#FlatEarth | #DomeEarth FLAT EARTH PROOF ! NASA CAUGHT LYING 2017 Part 1

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Flat Earth PROOF And NASA Conspiracy 5/2/2017
NASA lies and proof of flat earth!
Comment below if you disagree and why?
post proof I want the truth



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28 Thoughts to “#FlatEarth | #DomeEarth FLAT EARTH PROOF ! NASA CAUGHT LYING 2017 Part 1”

  1. Flat as a pancake, No curve anywhere, good video, keep up the GREAT work, TY!

  2. 6.min show a map a so called flat earth which the uk is closer to Australia than the us but a flight from uk to Australia is over 22 hour and a fligth from us to Australia is over 13 hour so explain that

  3. I still believe it's not flat

  4. i think earth is flat but the Dome is hard to believe

  5. L L

    ok the earth is flat, now will you fucktards shut up!!!!

  6. so when you look in the sky and you c a star does it ever move from its original point?? hmm because I'm staring at them right now and they're not moving so what can you say about that.. that they're tidal locked with the earth as Well?? exactly my point the earth can't b moving. because we would c stars passing by since they're in space they have nothing to do with earth but yet they're at a great distance but always stay put..

  7. The atmosphere is also moving which is why a static blimp does stay stationary. The clouds are also moving with the entire atmosphere, but then within the atmosphere, there are winds which are making them move at the speed of the wind within the atmosphere. It is like travelling on a train. You are travelling along with the train but then you n also get up and walk within the train.

  8. ima leave you guys with this. you guys believe 100 % in nasa ?? okay how can you guys say ya trust them when if were on earth and the moon looks pretty big. but when they took a picture of earth it looked pretty small.when they said earth if 4 times the mass of the moon. you would think on a picture it would look huge because the distance ain't too far anyway. hmmm makes you think they're not really showing us nothing but a hoax….n

  9. just want to ask 1 question did any of you read the Bible? or any of the holy books?

  10. Before Its Too Late grow up dude how tf can u be this retarded to think the earth is flat i mean thats even worse than cancer

  11. HEY RETARDS WHO THINK EARTH IS FLAT! how is it that if we fly a plane in a straight line all the time we don't come to an end and we dont fly upside down later so yea how is it 2nd of all why the fuck does the goverment need to hide the shape of our planet even if it was flat whats to hide? so stop ur ridicioulous theories and grow up i bet u all are retarded knobs

  12. the earth is flat now it's funny n if anyone believes that the earth is flat then y'all are nothing but a flat earth dick rider..the earth isn't flat at all..

  13. Look behind joe rogan. Two CIA agents. Elvis Presley and Jimmy Hendricks.


  15. there was literally no proof in this video

  16. You have two choices, believe in what you can see or believe what the government and all its minions believe, have a good day fellow hive minds ill stay on the sane side haha

  17. I believe in nonsense such as Bigfoot and lochness monster, but I didn't think that they're were people that still believed a flat earth… Oh my god people these days….

  18. Are we supposed to believe that water is made out of two gas elements? Come on right? Hydrogen and oxygen, two gases, mixed together make water? My senses tell me that is total bullshit right? Fucking masonic scientists lying to us with their made up bullshit so we don't discover the real formula for water. They know if they control the water, they control the population right? If they just gave everyone the recipe, whats to stop us from making all the water we want? It's all about controlling the masses with fear. How are we going to run out of water on a planet that is 80% water to begin with? More bullshit. I fucking run my sprinklers in the rain as an a big f-you to the man. Just to show the sheeple that I ain't buying the illuminati lie.

    Okay LOL, but I guarantee I could get people to believe this bullshit just like they believe the Earth is flat.
    Fortunately, we know that water is two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen the same way we know the earth is a globe, scientific experimentation.
    I get that you don't understand it but that does not make it any less valid.

  19. if the earth did spin then why fly when we can hover above and wait for the earth to spin under and land when the earth rotates to a point we land down?

  20. Does it really matter if earth is a sphere (which it is) or not.Not one man will get anything from this it's just stupid.

  21. I have one question for these tards, why governments care if it was flat and you aren't allowed to say look into it because people have on other sites and with credibility vs yt

  22. "Reached A altitude" see how smarts these guys are

  23. If you believe the earth is flat, you're retarded

  24. still should show the vid of the rocket coming down… Agree?

  25. still waiting on the proof tho

  26. NASA! one of the governments most underfunded government entities is public enemy number one!

  27. these are the eskimos you sell ice to. if the antarctica is the end wall what if i walked the other way? if i ended back at antarctica then wouldnt it therefor be round? all those maps are round? pretty hard to see if they where spheres right? if you take a photo of a cubes does that make it a square? theres still no real evidence of your theries thats why there theries all videos MADE on the internet. but yet all ours are fake. but no the universe revolves around you right?

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