#FlatEarth | #DomeEarth Flat Earth Theory? What “I SAW” Whilst Astral Projecting.

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Is the earth really flat or has it always been round? Could the general public find out by another means? I’m about to tell you about what I saw after hearing this Theory on the Flat earth conspiracy. And boy, did I see more than I bargained for…

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43 Thoughts to “#FlatEarth | #DomeEarth Flat Earth Theory? What “I SAW” Whilst Astral Projecting.”

  1. I know others who have astral travelled and seen it as flat. My conclusion, none of your travels mean anything in regards to the truth and reality. Btw, people see those entities in their day to day life that you see while astral travelleing. Hate to break it to you bud. You looked pretty confident too.

  2. I have also seen round Earth.

  3. THE EARTH IS FLAT. And what people see when they astral project is mostly hallucination. Just like in a lucid dream you can create anything. You could create a 100 pyramid shaped earths in your imagination (OR your subconscious has already created in that astral space OR some other soul/souls has thought it up) But in reality the physical earth will always remain flat, the way God has created it. No man and his hallucinations/mind 'creations' can ever change that.

  4. I have seen the Flower of Life around the Earth too with my own eyes!!

  5. The problem is, everything that happens during an astral experience only occurs in your own astral world. Not to mention everything in the astral is basically an illusion. So just because you saw something doesn't mean it was actually there. It all depends on your mental state and what you believe in. This is the same for near death experiences, where people see whatever religious figure they follow the most. If everyone sees whatever they believe in the most, then it means what they're seeing is an illusion. If it weren't, then everyone would see "God" if he were truly the only real higher being. And im not saying this from a super atheist secular perspective, what i mean by illusions is that we are shown certain things at death in order to keep our consciousness trapped in the reincarnation cycle, instead of returning to universal or fundamental consciousness. So basically watch out when astral projecting, because everything you see is an illusion and can be distorted by dark forces that rule our reality (look into the reincarnation trap//the matrix, its very real and I have my own experiences to back it)

  6. I belive u saw the hole octave all 8 dimensions and ea earth in ea one

  7. my first and omly intentions rigut now are to get out of body

  8. so we all live on a Frisbee…. lmfao you bunch of complete tools the earth is ROUND !

  9. I am going to ignore all the earth flat stuff because it isnt even worth commenting. I am more interested in parallel universes. I was also wondering whether the movie 'another earth' was inspired by your vlog. haha. I believe every world you say even though I have not astro travelled yet. I am still too open and end up with weird stuff around me when I have tried in the past. I cant even properly lucid dream yet. Can you share a video how you started?

  10. You are denying the power of Captain Planet, for which you shall surely pay dearly!

  11. Guess some of you didn't have the guts to step on the merry go round as children, which doesn't spin any where near as fast the "globe model" speed. Yet you'd have to hold tightly or fly off your also left drunken dizzy. How is it we're immune to spinning hundreds of thousands of miles but not functional after few small spins on a little toy?

  12. your face looks like it needs wiping with toilet papaer

  13. same with that fat fool kelly the fat dog in the raw making momney from new age garbage

  14. your faker than this reality making money from your dribble ewe have no idea how to ecome free after death your ascaterbrain

  15. I astral projected out to Jupiter a couple months ago and I saw the giant and all its moons orbiting it. They were all nearly perfectly round as well. It was quite a breathtaking view!

  16. This is crazy listening while high and I almost actually when to the austral world

  17. You should do an audio book

  18. spacetime is science fiction

  19. Ok now I see this and wonder, aren't you ever afraid of when this freaky stuff happens in astral form, that you might now for some reason be able to get back to your physical body? There are a lot of unexplained cases of coma, maybe this is the reason.
    Furthermore, by what you describe in this video, you maintain your link to your world through your world's physical body but what if you go into another of your physical bodies? Will you then have traveled to parallel universes?

  20. WOW brilliant video mate!👍

  21. Thank you so much for this video. It makes so much sense!

  22. What you can expect from the black man ???!!! Earth is a globe – did saw it in my own eyes – stop spreading the satanic ideology – loooooooser

  23. skip to seven minutes if you just want to know about the earth instead of alot of jammering.its ridiculous to take 7 min to get to the point

  24. i am in the retarded realm of youtube again

  25. Would you whatever project tonight, and go find out what's over the side of Antarctica? Then you can tell us everything you saw. 😉

  26. Don't you understand what dreaming is? People go to sleep, and have dreams. It's completely normal, everyone experiences it and it's not a special gift or anything like that.

  27. hi could you astro project to what is the center of the earth or the hollow earth ????? if soo please let me know

  28. What? The Earth is a cube?


  29. Thunder, perfect mind, thank me later it's a book title

  30. the multiple earths might be consciousness merging? idk very interesting either way, thank-you for sharing!

  31. All good and well. But your own personal astral projection is not proof of anything. I astral project as well, but this realm is a mix of your own biased consciousness and the dream realm 4th dimension, in which the 4th dimension is entirely thought controlled (whereas you are a co-creator) It is upon waking life, if your astral experience coincides with provable evidence that confirms what you say may have been real. I have gone in and out of dimensions, planets, and see both flat plane and a globe.

  32. just projecting into outer space still doesn't prove the earth to be round. fly around the ball earth and maybe we have something. The outer body could still show what we have all been taught to see and believe based only off of here say and doctored photos. not saying it isn't possible but if you can astro project, you can fly right?

  33. want to see some magic? take images that NASA provides claiming them to be live photos of the Earth from outter space & open them up in an image editing program. if you tweek the photo enough, you can see all the editing that NASA does to the images. #truestory

  34. The humor makes it hard to take you seriously..

  35. i had so much hope for this guy. unfortunately i was let down

  36. I think you saw the mandela effect. i've seen it, similar to what you've seen, plus others have seen the same thing

  37. you talk too much.People dont want to watch your jokes for 10 min

  38. Wow! You're not quite ready for the reality of flat earth…you're stuck in la la land.

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