#FlatEarth | #DomeEarth Flat Earthers: Fisheyes Make the Earth Round! (Bad Arguments Debunked #1)

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Flat Earthers love the argument that involves the earth and the fish eye lens because they are right when they say that fisheye lenses which bend and warp lines pictures. However that’s only true if the horizon is on the edge of the picture. Now enjoy you filthy humans!

GoPro video:

Article that explains how fisheye’s works:


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32 Thoughts to “#FlatEarth | #DomeEarth Flat Earthers: Fisheyes Make the Earth Round! (Bad Arguments Debunked #1)”

  1. At 3:22 you are proving the earth is flat because the curvature at the edges is because the fisheye lense (and at 3:16 you see the inverse).
    At 3:32 didn't see curvature.

    Try to debunk the photo from beyondhorizons with 443 km (pic de finestrelles – pic gaspard ecrins) and not curvature seen.

    I'm trying to debunk flat earth and seeing the 2 models with full respect.

  2. 2:55 using a fake picture of earth. Why don't you use a real picture of earth from space?

  3. Again at 2:52 to 2:57 using a artificial, fake, faux, or phoney picture of earth.

  4. 1:07 Ah sorry but why are you using a artificial, fake, faux, or phoney picture of earth. I thought this was a pro globe video, but then using a fake picture of earth totally destroys the video maker credibility.

  5. if you want to laugh, ask a Flat Earther how gps works.

    most likely they don't know.

    then if they do they'll tell you satellites don't exist! it's a cell towers! it's a.. a CONSPIRACY!#$!%!

    THEN TELL THEM: Google shopping search for wilderness GPS devices.

    they'll probably stop talking to you because those you can buy and they work in the middle of nowhere for hikers, explorers etc even peeps who get lost AT SEA.

    they'll move the goal posts again because he really fruit loops Flat Earthers are just using the whole thing cause they're mad at "The System"

  6. Even non-fisheye lenses are curved, but to a lesser extent than fisheye, otherwise they would just be flat glass & wouldn't focus any light onto the sensor or the film plane.

  7. So tell us where can we find the curvature of your magical spinning ball?

  8. um if you get a fisheye lense with a perfect reticle and point it at the center of the horizon its completly flat.

  9. Good, but I have to correct you on one point; all lenses are curved, a fish-eye just more so. On a phone, the flat glass at the front is not part of the lens assembly, but rather a filter. All lenses are necessarily concave or convex.

  10. Hey just subscribed. Telltale Atheist told me about you.

  11. SEARCH • The Biggest Secret Eric Dubay

  12. The raspberry video is a bit unreliable too because at one point when the camera is moving a lot, it turns from convex to concave, so it does have some distortion.

  13. Professor Stick approves of this video.

  14. I remember when a buddy of mine told me there were flat earth videos online. I didn't believe him… How can we move forward when we got idiots who aren't even in the present?

  15. Another great video! It is impossible to win an argument with a flat earther as you showed very well, it's funny seeing them try to justify things though

  16. Either way I don't think that talking about the horizon is a very good way of talking to flat earthers. If the earth was flat and circular, the horizon would still be curved at high enough altitudes and at lower altitudes, the horizon only appears curved. It's just not a good place to start. How bout, "Where does the sun go at night?"? They have an answer to that but it's so ridiculous that they usually try to avoid it. They think the sun is like a spotlight. I don't see how that explains why it goes over the edge though.

  17. Great vid.. I just did one similar.. but I dont have the humor added 🙂

  18. XD hahahahaha Amazing stuff carbon!

  19. You know that is pretty laughable… that amount of curve at 75 miles…impossible….if the earth were a globe you could not see that much curve at 75 miles…. on a ball with a circumference of 25,000 miles you would need to reach an altitude of at least 2,000 miles to even see a curve, draw up a graph , draw an 8 inch circle representing 8,000 mile diameter…and use your ruler and place a dot outside the circle at approx. 75 miles (that would be like 1/16th of an inch)…and trace a line of sight left and right….to simulate line of sight to the horizon…at that altitude you would see a flat horizon…if the earth is round…you got to get a lot higher….you would be so close you could not see the edge, you will still be seeing a vanishing point and it would be flat.

  20. Spot on bro. I always thought there was something fishy about their arguments!

  21. Footage of UK TV presenter, James May, viewing the curvature of the Earth from the cockpit of a U2 spyplane…


    Great footage taken from the cockpit of a U2 spyplane, showing the curvature of the Earth and flat wings of the plane, in the same shot


  22. That animation was fucking awesome. I was laughing so hard. I got no wonders to express how fucking cool this video is.

  23. You just put a curved line over the straight line you diss info agent

  24. Someone had to take this argument to the ground! Well done Carbo!

  25. Nice video production on this one. Good job!

  26. I see some good popularity for this channel in the future.

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