#FlatEarth | #DomeEarth Eddie Bravo Flat Earth Talk. ALEX JONES DELETED VIDEO!

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Eddie Bravo was a guest on the Alex Jones Show Weds March 8th, BUT before that he caught up with Rob and Owen from INFOWARS at his restaurant where this was streamed LIVE on FB.
For more information about Flat Earth, please check out these great channels:

Eric Dubay













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26 Thoughts to “#FlatEarth | #DomeEarth Eddie Bravo Flat Earth Talk. ALEX JONES DELETED VIDEO!”

  1. This is so much better with the music playing in the back ground.

  2. He doesn't explain it correctly but this will :
    Eric Dubay: 200 Proofs Earth is Not a Spinning Ball


  3. They took it down because they are obviously shills gatekeepers contrlled opposition who can only tell 80 percent truth. Flat Eath blows the whole thing out of the water, no turning back. Joe Rogan sold out. Alex Jones for some reason or another Gate Keeper won't tackle this M O S T I M P O R T A N T issue. This F E issue has reached 1 0 0 M O N K E Y or critical mass for those who will explore with an open mind. Try to disprove it, we all tried at first, however it becomes S E L F E V I D E N T. crazy but its true, I can't believe the way they lied to us like they did. but I have to be sure, as I walk through the door, we have to break free. Free of the deception . Free of the indoctrination.. I just hope Eric Dubay and Eddie Bravo don't sell out like the others. I mean this is as mainstream as we can expect. And even the alternative Media treat this most important topic as a joke, when they all should have grabbed this baby by the horns and ran with it. I'm surprised David Icke danced around it. I think their suppressing this because D E E P S T A T E or the powers that be made them an offer they can't refuse. Sellouts to the cause. It's up to us to to jpin the dots ourselves. I mean it's not such a step, because everything it appears is a lie. Don't look to the alternative media to mu p on board as you'd expect. They ha e been bought and paid for like the rest. F E makes this self evident. They moke Eddie as a F Earther as if that is outside the box, when these so called journalist should be embracing this baby. I mean he should be preaching to the converted. Of course the have researched Flat Earth, it's preposterous that they wouldn't have, they choose to suppress intead of embrace. Thankfully for Eric Dubay and Eddie Bravo for fignting the good fight. It pisses me off that tnese shill be
    ieve we went to the moon, when I bet in their own heart of course they know N A S A is a hoax and flat earth is self evident. I mean in their Holly of Hollys they are not that stupid. Eddie makes them look stupid at tneir own game . I suppose they are at least giving him a platform, unlike A Jones who had just side stepped the whole issue. A J says 9 0 percent truth. Tnis is the 1 0 percent he wont touch. That's why he looses credibility. S H A M E A L E X your not a true patrriot, your a semi sellout. Affraid to reveal tne true rabbit hole. Not truly transparent. Of course tney know of Eric Dubay, absolutely no doubt a out it. There p.aying games, Why? I suspect tney have been instructed by Alex Jones. That's why tney pulled tnis video. And Y E S tnis is the biggest conspitacy yet. These sellout shills shoul know not to take things on face value. Eddie is our voice, He is part of tne resistance not them. Wny is he ta,ing so much flack. He should be preaching to yhe converted, i mean come on. ………G O D I S T R U T H 3 3 3. Critical mass has been reached. 1 0 0 monkey senario has been reached, can't put the genie back in the bottle. Owen says he open minded but I bet he doesn't talk about Flat Earth in the future. No way, he knows it's true, but he's a vate keeper owned by Alex. Again Self Evident. The Truth is the truth and will always be the truth. Remenber 6 6 6 is L I E S And 3 3 3 IS…………..T R U T H G O D IS A B S O L U T E T R U T H not a shill, not a liar, not two faced. Dependable. Trustworthy Faithful Dependable Constant Everlasting The opposite of sellout shills Why is tne T R U T H so rare when you would think it is so simple? ? ? ? We are swamped wth deception? Immersed in lies, upside down, backwards 6 6 6 eveywnere6 replace it with 3 3 3 T R U T H Don't sell out 3 3 3

  4. Eddie people laugh at you because you are "DIFFERENT", I know you're laughing at them because they are f…… the SAME.
    YOU F…… MY HERO!!!

  5. the earth is not a spinning ball plain and simple you can prove it more then you can prove spinning ball but most will not see it because they been brain washed since grade school with a globe in every class room

  6. Love Eddie's story about how he came to flat earth

  7. Is that the hepatitis that is airborne?

  8. Flat earth is blowing up. It will soon be common knowledge that our reality and environment is not what we've been told. Keep it up Eddie, peace.

  9. No vaccines for Eddie because they'r created from science. Flat earthers don't deserve the luxury or necessity of modern technologies.

