#FlatEarth | #DomeEarth Daphne Rimmel KICKS NASA’S ROUND ASS in Flat Earth Part 27…FEA 98

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Earth Part 27:NASA/NatGeo, You Might Be Bigger and Richer, But I’m Coming For You



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20 thoughts on “#FlatEarth | #DomeEarth Daphne Rimmel KICKS NASA’S ROUND ASS in Flat Earth Part 27…FEA 98

  1. CBA

    The moon is flat, the sun is flat, all the planets are flat. Why stop at flat earth? Mount Everest is flat too.

  2. Carefully friends. Zionists so called Jews own the world that we live in. This girl seems to be Jewish and word of warning that she maybe a disinformation agent or someone trying to make some money of the flat earth or just a sophisticated paid troll. She attacked me after I questioned her about her religion. You have been warned.

  3. Hahah … I want a dollar if someone points to the ficional story book that is the bible for any kind evidence.

  4. Stupid flatearthers. Next you will want your very own bathrooms.

  5. by the way a flat earth is not possible. if you say it does. go get a proof or be quit. dont talk shit that 1000 people allready said so. think by yourself dont repeat people and make a vid about it. come with a fucking proof, i never seen a flat eartber proof something. i want to believe you prople when youre right but youre people just talking shit. conspireci theorie to much for me

  6. you cannot be addicted to a flat earth. its just not possible.

    ( going to the next vid right now)

  7. You can't wipe your ass on them , they're too shiny .

  8. Do you have any evidence those are all oil paintings? I mean; I'm a painter myself, and I don't see any markers to indicate they are all oil paintings. You must be seeing things that aren't there. And why don't you tell what that second book says about this drawing of Enoch his vision. Cause I'll bet it's just saying that people who were uneducated believed the earth was flat with a "dome" over it. That picture of a not round object you show, it either a meteor, or one of the rock type moons of Jupiter or Saturn, and I even think the latter one, cause it looks like it could be "Pandora". And they aren't round cause their mass isn't enough to be compressed into a round shape.
    You are a nice looking woman, but o boy, what are you dumb!

  9. You are ridiculous! Just another flat earth kook!

  10. this is exactly how i feel everyday…like her, i was a total globetard atheist that couldn't get enough outer space brainwashing..their was nothing i enjoyed more then Star Trek, battle star Galactica, space documentaries exe just to have it all ripped right out from my reality …i am so fucking furious!! and like her, everytime i see a fake as fuck cgi globe pushed in my face it makes my blood boil…uhhhg😥

  11. I coppied you and did my own picture book flat earth vid, please check it out Daphne. –

  12. that's right we are coming for you nasa!! hang them

  13. YOU FREAKEN ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Subscribed. Yesssss MA'AMMMMMMM

  14. That's why they feed us that cheap while we are children. Because an adult would not buy it.

  15. When you first started this lesson, about our flat earth, I thought, this
    lady, is dressed very nice, hair all done up, eye lashes, make up, big ear
    rings. starts out, oh we'll … learn a few things, I hope. Then my mouth
    dropped open, I wasn't expecting that. Your different, that's for sure.
    All the best Daphne.


    YOUTUBE – Hello Flat Earth – NASA Lies (Adele Cover Song by Amber Plaster )
    [ by Russianvids ] * THIS IS AWESOME *

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