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32 Thoughts to “#FlatEarth | #DomeEarth Flat Earth – To the Moon and Back”

  1. This specific part of this week's episode provides a great explanation to a very common question, "If Flat Earth is true, does it change how I live my life?":

  2. 1:50:37 those objects look exactly like what jeff p documents in this video

  3. Jeran your curvature computation is wrong, the right one is 8 inches per mile² as it is exponential. there is no conspiracy on that computation what you computed is just how many miles you have to add every mile if we were on a ball

  4. …regarding the 'independent movie incident'….wouldn't it be more likely that 'by associating The Flat Earth with a knucklehead film….it relegates it to fringe nonsense'???….also……wonder how these 2 well-dressed guys 'appeared out of nowhere'…..

  5. how does the ISS not see any satellites?

  6. How is it that so many globers comments on these vids? What brings them here to these globebusters podcasts? It's as if they are purposely here to ridicule those who are watching/listening to the same youtube channels as them. The irony must be completely lost on them.

  7. time is short. you must believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God, to be saved. Love

  8. Just because mainstream science is a fraud, doesn't mean science per se is a fraud. By definition science is measurable and therefore indisputable when done by definition.

    You are using dogmatic 'mainstream science' as a reason for being religious. That makes no sense to a logical person.

  9. nothing against you guys but you tend to want to believe religion is less prominent than atheism because or 'programming' when the elephant in the room is the total lack of any evidence for religion. Not circumstantial lack of curvature, i mean ANYTHING that backs anything in the bible in the kind of scientific way we can prove flat earth. That's the true the Christians would rather ignore.

  10. HKU

    As John Travolta said in the motion picture 'Basic', "you have to tell the story right." 3 guests share a room at an inn. They are charged $30 ($10 each) for the night. The clerk realizing the room was only $25 sends a bellhop to return $5. The bellhop knowing 3 does not go into $5 equally pockets $2 giving each guest $1. Since each guest paid $9 ($27) and the bellhop kept $2, what happened to the remaining $1? Mainstream: 6250m squared, time 8 inches, divided by 12 inches, divided by 5280ft yields 4932m versus an expected 5598m. Revised: 554ft times 6250m, divided by 5280ft yields 655m versus an expected 5598m. If the math is wrong, please explain why. Interesting proposal nonetheless.

  11. HKU

    Both the flat and spherical models present an increasingly distant horizon with elevation, perspective limited by the viewer's visual acuity. As the viewer rises in altitude, the horizon also rises to meet the eye, even with a globe. However, on the spherical model the horizon supposedly arches once sufficient altitude is reached but, that altitude is disputed. Keep in mind, a graph is not experience so, enjoy a champagne brunch in a hot-air balloon.

  12. can u guys debunk nasa Johnson's vids? it has the best sphere earth footage imo…

  13. ***My friend said about the calculations on this https://youtu.be/VkCdBJPZtZs

    Marilyn Felty Teed This is all wrong. He does not seem to understand the difference between dB and dBm. Because of this his calculations around the 33-34 minute mark become totally wrong, making his conclusion invalid.

    ***When I asked him to explain it so we all learn something, he said:

    Unless you understand the mathematics of the logarithmic decibel scale, and the associated implications, it would be difficult. Not saying that you couldn't understand it, but just that it's more than I can (or have time to) explain here.
    In short, dB (decibels) is a relative unit (like a ratio). dBm (or dBw) (or DbuV, etc. etc.) is an absolute quantity. When you do the math if you don't keep all this straight things turn into manure immediately.

    ***What is your assessment of his comments ? I questioned him if he was sure you were so far off. I will post his reply if I get one. Since he said he doesn't have time to do this I wonder if you are right on !

  14. Why must they aim specifically and precisely at the coordinates which they claim are the moon?
    Is it because the dome is curved ?

  15. i mean these fucking orbs is dead on this is insane

  16. Great Show, Thats All This Is, not ONE SINGLE ORIGINAL PICTURE, of a flat earth, only use of everyone else s picture are being used to twist in to flat earth false proof, event balloon photos can not prove it, it simply shows Earth is Larger Than you have been told, in fact: Our
    Mother Earth, has Never been one size only, and has been growing since creation, so no one can state This Earth Is of Any True Measure as true. WHATS NOT TALKED ABOUT is, our eye sight, and how their connected with our ears equilibrium, making all distant vision level, in order to keep Humans and most creatures in balance to their platform, so of corse all around us looks flat, it's normal, try spinning around to throw off your equilibrium, and thats all the proof you need to disprove flat earth, for Earth Her Self has a magnetic equilibrium, upon which she spins within planets that go to and fro, there is nothing in our Holy Scriptures That States Other Wise, Earth Is The Center Of Creation, and our only true home.

