#FlatEarth | #DomeEarth Flat Earth Song: Round and Round

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Round and Round
On a sphere
Tell me how do we get here
In the first place
Hurtling through space

Big and Bang
Is what they say
I think it’s more the Yin an Yang way
I used to pray
Every single day

Is it true
What they tell you
Is it true
I loved you

Did NASA make you smile
He was only a fool for a while
But now he is broke
It was a big joke

Is it true 3x
What they tell you

Enjoy! Lots of Love!



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13 Thoughts to “#FlatEarth | #DomeEarth Flat Earth Song: Round and Round”

  1. plus the most loving ,warmest person ive ever known

  2. You and your sister are so beautiful ,god Jikkee 🙂

  3. God Jikke so so beautiful ..thanks so much for this song,Nos da Jikkeeee,,Leaker/leaker.God bless you to X

  4. What a beautiful song <3 Loved it 🙂

  5. thanks so much for a lovely song
     shared on my flat earth song list best wishes from Denmark

  6. Nice! And very brave!

  7. very enjoyable song.. i like the bird chirping in the background to (he sounds like singing along)

  8. Added to my 2016 Flat Earth music playlist, thanks!

  9. Oh my! I love the Billie Holiday sound

  10. ❤️Nice little mellow diddy and Wow Your voice is lovely girl oh yah 🙂 🎹🌌🎶 EARTH IS FLAT

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