#FlatEarth | #DomeEarth Flat Earth Debunked & Gravitational Model Debunked by The Electric Universe Model

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In this video I am ending the debate over the Flat Earth versus the Gravitational Model, because that debate is total nonsense to distract people from the correct model the Electric Universe Model. We can clearly see how the Electromagnetic force not only is the force holding all matter together, but is also the force responsible for forming planets like Earth into spheres.

The Earth is not flat, the Flat Earth “Theory” is a failed hypothesis. You can fly over Antarctica, and see ships sail over the horizon. The time for denial of this fact in the truth community has got to end.

The Electromagnetic Force Model is the Testable physics model proving Earth is round and the failed “flat Earth Hypothesis” does not even have a physics model to test, because it is a completely wrong hypothesis.

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24 Thoughts to “#FlatEarth | #DomeEarth Flat Earth Debunked & Gravitational Model Debunked by The Electric Universe Model”

  1. This channel is about truth, if I made videos for subs and views, I would tell you what you want to hear, not what you need to hear. I will respond to any legitimate arguments, not logical fallacies and ad hominem.

  2. I tackle them with the EU theory all day and have been banned from most of their channels as a result… Good Stuff. Subbed.

  3. I'm going to have to stop watching this video unfortunately. I don't believe in the flat earth but that's not the reason why I stopped watching video.

  4. Man you are indoctrinated and talk "science" language. Well you probably believe nasa was on the moon tooo. its just pathetic. YOU are the reason they dare lie to us because you look after answer the same way they produce them. YOU are a sheep and not open minded because if you really were you would say I dont know if the earth is flat or round. You dont know that you dont know and that is a pattern. Fu "smart" guy!

  5. Dude. Do not spend a second of your life debunking flat earth. All you can say to them is "I wish you the best in life" lol

  6. No disrespect to you Titus, but stick with PizzaGate, don't get involved in arguing against flat earth. You obviously have a good heart but fall short of understanding that the planet is at war between 2 spiritual powers, angelic and demonic. Since you must be an atheist, you will not be given the eyes to see the truth. May FATHER ABBA open your eyes!

  7. You go through all of this, science this, and truth that, then you go and toss Bible crap in there, and just muddy the waters!! I don't get it! You are either for absolute truth, or you're not! The Bible is a load of stories, all of which are poppycock!

  8. Inserting one theory over another does not necessarily debunk the first theory. You must take the evidence presented and give an alternate reason. For instance, why do ships and distant skylines not adhere to "8 inches times miles squared"? How does the electric universe theory offer a reason?

  9. this video alone made me unsubscribe and i actually liked your other videos but this is retarded

  10. I will gladly give a grand to the first flatard that can show me a real pic of this ice shelf going around their flat earth. Don't you think with all of the ships in our oceans that someone would of seen this ice ring? How about you study some ancient architecture, the walls are covered with depictions of our solar system. Our ancient ancestors were far more intelligent than us, you might actually learn something instead of listening to these fools telling you it's flat.

  11. Curvature has totally been debunked.

  12. there is not one experiment that proves the Earth is round even Einstein could not do that look up Einstein's quotes

  13. Titus if you're MR. RESEARCHER research airys failure! get a telescope or a pair of binoculars in the ships that sail over the supposed horizon will show up. your argument has to do with prospective not earth curvature!

  14. Titus Frost. If you are really a Truth channel. look up airys failure experiment and debunk that or admit that you are wrong!

  15. Titus Frost. Here is proof!! PROOF. IT IS CALLED AIRYS failure. AN ACTUAL EXPERIMENT PROVING THE EARTH IS FLAT! Respond to that.!! I know you won't.

  16. More pseudoscience! There is no experiments using the SCIENTIFIC THEORY PROVING space, curvature of the earth anything except NASA BULLSHIT! Airys failure an actual experiment proves the Earth is FLAT!

  17. You should watch Rob Skiba. The earh is flat. Polaris does not move. There is no curvature. Sunlight data does not fit on the globe. NASA videos look like South Park. The bible describes a circle toroidal realm like a footstool..it is an electro magnetic realm….waters above and below and a glasslike firmament. Joshua stopped the sun. The earth was created before the sun. NASA lied…Do you think Satan stopped at child molesting? We are talking Satan.

  18. You may be taking this Flat Earth thing too seriously. It's pretty clearly a psy-op that's funded by someone with the means and desire to discredit the Truth Movement. The biggest shills/FE gurus are Mark Dubay (turned from bodybuilder videos to FE videos literally overnight, now hanging out on permanent holiday in Thailand), Jeranism, David Weiss, Mark Sargent, and Mike Williams (possibly a dupe – the jury is still out on that one). Plus there's a silly woman with red hair, but I don't recall her name. Nathan Stoltzman is apparently on the fence, but is probably involved at least peripherally. Anyway, they're each paid roughly US$10,000 per month (according to a report from an Aussie YouTuber who was offered the deal and refused) to do the following: 1)Produce and promote FE videos 2) Comment favourably on others' FE videos 3) Delete any anti-FE comments on those videos. The 'No Forests on Earth' and 'No Dinosaurs' psy-ops were even more ridiculous than FE, and happily, went away pretty quickly when it was realized that almost no one was buying it.

  19. nasa never provided any scientific proof of what they SHOWing…
    so the debate is over. the fact that we are so ignorant about everything on this planet in 2017 is already
    a red flag. The video of electric universe is only another theory, and btw starts very badly with Astronomy: planets in chaos, doesn't sound you familiar?
    it's always the same crap they show to us and our kids since decades now, same story of chaos, big bang, and big mother fuckers who continue
    to laugh at you with their 22 billions / year of budget, presenting CGIs and swimming pools as space.
    Frankly Titus, you are much more smarter than swallow again like a kid all this astrophysics crap which is NOT science, but a religion, since
    there is NO SCIENTIFIC PROOF of everything said on this subject. Analyze light with electronic telescopes is not science, especially when you use an ingredient which we don't know anything about it
    out of the Earth's atmosphere. Pizzagate stays your best shot IMAHO.
    also, the shape of an atom never been clearly proven too, electrons never been seen from any kind of tool. You should review your knowledge I guess.
    Does the fact to know that a tree leaf made of (hypothetical) sphere atoms should be a sphere itself rather than flat? sorry it does not make sense at all scientifically.
    All this video craps are nasa productions, free mason members who always use the same type of post production, disgusting….

  20. Lol it's sad how many whiney people said they were going to unsub over a difference of opinion. I have watched many videos from the Thunderbolts Project and I have researched the theory of the Electric Universe, and I truly believe they are on to something because as science progress, we learn more and more how plausible the Electric Universe theory really is.

  21. This whole flat earth bull is an illuminati conspiracy to keep the sheeple away from #pedogate and #pizzagate…and the folks who propagate the theory are on a secret payroll.

  22. Kewlness. Thank you very much.

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