  17. I don't need NASA to prove me the Earth is a GLOBE. It requires simple highschool geometry and trigonometry only! As per "The FE" map the distance from Sydney to Johannesbourg in a straight line is 23,419 km. I travel often between the 2 cities and it takes me approximately 13 to 14 hours direct flight. The average speed of the airplane is approximately 830 km/h which means that the distance between the 2 cities matches perfectly with a globe earth model. Had the Earth been flat the plane should travel with almost double the speed of sound (i.e. 1700 km/h). I know that travelling at that speed for a commercial airline is practically impossible. So either the producers of Boeing and Airbus are lying to us by saying 800 only or
    Flat Earth theory is a hoax.

    If you're wondering how I calculated the direct line between S & J I'll tell you only have to know the distance of each city from the north pole which is considerred the centre of a "Flat Earth" and the angle between them. Using the FE map demonstrated usually that angle is 122.93 degrees. Using the law of Cosines given the distances from north pole of S & J (13759 km & 12,894 km respectively) you'll find the speed I gave you above.

    No NASA, No fake cartoon pictures, only pure proven data. The Earth is a GLOBE

  18. Why is the ISS always put the earth in massive cloud cover? How is anybody seeing the ISS ever? I am waiting to see the massive forest fires that break out every summer and which fill the sky with black clouds that fill the sky for 100's of miles.

  19. I guess comets are the only thing that can get through the so called dome without breaking it then?

  20. Gee man you people are so so… In response to how far the human eye can see. Can you see the stars ?
    Tell me, how far are they ? The closets one lets say ?

    Here just as a ref.:

  21. J P

    On total eclipses: I was a schoolboy in Australia in the mid to late '60s and the teachers took us all onto the parade ground to experience what we were told would be a complete eclipse of the sun. Everything was supposed to go completely dark, as if it were night. I do not remember this happening, though. I feel sure that I would remember, if I had experienced something like that. Has anyone actually experienced this?

  22. This is for Bob, re: EME. If, and I emphasis if, EME experiments are demonstrably successful, wouldn't that be a bit of evidence that the moon is close? I've been building a helical antenna for a 450mHz, 500 watt xmitter using two 4CX250s, to measure the time a CW signal takes to transit the EME and perhaps determine a more realistic figure for the moon's distance. I don't know if it'll be very successful, however, because I have no way of knowing how RF responds to the firmament, where the Bible says the moon was placed. I'm doing it because the rig was fun to build and the antenna, when it's finished, will be quite impressive. ~ 73 de wa7qzr

  23. in the summer of 2012 I was living in Ohio at the time I do remember witnessing a ring of fire eclipse.

  24. Jeran does a great demo on feet per degree of curve

  25. Jeran does a great demo on feet per degree of curve

  26. Philosophy is walk on a slippery rock…
    "See to it that no one takes you captive by philosophy and empty deceit, according to human tradition, according to the elemental spirits of the world, and not according to Christ. For in him the whole fullness of deity dwells bodily,"


  28. As a person who believes that the earth is flat, I should say that the curvature math at 2:24:00 is completely wrong in many ways.

    First of all the drop in 90 degrees, from North Pole to the equator, is not 652 miles. Who gave you guys the idea that the drop is equal to the difference between the hypotenuse and the 90 degree arc? That is ludicrous. The actual drop is the entire radius (3959 miles), because this is exactly how much you move in the y axis (vertical drop).

    Secondly, you guys are extremely confused about the difference between a "drop" from a fixed point (change in y axis), and the curvature, which is a uniform and constant measure. The drop is a hyperbolic ratio that geometrically increases from a fixed reference point, which is roughly equal to the 8 inch mi2 formula, so believe it already!

    On the other hand, the curvature is constant and will be measured by "angles", which is 360 degrees for 24901 miles. Therefore, the curvature is 360 degrees / 24901 miles = 0.014457 degrees per mile or 24901 miles / 360 = 69.17 miles for every 1 degree. That is constant!

    Thirdly, What you guys are forgetting or getting confused about is the "constantly changing direction" of a person who would be moving on a curve. When you measure the drop from a fixed point, you are always facing the same direction on the x axis, and the drop will increase exponentially. However, that drop is not the curve. After each continuous moment (though let's be simplistic and say after every 1 mile)….

    – On a globe, after 1 mile, you will drop 8 inches, and then REORIENT your direction (as you are moving down) and will look slightly down.
    – On the second mile, the drop will be 32-8 = 24 inches relative to the starting point (without reorientation of the direction), but as you move along the second mile, your orientation has changed and you are looking slightly below the x axis, so the drop distance stays the same at 8 inches.
    – If you keep reorienting yourself every 1 mile, the drop will always be 8 inches, while the difference is unperceived due to the orientation.

    If you want me to elaborate on this, please email me, then I will try to graph it and explain better. Let me repeat,

    a) For a fixed point of reference, the drop is roughly 8 inches per mile2 and increasing geometrically
    b) For a moving point, the curve is constant and 1 degree for every 69.17 miles.

  29. When I was a kid the wind blew a rain barrel across my yard and lightning struck at it nine times and never did hit it.

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