#FlatEarth | #DomeEarth Final Nail In Refraction – New Video Proof Of Flat Earth

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Anthony Reilly Channel:

The final coffin on refraction. Here is the bottom line. No matter what a refractive constant or figure might be – It makes NO DIFFERENCE unless you are crossing from one medium (IE : Water to Air) to another. You can NEVER EVER demonstrate refraction at a distance in air. Never! Stay in the same medium= no refraction to take into account.



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43 Thoughts to “#FlatEarth | #DomeEarth Final Nail In Refraction – New Video Proof Of Flat Earth”

  1. thanks for your video and I support your work. good stuff!

  2. I think we've discovered someone who doesn't understand the difference between pressure and density! Underwater the pressure changes with depth but the density doesn't! Liquids aren't compressible – quite useful for hydraulics, so therefore don't change density. No change in density means no change in refractive index hence clear scenes underwater. The atmosphere however is what is called a "gas". A "gas" is compressible and its refractive index changes causing diffraction. Doesn't matter how many times you say "medium" to sound clever, it doesn't make your ideas any more true

  3. How to determine what is right according to a flat-earther:

    One morning a flat-earther has trouble starting his car. His next door neighbor who is a professional car mechanic for 20+ years comes out and says: "Are you having troubles with your car? Shall I take a look?" Flat-earther: "Yeah, it doesn't want to start." The car mechanic checks the spark plugs and oil. He then says. "Looks like the plugs need replacing and your car could really do with a oil change. I can put some new plugs in for you, and just drop by my garage when you want a oil change." Flat-earther: "Hmm, well I don't know, I'm not just going to take your word for it."

    Then some random kid from the street comes by on his bike. "He mister, I know what's wrong with your car. Your engine needs to be cleaned from the inside. Just put 2 gallons of tap water with some washing detergent into your gas tank, and everything will run great again! I learned that from a Youtube vid!" The car mechanic starts to laugh. "Haha, don't listen to that crazy kid. You would ruin your engine if you did that! You really need some new plugs and a oil change, trust me. You know I'm a professional car mechanic, right? I know how to analyze engine problems." Flat-earther: "Yeah I know you studied car mechanics and practice as a mechanic for more than 20 years, but that is just "SCIENTISM" man! I won't be deceived by your scientism stuff, NASA lied to you!. The kid is right, my engine is flat and I can't see anything wrong with it from the outside, so it needs flat water to fix it."

    Another 'win' for flat-earth science! 😉

  4. The density of the water is constant. The point about refraction in air is that the density of warm air & cold air are different so if there are layers of warm & cold air there is refraction.
    The calculations for the height of observer & height of the Isle of Man in the picture Anthony Riley likes to show reveal that the picture shows exactly what would be expected on a spheroid Earth. Please also not that this picture would not me possible on a flat Earth.

  5. So from a elevation of 1450 feet at Winter Hill the top of the 550 foot Black Pool tower 25 miles away looks to be inline with the top of a 2000 foot mountain 90 miles away. lets plug that into Dr Zack's autocad  we get the diameter of the earth as 8,145 miles. Not bad from a picture. Thanks for more proof of a globe earth.

  6. You are correct, there's no refraction without a change in medium. A change in density due to a density gradient is a change in medium. Try a youtube search for "laser sugar water" if you'd like to see an experiment you can try for yourself.

  7. Notice how rich never cited his sources. Of course he didn't, because he made everything up. The fact the GRADIENT LENSES are a thing proves him wrong

  8. You are also forgetting you are IN the glass of water. Also the interface between the vacuum and the atmosphere is not sudden at all, it take the whole atmosphere all the way down to the surface. Your cup does not demonstrate these.

    On a hill top, the gradient density air only bends an incoming light beam 0.4 degrees at most, so you are actually seeing 180.8 degrees of space. The color dispersion agrees with the amount and direction. The slowdown of space objects agree with this. The vertical squishing of the sun near the horizon agrees with this too.

