#FlatEarth | #DomeEarth FLAT EARTH – LIE-go and Gravity Waves DEBUNKED

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A video to show the blatant double-standard that is NOT discussed enough, if at all.. In terms of a geological “working model”, “Spinning Sphere” Vs “Static Plane” is NOT a battle of theories, but a battle of truth Vs “global” hypnotism . The heliocentric model obviously DOES NOT WORK, which has been demonstrated repeatedly, however (for some reason) the “globists” claim that without a “working” model then the Flat Earth *”Theory”* is unfounded and indeed hypocritical. It’s important to point out that the “Heliocentric” THEORY indeed lacks a working model, as our reality doesn’t match the theory. The purpose of this video is NOT to show a “working” flat Earth model, but instead to demonstrate and discuss how (in reality), we don’t have a “working” geological model, globe or plane. The FLAT EARTH truth is obvious and self-evident, however the mechanisms of the vast Earth as a whole are not fully understood. Perhaps there are aspects to this mystery that are not intended for us to understand, however we can certainly rest easily on the stationary pillars of the FLAT EARTH. We must not fill-in the gaps of our misunderstandings with theory or conjecture ~ which is indeed what got us into this whole mess in the first place. God bless and cheers.

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37 Thoughts to “#FlatEarth | #DomeEarth FLAT EARTH – LIE-go and Gravity Waves DEBUNKED”


    The globe theory relys fully on a curve to be present for it in anyway at all to be called truth.
    If evidence can be found to prove this is not the case then the entire heliocentric model crumbles down, along with every single theory, notion, concept, idea, fanciful artwork and terrible lies indoctrinated into us our entire lives, clouding our minds with a predefined world view from the get go, laying the foundations for the rest of the lies, big bang, evolution etc etc. for the pagan sun(Helios) worshiping ruling elite classes.

    Yet the fact persists that it can not be seen, detected or measured from any height, with any equipment, no curve exists at all. and no evidence has been put forward to prove so. this is not a time to be saying obvious CGI pictures, camera trickery through holes in the side of planes, or other fakes.

    on top of this the perceived horizon NEVER recedes down as you would expect on a ball or oblate pearoid in your cases, as you gain altitude, the opposite occurs and the horizon sticks roughly with the eye level of the viewer. this suggest a vast expanse in all directions.
    if some one was 100,000 feet high, higher or as high as possible the curvature still can not be seen!,on the horizontal plane of view, or more concerning for globe believers, the distance a person can see is vast in all directions. no curvature can be measured or seen its a flat plane yes it has high mountains hills valleys dips and all kinds of terrain but on a wholes it flat, to imagine that all the land bends around all the way back on itself in all directions is a unfathomable, ridiculous idea forced onto us.

    Furthermore boats do not go over the curve either this is pure fallacy as a lot of people now are fully aware of, and done a great job disproving with modern day super zoom technology. in particular the nikon p900 videos on Youtube are great.

    rivers 1000 of miles long like the river Nile, do not flow up and down hill about miles and miles of "curve" this defies all common sense and logic and what we know of the behaviors of water,

    and to conclude on curvature for now, no engineers factor this supposed fact into any form of long distance construction, train tracks, bridges, canals etc. and the fact we can see many many objects using great quality cameras over vast distances of which they should most certainly not be seen due to curvature is the biggest proof for me and well many people the earth is flat. using your own maths of 8 inches per miles squared.
    If there was a curve we should see some proof of it, we should maybe see planes as they reach the limit of our view appear to dive into the floor as they "went" around the curve.
    the same could also be said regarding the clouds, other examples exist and many more i have not thought about, but are nice things for your to see with your own eyes, everyday that defy the ball concept.