  10. The infowars guy is as stupid as Eddie Bravo. Centrifical force isn't what's hold the water to the earth.
    1. Gravity is the effect mass has on the fabric of space. Mass causes a curvature of spacetime that creates objects to fall torward the object with mass that is causing the curvature. It is easy to think of gravity as an attraction of objects with mass, which is in fact what Sir Isaac Newton thought when he proposed Newtonian physics, but the truth is it is a distortion of the fabric of spacetime, which was proven by Einstein.

    The reason water falls off a spinning tennis ball is because when you spin a tennis ball, you are spinning it at several rotations per second. The earth completes a rotation in 24 hours. If you consider a spin on a tennis ball of three rotations per second, imo a modest number and probably much faster, the the tennis ball is spinning literally 259,200 times faster than earth(3×60×60×24). If a tennis ball were far enough in space as to not be affected by the gravity of a more massive object, and you put an amount of water on it that is in proportion to the amount of water on earth compared to its gravity, and spun it at a rate of one rotation per 24 hours, no water would fly off. Also, if you sped the Earth's rotation up to a rate even close to a second per rotation, then me, you, the water, the atmosphere and everything not bolted down to the earth would be thrown off much the same as the water on a tennis ball.

    In fact the Earth's gravity would not be strong enough to hold it together, and it would break apart from its sphere structure and form a disc of matter that would become very wide. Just like a skater spinning in a circle that pulls their arms close to speed up and extends their arms to slow down, the width of the disc would slow down the spinning and allow gravity to again be strong enough to form the matter into a ball. The forces would cause everything to become molten, and the earth would start over in a state much the same as 4.6 billion years ago, although the rotation and orientation of rotation would probably differ and the change in gravitational effect would probably cause the moon to slip away from its orbit and fly away. Also there would probably be mass lost by matter being flung into space enough to escape the gravity of the matter that doesn't escape.

    2. Objects with less mass, like helium atoms or butterflies, need less energy to cause their movement. So although all objects are affected equally by a gravitational field, objects with less mass are easier to move. So that's why a butterfly is not stuck on the ground and helium can escape the atmosphere when it is affected by collisions from other atoms.

    3. Helium balloons don't float because they aren't affected by gravity, they are affected by gravity, however the gas in the baloon is less boyant than the surrounding air, so it floats on the other air. The same way that a log floats in water, or vinegar separates from oil in a salad dressing bottle and floats on top of the oil. Helium stops floating upward when it reaches a height in the atmosphere where the atmosphere thins enough to become the same buoyancy as the helium, it doesn't continue to float up forever.

    4. We have pictures of Earth from space, they are not all composite images. Flat earthers use cognitive dissonance to reject any data that contradict their theories. So all the proof that does disprove a flat earth, they claim is a lie, or a further conspiracy to cover up the truth.

    5. You only need to get about 4 miles or 7 kilometers above sea level to see the curvature of the earth. Pilots see it every day. You can see it from the summit of Mt. Everest. You can take a hot air balloon into the stratosphere to see it yourself. There is actually a 'go fund me' page collecting money to buy Eddie Bravo a ride on a hot air balloon to see the curvature for himself. Part of the deal is that he film it to post it on social media.

    Eddie Bravo is a good guy, but he is an example of someone too stupid to understand things so he clasps onto crazy ideas that are easily disproven.

    Yes it is smart to question everything. And I believe Eddie has a few ideas, like government manipulation of public opinion, government propaganda, and tower 7 on 911. But he is wrong about 90% of what he thinks. Some conspiracies do exist, but not everything is a conspiracy. And infowars and Alex Jones prey on people like Eddie who want to believe conspiracies. Alex Jones does not believe most of what he says, he does it for the money.

  11. Eddie doesn't know he's dumb bless his heart he's still a great Jiu jit su master

  12. What a foul mouthed clown. Not worth watching.

  13. tell people a man walked on water turned water into wine died and came back 3 days later they believe it no questions asked no real proof of existence but you tell them the earth could be flat and the lose their fucking mind just saying just for the record I don't think the earth is flat

  14. Joe Rogan, please have a physicist talk with Eddie on the podcast and explain things to him. 95% of eddies "questions" can be answered. It's insane how uniformed Eddie is yet he has the confidence to question gravity with no understanding of basic of the science or math behind any of it. Joe your boys out here looking crazy and more then that, dumb , this is not a good look he's making himself look retarded

  15. nasa is funding chemtrails, they are the wizards behind the curtain pull it back see the truth.

  16. There is no fucking reason to fake the earth being a sphere. We've known the earth isn't flat since the fucking medieval times.

  17. Poor Owen I don't think he'll ever be humble enough to get it?

  18. Thanks Eddie…The Shining Code part2….helped me understand.

  19. tattoo has no clue… being gay has nothing to do with being a pedophile!!! also, miss-leading title to the video. it should be "random bs"

  20. Eddie knows what trump is now after Syria. Another bought and paid for scumbag.hey Eddie I hope you FCK Alex Jones and his buds off now?

  21. he has to be in on this. cuz how he knows all this true shit. but doesn't know alex is a fake and hes talking to controlled opps.

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