  9. Mr.Thrive is refraction the same as lensing? Skiba didnt mention any refraction. And he made really good observations that even buildings that are far away seem zoomed in. does fraction zoom in? What you are arguing is not what Skiba was saying

  10. Are you doing all this nonsense refractive work to prove that God is real? Optics took thousands of years to develop and still takes years to master, so if I have to choose between a worldwide refraction conspiracy or a few flearthers losing their marbles, oh well

  11. Antagonist people making stupid comments are standard on outside of box research and study of reality by the believer.
    I swear I always see flat water and horizon, but my eyes cant see across continents… Who knows the whole picture?

  12. this is a great video and I enjoy all your videos but you cannot say that all science is a lie for example you've been able to produce and distribute this video because of science developments. I believe that flat eathers need to be discerning and not to completely disregard everything . there needs to be a balance. all the best for the future with your moving house, making another and other stuff. god bless

  13. Water can not be compressed air can. there is no more or less dense water. but there is more or less dense air.
    so your arguments are incorrect😱

  14. You're going to be homeless because you are unemployable due to your obvious mental illness. Get back on your meds you babbling fuckstick.

  15. BATF and local authorities are alerted to all you flatheads channels, they will be confiscating firearms from those who demonstrate mental illness. Lying on BATF forms is up to 10yrs federal prison per incident. Those outside the USA have different issues that will haunt them.

  16. Water does not change density with pressure.

  17. He still doesn't get it. The density of the air changes, so there's refraction. It's just like the case of light going through an air/water system. It's just gradual instead of abrupt.

    Did anyone else hear Rich's reasoning for why glass is transparent? What a fucking moron.

  18. This is not clear to me! A diagram may have been helpful along with the pictures.

  19. thanks for all the good info
    researching now

  20. HEY!!! I just got a reply back from NASA!!! I have posted it to your discussion board!! PLEASE READ!!

  21. The joke of refraction by the refractionistas is that the light would have to bend or "refract" at exactly the same rate as the curvature, and it would have to square the curvature amount the further you went out. Earth's curvature is geometric, or parabolic, not linear. The first mile you fall 8", but the second mile you fall 32", not 16". And at 3 miles you are at 6 ft, and 4 miles 10 ft!!! In just 4 miles you fall 10 feet and you can easily see for 4 miles each way, left and right, when you are on the coastline. Yet you never see any curvature whatsoever. How did so many generations accept all this bullshit, and never question anything. It was because we had no information or way to communicate, but now, we do, and the great men of the internet have deconstructed all the lies in just a few years. It has been a helluva journey for old time researchers. The acceleration of knowledge since youtube has been mind blowing. We have learned more in the last 2 or 3 years than all the other years combined, and the information has been distributed to all over the world, but mostly in english speaking countries that were once white before the jews flooded them with stupid people who are not white.

  22. If refraction was occurring due to humidity, i.e. denser atmosphere, then the refraction would change each day depending on the humidity factor. But it never does. The refraction argument is like a desperate grasping of straws by a strawman. Nassholes. Also, if a molecule or micro droplet of water in the air caused the light to bend as the light entered the droplet of water, it would bend the opposite way as it left the water and remain straight.

  23. The classic "argument from ignorance," the earth is not round so it must be flat. We could just as easily be on the inside of a giant oval, right?
    Simple provable math… on a flat earth., the sun cannot set 6 hours from 12 noon. In fact if you are on the equator of a flat earth at 12 midnight and the sun is 12 hours away, the sun at 3000 miles high is STILL, 14 degrees above the flat plane, no sunset, more like 5 pm daylight.
    The sun 3000 miles high has to be 170,000 miles away on a flat plane to be 1 degree above a flat earth horizon. The sunrise and sunset times only work on a globe.
    This pseudo science does prove anything except author need an education.

  24. I would like to share something that I have been pondering … when they are "going" into space they are not going up and beyond but out and beyond along the flat "universe" … could they have found a way to get out from under the dome …. and the "Moon" and Mars, etc, are other lands beyond … searching for habitable "land" and water or something Terra form-able?