    For the globe to be true, everything common sense and logic has to go clean out of the window for the theory to have chance,
    the big bad boy disproof for the globe has certainly got to be water and how we know it behaves and acts under many conditions.
    there are 0 experiments without one quoting the pre-defined earth globe model as its own self validating proof to show that water in huge amounts can freely conform to the outside of the exterior surface of any object regardless of size or scale, as it rotates. not confusing water beading into small tiny balls or water tension like the way water acts as hard as concrete if you was to jump from a bridge, or the poorly done CGI floating water ball examples NASA love to show, they do love there green screen.
    We know before even starting that there is nothing we could recreate even on a small scale to prove this could be true.
    we know what the results will be, just as you would expect to see on a rapidly spinning wet tennis ball, we should expect to see all the earths liquids and loose material gathered at the equators of this spinning earth and ejected outwards. and if you are going to go and quote gravity as your argument for holding the oceans down etc i urge you to consider the possibility that gravity is merely a word a theoretical idea that has NEVER been proven, or quantified in anyway and exists merely as a mathematical idea without substance in reality.
    its ideas can easily and are replaced with the truth of buoyancy and density of which we attribute it all to the concept of gravity, instead of using our common sense.
    Buoyancy and density can be tested and repeated is experiments in abundance and it can explain all of which gravity can not if only people opened there mind and did a little research on just that part of this subject.

    Water always find a flat level, its fact, tested, repeated and proven, its used in construction throughout the ages to gauge a perfect level over vast distances and small, even through bizarre routes, and tubes whatever you try to do with it, it will keep level on its surface,
    which on a globe model would not hold true all of common sense fly's dead in the face of the heliocentric idea the more you dig into it with a open minded fine tooth comb, the more it swiftly unravels.


    This is the 3rd big undeniable proof for me, no experiment or fine tuned sensors, our own senses! NOTHING! can prove or show the earth to be moving, this is not the same as an earthquake for any smart asses. The truth is quite the opposite we are perfectly stationary and stable and not flying around at ridiculous velocities in a vast endless infinite multiverse space vacuum of which everything we think we know of is pure imagination. space as the chilli peppers would say is made in a Hollywood basement.
    not to mention all ancient scriptures support the idea of a stationary flat plane, that is the center of the "universe", the bible include many supporting scriptures.


    We should not put a claim to say that the commonly shown flat earth circle shaped ice ring enclosed dome covered enclosed system is the new model of earth as this is just ridiculous, and there is 0 proof to support it, And so many flaws are contained within its ideas. The fact is no world maps are correct and we have no idea on its true size or geography as we are not in control of anything. we should just stick to the 3 undeniable contradicting heliocentric facts first and go from there.
    flat earthers require you to first research and then consider the possibility that the sun, stars, moon and planet and comets etc are totally not what we have been told.
    we believe the sun to be much smaller and contained within the firmament and IT moves about us.
    any issues regarding the sunset and sun rise, including many other arguments people put towards the flat earth idea can be easily explained by the ideas of perception and the facts we know about it ask any decent artist how it works.
    we have good flat earth ideas which i beg you all look into as to what the heavenly bodies are but its all guesswork. with no proof even for flat earthers.
    for example the sun displays spotlight properties, and heavily contradicting behavior to a sun the size and distance we are taught it is with out questioning.

    ALL of NASA are fraudsters and deceivers, they lie and confuses the masses with fake CGI bullshit conceptual artwork of there imagination to us at the expense of us all. to further peddle the lies.
    also anything the flat earth society put out is a government run disinformation website do not go to there as sources of flat earth information.
    i also recommend watching a flat earth video, before a debunking video..

  2. o boy

    40 minutes of talking but saying nothing
    dis-proofing everything but offering no solution
    referring to someone but then not sure what these people actually said
    throwing facts from the hat…

    Are you sure you do not work for the current government

    By the way, nobody ewer said that "what go up mast come down" is the proof of the gravity, or that is undisputed fact.
    It usually do, but if you throw it little faster it will never come down. at least not here. (Earth)

  3. Not the Polaris but the Northern star was there throughout the history.
    at present it is Polaris. 4800 years ago was Thuban, and 2000 years in the future it will be Caphei …

    Stars gain and loose their title of Northern star according to their position in the sky, Something like Air force 1. There was many planes called that. Now there are 2 Boeing 747 for that purpose, but only one with president inside is officially called Air force 1.
    If Trump tomorrow take a flight in the replica of Wright brothers airplane it will become Air force 1.

