#FlatEarth | #DomeEarth Flat Earth Eclipse Discussion

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Lori and Lawrence talk about recent research into the cause and effect of solar eclipses on the flat earth. Lori suddenly lost internet service and we restarted a new hangout. Look for part 2.



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8 Thoughts to “#FlatEarth | #DomeEarth Flat Earth Eclipse Discussion”

  1. …have you heard about the new tomatoes that rot when refrigerated ?

  2. What we refer to as "sun" and "moon" (perhaps also stars and planets) are not to be understood as objects, except in some useful metaphorical sense.
    But rather, we have to understand them as periodic optical effects of reflection, refraction, interference patterns, etc.
    And so for eclipses as well.

    How unfortunate that NASA should feel compelled to digitally fabricate cheap graphics of these "spherical objects", leaving the rest of us with only a vacuum of data or plausible cosmologies to rely on.

    Until further notice, we must assume only what we SEE with our own eyes, or reliably capture on media OURSELVES.
    That is the true tragedy of post-modern "Science" in its final death throes.

  3. Spells and cursive Lawrence. Maybe you have noticed handwriting is known as cursive; command prompt on a computer is known as a cursor; hot function as spell makers.
    Words are magic.

  4. 56:20 " What does Enoch say….well, in that case I'm going with that…" How disappointing to hear such dogma from you Lawrence, you base and categorically state your " beliefs " on words in a book…..!? Not evidence, not research, just words in a book, that seems to be your default position when you don't know something. Clearly still a great deal of programming that you need to discard….I know there is some useful information and perhaps clues in many ancient texts, but to follow them blindly is…well, frankly idiotic slave mentality. " Well if someone who calls themselves Enoch ( or someone who wants us to believe in a person called Enoch ) wrote it down, then it must be true…"…..!? How disappointing.

  5. I still find it hard to believe that written words can influence matter as Lawrence suggests has happened with his food experiment. If he can replicate the experiment with words written in a language other than English then I would be interested in seeing the results. On the other hand, it can be proven that sound does influence matter as we can observe, for example, when a singer hits a high note and shatters a glass. Based on this proof, I am inclined to believe that the spoken word, vibration of sound, could affect matter but I remain unconvinced that the written word has any effect on matter whatsoever. It comes back to the same question: How can matter understand a specific written language? I would be pleased if anyone could provide me with a logical explanation.

  6. You need to understand the moon and on timeanddate are not to scale there are merely there to give you an idea of their position.

    At the initial time of the eclipse, in you look further down the page, it will give you the long and latitude of where the sun and moon are directly overhead.

    The sun is not directly overhead of the moon.

    Try working out the angle on a flat earth map.

  7. Your crackeling Lawrence. lol Love u guys 🙂

  8. Oh modeling lol!! 👍🏻

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