  25. Great work Rich. Thanks for all your FE work. Orioles fan? Lol, i used to be….

  26. Hi Rich, thanks for the plug. This 'issue' by not going from the coast into the mainland was only a difference of TWO miles…. over 90 miles. Sure, it might be wrong but it makes no odds whatsoever over that distance. Sure, it was an error/mistake… but two miles over a distance of 90 miles is totally, utterly and 100% insignificant to the point I was making. Why are the cliff faces ON the horizon AT THAT ELEVATION… that's the issue. Like you say, only the tips of it would be visible. yet its still argued by idiots that it somehow reflects the ball earth maths. It doesn't. At all.

  27. Oh wait I totally get it now.. Looking straight ahead you are still in the same medium. You and the buildings are all in the troposphere, So atmospheric lensing will not happen when looking at buildings, but the sun would be in the exosphere which is an entirely different medium, so atmospheric lensing would definitely occur.

    Exosphere: 700 to 10,000 km (440 to 6,200 miles) Thermosphere: 80 to 700 km (50 to 440 miles) Mesosphere: 50 to 80 km (31 to 50 miles) Stratosphere: 12 to 50 km (7 to 31 miles) Troposphere: 0 to 12 km (0 to 7 miles)

  28. Amen bro! True science OLOGY is observance study of.. not fabricated theoretical BS! A person not being fed or rather rejecting garbage won't produce garbage and recognises the truth when its heard 😉

  29. Thrive and Survive, I would really love to hear your testimony of cancer. My dad had cancer, and through prayer, and a diet change, through juicing, sent it into remission. Has this worked for you? If so we need to get the word out.😎

  30. Awesome Rich , thank you. Love the work you do and it is appreciated. I have found doing the observations from hill or mountain tops to be best with much less atmospheric disturbance. Just pic a few high spots all about the same height and 180 degrees apposed to each other from your vantage point and it all becomes very clear. Problem is you have to get off your bum and go do it and that's where folk fall down, they repeat others claims that you can see the curve 🙂 you can't. Not there.Good luck with the move Rich, it's right. Cheers.

  31. You truly are one of the most enthusiastically and actively ignorant people I have ever come across. It is quite a spectacle to watch.

  32. How much bullshit evidence and experiments are you going to assert are true and correct? You flattys will never wake up, gullible sheep. You don't know science and that's clearly why all your experiments and calculations are done incorrectly to come up with a pre determined conclusion. You make the evidence fit the hypothesis. Mis guided and not very bright. You probably never even looked at the evidence for why it is round. If you did you'd know it's settled science and a proven fact. No room for doubt whatsoever, it's for sure round….You think it's more likely that all of science is bullshit, gravity doesn't exist, millions of people keeping a big secret from the public. All the thousands of independent inquiries that double and triple checked thousands of times and came to the exact same conclusion is just fake? lol I understand you want to be special in being in on something no one else is and also feel special knowing that we are the center of the universe and not just some spec a dust floating around into infinite. But it's not worth going full retard over lol The flat earth model was proven to be broken many many years ago that's why we now have the new model that works perfectly and all the scientist on the planet all agree that it's correct and they prove it 100% without a doubt that it's correct. Science is objective and you are not.

  33. Incorrect.
    Atmospheric refraction is the bending of light while passing through Earth's atmosphere. As a ray of light penetrates the atmosphere, it encounters layer of air of increasing density, resulting in the continuous bending of the light. As a result, a celestial body will appear higher in the sky than it's true position. The atmospheric refraction, which is zero in the zenith, increases toward the horizon. At an altitude of 45 degrees, the refraction is about one arch minute, at the horizon amounts to about 35'. Thus, the sun and moon are actually below the horizon when they appear to be rising or setting. An accurate model of atmospheric refraction must include the observer’s altitude as well as range, frequency, and atmospheric pressure and temperature. At infrared through ultraviolet frequencies, refractivity depends strongly on the vertical temperature profile, and an explicit relationship between refractivity and temperature can be obtained.