    But what confuses me is that you refer to the astrolabe as to the proof of Northern star.
    Astrolabe is based on everything you want to disprove.
    Anyhow ask them to wind it back and forward to see how star positions change over time (long time)

  4. Their presentation looked like a cell splitting to me! Very amateur for these supposed salty scientists. This is whole farce is really sad and these men need to be locked up for extortion!

  5. I challenge all NASA Flat Earth PAID OPPOSITION people TROLLING this site to answer me this one simple question:
    We are told that the sun is scorching though our galaxy at some ridiculous speed that I would likely mispronounce if I tried to say it, while we, spinning on a wobbly ball with a tilted axis, corkscrewing (literally corkscrewing!!!)our way around it at 666000 miles/hr!!! let that picture sink in for a moment….now, it doesn't take much to imagine that we would have to be traveling way faster than our own sun to achieve such an smooth orbit around it, and our moon would have to be travelling at damn near the speed of light to be able to keep up with us!!!!! What a dance through space our moon must be doing trying to keep up with all that motion!!! 😂And the best part is that with all these impossible speeds and combined orbits, our North Star Polaris is always there to guide our sailors and our magnificent constellations are always there to forever inspire our children's imaginations…..FOR ALL RECORDED TIME!!!! FLAT OUT IMPOSSIBLE!!!!! (For those don't know, recorded time goes back almost 4000 years B.C. Recorded time is almost 6000 years.)
    Our stars would be in a state of constant change. They are not.

    For all the innocent people that are not "AWAKE" yet, I hope that will help.

    For all the flat earth doubters out there, stay focused, reserve judgement, absorb all the information you can about flat earth facts and compare the results to what you have been taught (indoctrinated) in school. You will find the truth you seek.

    As for the paid NASA Flat Earth PAID OPPOSITION people TROLLING this site….
    You guys avoid this question at all costs! Every time I post it! (Why is that I wonder🤔)
    Please answer the question for all our inquisitive readers. I'm sure I'm not the only one that would like to know the scripted "textbook" answer to a simple question. Let the people decide if your answer is relevant.

  6. Hey Morgile, I knew some people who worked on this and the demonstration at 9 min is not cgi they used and I do not want to say this but it is disgusting they joked about it calling it a Blank Breakfast (Fill in the Blank The _______of Babablon) They used Coffee, Egg, Seaman, magnets, pulverized black magnet dust, and two little motors

  7. Im going to set anyone a chalenge if you can explain this without going of subject i might take you seriously, when i am standing on a beach looking out to sea and i see the sun setting, how does the sun go below the horizon and disappear on a flat earth, i have seen loads of flat earth sunset videos but none of them can explain it that make any sense, they all say things like light has a finate distance which is nonsense or it's perspective, perspective only makes things get smaller and smaller on the horizon not go below the horizon

  8. i new at 5 it was weight that held things down gravity was a farce and spinning earth globe ohh nooooo,, i used an atlas the globe sucked at 5

  9. Wow, my video manager says there's one comment on this video… Wow.. Youtube has gone effing re-re.

  10. Promoting Bravado? with a British accent even

  11. Woah that copyright strike was fast…. less than an hour

  12. Your video was deleted for wwe shit
    It got 2 views an hour in maybe post some videos alternative sites but make a short video to the link of a site like live leak or something

  13. I'm not trying to be hateful, I'm just genuinely curious.

    Can someone who is familiar with the flat earth theory please explain to me if all planets are flat? Are all stars flat? And what's on the other side of the earth?

    Again, I'm not meaning to offend, I just want to learn more.

  14. Flat Earth debunked in three words. Equatorial telescope mount. That's it. Flat Earth is done. My equatorial wedge is pointless and wouldn't function on a flat Earth so should I just throw it out? Oh wait no it DOES work. So that means the Earth is a spinning sphere. Gee wiz.

