#FlatEarth | #DomeEarth Hey Bill Nye, “How Do We Know the Earth Is Round?” #TuesdaysWithBill

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Modern “theories” suggesting the Earth is flat are ignorant of basic experiential data, historical scientific findings, and how technologies like smartphone functions, says Bill Nye the Science Guy.

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Transcript – Matt Harden: Hey Bill, can you prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the earth is a sphere and not flat? I have a lot of Facebook friends who say that it’s an act. Thank you.

Bill Nye: Is the earth flat or round? It’s round. Now, let’s see, how do we go about proving that? Go to the seashore. Go to the seashore and figure out why you can’t, if you live on the East Coast figure out why you can’t see Spain from the East Coast or North America? It looks like you might have a St. Louis hat on. I’m not sure. Just go to the middle of the Mississippi River and look south. Why can’t you see Louisiana? Why can’t you see New Orleans? What’s the problem there? Then climb a tower or go to the top of a hill or a mountain and you’ll see a little farther, but you will not see to the other side of the earth, places we know to exist. For example, I’ve been to London. I can tell you other people have. I’ve been to Vancouver British Columbia and you cannot see Vancouver British Columbia from Boise Idaho, let alone from New York City Or Toronto or what have you. Just start there then if you’d like look at pictures from space where you see the earth as a sphere. Those pictures are not faked. And I’ll tell you if nothing else here is why you can tell they’re not faked. Just to create the paperwork that NASA has created, NASA in this one case, just the paperwork to send anything out in space, to send people into orbit or to send them to the moon, that amount of paperwork would make faking it prohibitively expensive. No one could afford to generate that much documentation.

Then the other thing if you want to get into this, if your friends are really serious, have them get on a boat or a ship and go out at sea and you’ll noticed you can’t see infinitely far. Furthermore, if you get into it enough pick up a book about navigation or go online and learn about navigation. A very, very Important thing you have to take into account when you try to navigate the ocean from a ship or a boat is how high you are off the sea surface. The higher you are off the sea surface the farther you can see, the farther away the horizon is. Now, this discovery that the world is round was made – I’m going to say it was published in 1540. Now, I concerned – it was Copernicus, I’m concerned it might have been 1530, but it was about then. It was in the 16th century that the earth was shown to be a ball. But it was known to be a ball by a lot of other people before Copernicus in the Western World, what we now call the Western World the western hemisphere. The ancient Greeks noticed that from time to time the earth casts a shadow on the moon. This is a lunar eclipse’s where the moon gets in the shadow of the earth, the sunlight is being blocked by the earth, the moon is on the far side of the earth. And that shadow is always curved. And the only shape that always produces a curve, no matter what the orientation, that is to say whether you’re standing in Greece at night or if you’re standing then 12 hours later in Buenos Aries at night, the shadow is always curved. So the ancient Greeks knew that the earth was a ball. They didn’t know the size of it to the degree of precision we know now.

And you guys, come on, everybody watches newscasts. You all use mobile phones. You all see airplanes fly around. You all go to see Ed Sheeran in concert one day in London, another day in the Melbourne Australia. This all depends of our fundamental understanding of the size of the earth and its shape with extraordinary precision. And if you want to get into it the earth isn’t quite a sphere, it’s a little it’s [NOISE], its spin is a [NOISE] stretched, it made it slightly oblate as the saying goes. This is all susceptible to analysis, but spend some time learning about navigation. Tell your friends to spend some time learning about navigation. Navigation has change the world, by the way. What are you wearing? You’re wearing stuff that came from another part of the world on a ship. It didn’t get here by magic, it got here through science.



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36 Thoughts to “#FlatEarth | #DomeEarth Hey Bill Nye, “How Do We Know the Earth Is Round?” #TuesdaysWithBill”

  1. The globe earth became popular in 1492. why doesn't Bill know This?

  2. he presented zero evidence

  3. 180

    🤔 and how do you know the earth is flat? 🙄

  4. i am nowhere near believing the earth is flat, but if i did, & used this video to help convince somebody otherwise, i believe they would laugh me out of the real thinker's society…..lol

    i expected better from Bill.