    That being said, what is being described here is terrestrial refraction. Terrestrial refraction considers the case when both object and observer are within the Earth’s atmosphere. Geodesic refraction is a special case of terrestrial refraction where the object and observer are at low altitudes, as is commonly the case in surveying. Terrestrial refraction depends on the temperature gradient near the ground, which varies widely at different times of day, seasons of the year, the nature of the terrain, the state of the weather, and other factors. A common measure of refraction is the coefficient of refraction. The coefficient of refraction is directly related to the local vertical temperature gradient and the atmospheric temperature and pressure.

    Because the index of refraction depends on density, and the density of the atmosphere strongly depends on altitude, light propagating in the atmosphere is bent, typically toward lower altitudes or regions of higher density. The density of the atmosphere does not vary greatly in the horizontal direction and only the vertical structure needs to be considered. A straight line from your eye to a distant mountain might be blocked by a closer hill, the ray may curve enough to make the distant peak visible.

  34. Bro when you laughed after talking about the human eye I laughed my ass off

  35. Fish crawling out onto land…. guess you have never heard of a mud skipper

  36. On another note, Rich, Homeless?  What is going on?  You got to let us know, we are praying for you but need to know what to pray for.  Have you lost the ability to work?  Did you loose your home to foreclosure?  Don't be ashamed brother.  I went through all of that back in 2011.  I broke my back in three places and before it healed I lost my home due to foreclosure because I was taking care of my dying mother who had Alzheimer's disease, then lost my car, mother and job in one year.  Ended up living at the Salvation Army in the most depressed aria in America.  No jobs period. All obamatised and were being kicked by him while on the ground and didn't see where it was coming from.  Point here is I've been there done that got the old dirty smelly shirt to tell you about it.  I went from rags to riches in four years. Not really rich, I'm still considered poor but God blessed me to the point where compared to what I was I am not just wealthy but Rich.  And I am on my way to getting back to work soon.  I have lost almost 100 pounds and am loosing all the time so I won't be Fatmann for long.I just wish I wasn't abandoned by my friends and family.  You've got us brother, but you have to let us know.  OK?

  37. I'm a little stuck on what you're saying.  I do agree that the change of medium over a distance of say 100 miles through the atmosphere would be negligible and wouldn't produce the downward refraction results the ball believers claim is happening.  However, there is a compression refraction that we have been filming that creates a fake curvature at times.  I've filmed it myself.  But bmlsb69 (a flat earther) has better videos on it.  The first is called, "Compression refraction. 18.67 mile Platform" and the other is "Atmospheric maginfication : Why objects are behind horizon, even after zoomed in with P900 ."  One other video I would point out is jeranism's video where he examined the SkunkBay weather time lapse footage.  I don't remember what he called his video but I have the relevant part in my video "Stephen Hawking v. Taboo Conspiracy" at the 20:38 mark.  I would like to hear your educated opinion on these videos if you get a chance.  Thank you.

  38. I'm glad to see your back and ok, I've been praying for you brother.Having said that "go look it up"  really?  Give me a break.  What is wrong with people?  It's not science that is wrong, but Scientism.  The empirical scientific method is just common sense.  Their religion of Scientism is a laugh.Before I understood that, I was and still am a Biblical Theist.  If science disagrees with the Bible then science is wrong.  Or the scientist's interpretation, right?  Now I know that their method favors these fake believes with circular reasoning.  On top of that as that one YouTube Channel friend of Mark Sargent I forget his name but he pummeled Reds Rhetoric in the debate, as he says that the science that offer us is not empirical evidence that we all can do.  Only NASA with their billion dollar equipment.  We just have to take their word, right?  Nice try.  Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.  Shame on me, but not anymore.

  39. its amusing to me that near the end of your video you call comments that disagree with Flat Earth stupid by default. "You can NEVER EVER demonstrate refraction at a distance in air." for this to be correct air everywhere at all altitudes would have to be at the same density and moisture levels everywhere at the same time. and be at the same temperatures everywhere.

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