sense if the sun was shining through a tube. Neither is there any way to explain how the extreme northern or southern part has almost 24 hours of light at certain time of the year and then the opposite at another. How do you get to the south pole?
    The curvature of the earth is 8 inches per mile, so at your 100 mile example you would still see anything above 66 feet. that would mean you would see any structure above six stories or built 66 feet above sea level. Are you saying you can see boats at water line at 100 miles?Sears tower is 1451 feet. If it was built at sea level you could see it from (1451×12 divided by 8) 2176 miles away based on the curvature of the earth.
    Laser levels are accurate to within one eighth of an inch in 100 feet. Not accurate enough to do the measurement you propose.

  6. I have lots of optical illusions you can view. Tell me how credible they are and how they challenge what you believe to be true.
    BUT, if the world is flat . . .
    – Why do ships sink over the horizon as they travel away from us, regardless where they start or what direction they travel.
    – Why is the noontime shadow LONGER the FARTHER north you travel?
    – Why, at sunrise, are mountains lit from the top down, and at sunset, from the bottom up, if the sun doesn't go around the earth?

  7. I really enjoyed this video!! You rock! πŸ’—

  8. You do not need a "firmament barrier" to separate the earth's atmosphere from space, moron. Do you not understand that a vacuum does not suck or exert any force whatsoever? It simply allows for the free expansion of gases… But since gravity is irrefutably real, it keeps them from expanding beyond a certain point. If the earth's atmosphere were held in place by a dome, and gravity didn't exist, then free expansion would result in the atmospheric pressure and air density being the exact same from bottom to top. Try climbing a mountain and you'll see that this is not the case, because the flat earth theory is horse shit. Water seeks its level, but level simply means perpendicular to the pull of earth's gravity – tide stations all over the globe prove that there are multiple "levels" which change with latitude and longitude, therefore water does follow the earth's curvature.

  9. So stupid πŸ™
    So naive πŸ™

    So sad.

  10. aurora australis explanation?
    and how come sun is not always visible on flat earth, like far far away sun as small dot..

  11. Why the fuck are you wearing an ALL SEEING EYE necklace in your video? You Illuminati shill fuck!

  12. great video. continue your search for the truth, and I think you'll take the necklace off, jmo. again, great video.

  13. So, what you are saying is that you failed science class?

    So, let's get into this. All mass has gravity. The mass of the fountain 'globe' is a tiny fraction of the pull of the earth globe. The earth's gravity will overcome the gravity of the fountain globe and pull the water off of it. Why is that concept hard for you to understand?

    The rest of your argument is complete jibberish.

  14. It looks flat to me. I can see Russia from where I am. It must be flat. I got a zoom lense and saw Elvis wink at me Hey !!!

  15. I have been looking at some of these vids, so far this guy has been the worst for explanations.

  16. "The top of the water" AHAHAHAH – You mean the surface ?? LOL
    What a retard
    Water always finds its level
    Making its surface curve round the earth — SCIENTIFIC FACT

  17. Water level does not proof nothing – lol – the word is fuckin PROVE –
    You cant even spell. Why should someone listen to your science ???

  18. @Bary White Deleting the thread I see. Filthy Flattard coward.

  19. Sometimes I have to wonder if flat earthers truly believe this stuff, or if they are just trolling.

  20. Is this guy a joke? I can't even watch him

  21. we also have to talk about planes flying on a ball ,if i am in new jersey i am on the side of a.sphere planes do not fly sideways and upside down on a globe.

    Good job brother.

  22. Your beard looks stupid. It looks like you sucked off chewbacca.

  23. This folks is why inbreeding is not good for your kids brains

  24. You're argument fails miserably. Water finds it's level with respect to the center of gravity. It's amazing how you retards don't seem to comprehend this one huge but simple fact. NASA is not authority on the globe. People have known since biblical times the Earth was rotating, until the Catholic Church adopted the idea of a flat Earth from the Pagans, and refused for years to accept reality even after science proved the Earth was a rotating spheroid. You flatards are evolving backwards which is exactly what the government wants. You're falling right into the psy-ops bullshit trap.

  25. Interesting video. but what I find most interesting is the retarded
    comments made by people who cant' grasp the reality of the world we live
    in. I don't believe in Ball or Flat, just what my eyes and the rest of
    my senses tell me. Some people need to open their eyes and start
    thinking for themselves to see we have all been lied to for a long time
    now about where we live. It's funny to listen to you people call each
    other names because of different beliefs. It's also sad to think all
    that money paid to NASA for whatever they do could have gone to feed all
    the starving children here on Earth, pay off the National Debt, or any
    number of things us Humans need and or deserve. But no, the Elites, the
    Globalists, the Governments of the world, and all the Space Agency's
    will continue to take take take until they have everything and we have
    nothing. All I want is the Truth. I'm not going to listen to and believe
    someone who keeps lying to me any more. So say what you will and get on
    with it. I don't have the time or the patience for ignorance.