  5. Eart is triangel cuz illuminat cunformed!!1!1

  6. just go to an airplane and watch through the window lol

  7. Lol, he looks like want to flip some tables after answering that questions.. xD

  8. hey bill do we really need to teach the basics to each generation over and over?

  9. How ridiculous, is this even a question?! Some people need to get a life!

  10. Is this seriously our brightest mind this is ridiculous so stupid he makes no points at all and all the people who still think we live on a globe have to say is flat earthers are stupid actually the opposite is true the stupid people are the ones who blindly take the word of someone with out looking into their claims them self idk about you but I'm gunna go with my own eyes and senses and not som math equation to answer everything his answers made no sense

  11. this video should be called "Bill Nye demonstrates how woefully inept he is"… this is such a sad, unscientific presentation… I pity this poor delusional fool.

  12. Used to watch hi. way, way back when when he talked real science. NOW? He is strictly into pseudoscience. Woul have believe you are ignorant and stupid. Real evidence and using your mind to arrive at the truth will wake you up. Believing someone else's unproven lies may make you gullible, but it is short-lived, once real evidence is brought forth.

  13. at first hearing flat earth , i laugh my ass off and think every super scientiest will kick their ass on argument , but now i see how they argue to earth flat was just….. wtf

  14. you gotta love how he wants to laugh but has to continue. oh i love you Bill Nye!

  15. SMOG! Bill, SMOG! that's why you can't see Spain from east coast… are you for real? Pictures from space are not fake because of too much paper work…. buahahahaha!!! Idiot!

  16. We are in the ends of time, everything will be exposed

  17. if you have friends that believe in flat earth, they are not your friends.

  18. Proof earth is flat in two words…star trails

  19. Sorry guys Bill had to go and "jack off someone new then give himself props".

  20. Bill Lie the science Goy.

  21. from playing on a canal boat in London to bring known by Bill Nye is true success

  22. The earth is round. then 4min 30 sec its not round its blaaaaaa ROFL so they don't even fucking know!!

  23. he stated 0 facts or proof

  24. My inability to see Spain is not due to my sight being limited. People won't fake space pictures because paper is expensive. The Earth is blah shaped and very big. Consumer goods move about due to science. Thanks Bill.

  25. Bill Nye has converted me – now I believe in Flat Earth.  I have never heard such weak arguments.  Why can't you see forever?  Haven't heard of perspective Bill?  Paperwork proves the pictures of earth aren't fake?  No one has enough money to fake this?  Common billions are sucked into NASA per year.  Height means you can see further – no, really? Do you need a science degree to know that.  Still doesn't prove anything. The shadow on the moon is always curved?  Sorry this is not the case.  Please try not to lie so much. Now the earth is newerrrh shaped?     Very sad, lack of evidence but at least now I know for sure – the earth is flat!

  26. dear God the shit bill has to put up with is insane I can't believe he hasn't killed one of these idiots

  27. Ok flat earthers show me a picture of the edge of the world. Or something falling off.

  28. Put the Flat Earthers to rest then, by getting them a plane to fly across Antartica. If they make it across they fail. Clearly if they keep going and something stops them (a super blizzard, crash into a dome), they win.

  29. You answer Flat Earth claims by way of NASA paperwork! Best say nothing that use such a stupid arguement to refute their arguements. This dude is a party line parrot not interested in questions that challenge his programing. Can't wait for a true scientific mind, such as Eric Dubay's investigative mind, to examine reasonable questions and reply to them scientifically. This sad sack shames the meaning of "science"!

  30. even Bill knows that this is complete bullshit. I now wanna get on this and have him prove how space was created because the religion response makes no fucking sense

  31. Some people need to quit taking the BLUE pill and take the RED PILL!!!! Ok. The world is round people and if you say cause it's due to the Bible saying its flat. Omg!!!! Read the Bible agin and quit taking other people's word for it. Ok done with my rant.

  32. This dude is a fucking joke, he doesn't even know wtf is he talking about, yet he claims the earth is round lmao. 2017 and we still believe the earth is a globe lmao, what next, we will believe the earth is a cube in the next millennium? Lmao

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