#FlatEarth | #DomeEarth FLAT EARTH NATION: RESEARCH proves, Occult/Aryan/UFO/Pope conspiracy!!

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The proof that will define proof! No more talk about the same thing over and over again. This is fact and too bad if you do not get on board. It was not a contest to find Truth first; we only want truth.
I have that for you here.

Link to Mud Fossil University

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11 thoughts on “#FlatEarth | #DomeEarth FLAT EARTH NATION: RESEARCH proves, Occult/Aryan/UFO/Pope conspiracy!!


  2. I worked in meat dept.as a wrapper for 12 years and I noticed many times rocks look just like a steak with fat! And lots of other things like human organs.I'm glad I found your channel.Thanks for sharing your facinating research.I'm loving learning this stuff!

  3. Hey man, a lot of our info (like 99%) aligns, we should get together for a chat. cheers, God bless you.

  4. OK — i`m paying attention.
    Your specimens are amazing.

  5. from what I innerstand, da vinci's perfect man is illustrating that it is man that the traditional 5 pointed (1 head+2 arms+2 legs) star shape is depicting. an upside down star symbol is then the "hanging man." indeed extremely ancient, far older than da vinci. different points on stars are a simple numbering system for degrees. mathematically one can only draw up to 359 points on a star. 360 collapses the points into a perfect circle. you can easily test this in Adobe illustrator. no idea where I was going except… yeah… stars. start. strata. LAWS (law, air, water, stars).

  6. is that a black nigger in the picture at the start with a cock on his head DICK HEAD NIGGERS

  7. I thnk this rock thing Is what's called paradolia… Finding patterns in nothing. I am a huge crystal collector and the only thing I see weird is petrified wood, because we all know wood disintegrates…

  8. Another good video. I am waiting on my wife to take a look at these, so that she can give her anatomical opinion, but I would say those look like obvious fossils. No rock forms naturally like that. Those bear the signs of quick, complete burial, and decomposition/mineral fill. BTW, the Ancient Hebrew for heart is made up of 2 characters, called in Modern Hebrew, "lamed and bet" or "leb", in Ancient Hebrew, it would likely be pronounced "laab". The word, "laab = heart" is a shepherd staff and a tent, the staff is a leader or guide, the tent often means "within", so the Ancient Hebrew word for heart meant the "guide within" or "shepherd within". If your heart was stone, nothing could penetrate it. You were dead to man and God. Take care.

  9. Never mind how to find gemstones or what a matrix is, I need you to help me find a washroom….

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