  26. @ Adidia, very good work. keep it up. subscribed. πŸ‘

  27. Hi Miguel. Thanks for this your interesting video.
    I translate it in Italian language and here you will find itΒ 
    So, thanks again and stay safe and sound.Β 

  28. This guy makes you flat earthers look bad lmaooo

  29. Ok, I have no sound on and I am watching the video. He points at a tire and now we are looking at a fountain, now he is pointing to the top of a fountain shaped as a sphere(strange) with water running down the sides as it should considering the water is coming out of the top at low pressure and running down the sides back into the pool because of gravity, makes sense so far. And the end, WTF?

  30. I bet the globe gobblers are so pissed! It's fun to watch their reactions.

  31. love the video but that shirt is off the hook! where did u get it? I need it for my next NAC meeting

  32. Water IS indeed flat..because gravity is pulling it to the center of the earth, so it all levels at the same height, that being sea level.
    There is no reason for water to "bulge" in spherical earth, so your point is moot.

  33. People don't feel motion, they feel acceleration. Also, this guy has no grasp of high school physics. High school physics was not created to fool you into believing the earth is a sphere. Most, if not all, of the concepts of high school physics can be demonstrated by anyone that completes an experiment. I'm sorry you can't understand how this works, but just because you can't doesn't mean that we can't. To us, your argument sounds much like the Monty Python 'She's a witch' logic. It's so flawed it's sad, but since you don't understand basic physics, it can't be explained to you. It's like trying to explain how computers work to someone from the middle ages.

  34. if you have a magnetized liquid , it will form a sphere around an iron ball, why does it sound impossible to you if the ball is called earth and the attraction force is called gravity instead of magnetism

  35. Quick Question. If the moons gravity is what causes the tides, how come it doesn't affect my glass of water or a swimming pool? They do not have tides? There must be an answer, its science they have an answer for every thing!!! Lol

  36. you say that people only providing hearsay to prove that earth is sphere while you doing worse talking about laser to measure earth flatness. it's just an assumption from your side. however, the idea is experienced every min with radars around the world when airplanes disappear from radar screens at certain distances (according to its altitude) . and you shouldn't apply your flat earth theory laws to world's laws saying that water would flow from north pole to south , because we all know that water wants to flow towards the center of gravity, which ended you up to summaries your proof that the iss should show the curvature. so why did you waste 13 min of time when you can say that in 1min , but you forgot that flat earthers don't believe in space ships and again , you'll say that the curve showing from the iss is cgi , so this argument shouldn't have started. bring a better one

  37. Oke. But how do you explain high and low tide ???

  38. Wow, great timing there when the fountain turned off the ball part —- divine timing. πŸ™‚ Thanks for doing this…. the water proof is just the best.

  39. Prove you were not injured as a child and have been in a coma for your
    entire life and are now on life support? These mind games are so easy to
    Show me a picture of the ocean floor at the Mariana's trench 36 thousand
    ft down. No, can't use the Navy's videos since they could be cgi. Prove
    theres gold in Ft Knox. Prove there is not a bowling alley on aircraft
    carriers. If we all believed things we could only physically see in
    person and touch we would all be cavemen.Hell, prove you are sitting
    there typing. Prove this isn't a simulation. Tell ya what though. Go telling family, bosses,judges,police etc that the earth is flat and you will soon be playing the "living under a overpass in a box eating pigeons simulation."

  40. 2:00 – "offering wild theories and speculation" – Ok, that sounds a lot like the flat earth community.
    I've seen one video claiming the moon is only 30 miles above the earth (one of yours, in fact), a few that claim the moon AND sun are 3000 miles above the earth, a few claiming the moon and sun are projections/holograms, and even one claiming the world is flat AND a simulation (think The Matrix).
    I've seen videos claiming that the azimuthal projection map the UN uses as their logo is what the earth really looks like, and another claiming that map isn't the true flat earth at all.
    I've seen it claimed that the earth ends at the 'ice wall' and the 'dome' starts there, and I've heard that the world goes on forever beyond that.
    I've seen it claimed that there is a massive naval armada blockading Antarctica, with nary a shred of proof or so much as a blurry photo of a ship on the horizon from the southern tip of South America.

  41. FE people are good at making people with only a youtube education that they absolutely should feel the rotation if we are going 1000mph. Lol, they make it as if it is like spinning a basket ball or somethng. It takes 24 fucking hours for the earth to go around one time. So even if you were in outter space watching the earth in real time, you would not see an obviousl spin since it is moving VERY slow when you factor in the size of the fucking earth.

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