  15. "This is not from Hollywood haha it's real,A real computer simulation".wtf? And I ❤️ our flat earth,and tesla,it is flat, so we don't need gravity,,! Now you say one grain of sand is pretty much useless but,,this sand is a good example.! If that grain of sand = I person,can't make much of an impact to anything and this maybe true, but… Lots of grains of sand you can make cities,,! I'm so fed up with lies and nothing ever made sense until I discovered we are not specks of nothingness but lost souls in a paradise lost,!its very sad how nasty people have become to us for not beLIEving the crap being pumped into us 24-7 it's the Great Depression right now,,our souls are in dire need of us,,!the flat earth has given me hope REAL hope it's been my souls saviour, and through flat earth,I've discovered that in fact, We are accountable for our actions in this life to someone much much much higher than the people upon this stationary plane, and when the time comes, and surely to us all, it does, then you're good and bad will be weighed ! so it's up to the individual of which side of the scale they want to be the heavier ,,,,ALLELUIA and peace to you're soul 😇 great videos thanks much appreciated ,,

  16. Flat Earth has no working model idiot and absolutely no proof because you live on a fucking sphere, proven.

  17. Another great video. Hope you got your housing problem sorted. Thanks for your work on this subject.

  18. This video fails to address the LIGO observations (remember, TWO observatories) plus independent observations with radio telescopes. Nothing you have said here refutes or debunks anything about the HGE. Nothing you have said here supports FE.

  19. thats some wear your brown pants exit music!

  20. As compared to "time not going forward"….ahh yes, I see.

  21. thank you John great work as always

  22. i find your work to be in depth yet understandable. everyone getting. an equal. chance to embark on a journey. of belief in a wonderful that rings true and can lead a man to his Creator. thank you Jon.

  23. Well I used to have that hypnotized song on wax. Used to DJ this stuff back in the mid to late 90's. hah!

  24. Here we go. You don't know that people moving at constant speed don't feel the motion. You have never been in a car then or a train.

    You think the speed of the equator being different than that of the poles is somehow a problem but that is also true on a toy globe so it can't be impossible can it.

    The outward force at the equator does mean you weigh slightly less there.

    Gravity is detectable in a real and easy to detect sense. Take a heavy object and drop it.

    Weee!! you detected gravity. It's not a fairy tale after all!

  25. Had to watch the beginning on mute, or else I'd start dancing uncontrollably. Lol

  26. Maybe you could make a video about all the people who get lost, or badly underestimate their journey times, as they're forced to use 'bogus' maps?

  27. Stop that repeat shit, John. I'm turning this off. If I want to drill something into my head, I'll rewind and replay it. Goodbye.

  28. You have demonstrated in the lastest Globebusters video that you don't know the first thing about the theory you are attacking, by saying that gravity waves propagate faster than the speed of light (instantly).

    You don't even know the name of the theory you are attacking, you keep calling it the 'theory of gravity'. I hate to break it to you, but the name of the theory you you want to attack is the 'theory of general relativity', Jon.

    You also admit that you don't have a working flat earth model:

    0:24 "Since the Helio-Centric Model Doesn't Work"

    0:31 "Then A Woking Flat Earth Model is Irrelevant to this Entire Argument!"

    So let me summarize. You don't know the first thing about the theory you are attacking, and you don't have a working model. Where will this lead?

  29. John i'am sorry to say I have found evidence of one body being attracted to a larger body . Yes  Yes  it's my M8 he's a chubby chaser and the bigger they are the more he's attracted to them .. hope this helps ..

  30. idk if you will take this as an insult, it is not. I love the information you put out there. i feel you're one of the more knowledgeable "flat idiot morons" out there (notice the quotes, i'm being sarcastic). i watch/have watched a lot of your videos, also listen to globebusters every week. i disagree with heliocentric propaganda. ok so to the "insult." although your information is very valuable, you have a very boring approach. it's like a fat man on a diet, you force it because you know it's good for you. sorry if this offends you but i think you may need to use creativity to convey your message. but love your work man keep it up regardless. take care man.

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