#FlatEarth | #DomeEarth 9 flat earth proofs impossibly to debunk

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The Flat Earth model is an archaic conception of the Earth’s shape as a plane or disk. Many ancient cultures subscribed to a flat Earth cosmography, including Greece until the classical period, the Bronze Age and Iron Age civilizations of the Near East until the Hellenistic period, India until the Gupta period (early centuries AD), and China until the 17th century. That paradigm was also typically held in the aboriginal cultures of the Americas, and the notion of a flat Earth domed by the firmament in the shape of an inverted bowl was common in pre-scientific societies.

The idea of a spherical Earth appeared in Greek philosophy with Pythagoras (6th century BC), although most pre-Socratics (6th – 5th century BC) retained the flat Earth model. Aristotle provided evidence for the spherical shape of the Earth on empirical grounds by around 330 BC. Knowledge of the spherical Earth gradually began to spread beyond the Hellenistic world from then on.



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36 thoughts on “#FlatEarth | #DomeEarth 9 flat earth proofs impossibly to debunk

  1. +Flat Earth Veritas
    Wow, the sun is in our atmosphere?If that is the case I should be able to see the sun below me when I fly. In all my 8 years of flying I have never seen the sun below me

  2. I'd possibly believe this more if the title was spelled right.

  3. Great video thank you very much for making it.

  4. don't drag the Michelson Morley experiment through the mud with this trash. they proved that light doesn't propagate through a medium or "lumoniforus ether" and that it simply just propagates through space time. these were real scientists not charletons.

  5. Flat earthers need to understand that 'UP' is a relative term. Keep this in Mind… UP is just… I want to see one Flat Earther just TEST one theory to prove their position…

  6. Where does the sun go at night time if the earth is flat? Why does it disappear beyond the horizon? Why don't we fly out to the edge and check it out? see what's there?

  7. Debunk #1
    the horizon is not far enough away to see earths curvature but when you see a ship leave you can see it disappear bottom to the top

  8. Your voice is so boring. Put one of the computer voices on.

  9. Please…there must be LOTS of worthless Flearthers here. So maybe just ONE will answer this question. Actually more of a challenge.

    Using your silly pizza pie model with a spotlight record player needle sun spinning around it, explain who both Tierra Del Fuego, Chile and New Zealand can have daylight for SEVERAL HOURS at the same time in December. They are LITERALLY on opposite sides of the pizza. In other words, if you bought a pizza and said you wanted half pepperoni and half anchovies, there is no way the two places would have the same topping. And EVERY model of your silly spotlight sun going around does not show this easily verifiable fact. NONE of the models shows both places illuminated at the same time at ANY time of the year. Not even close. Yet it happens for 3+ hours in December.

    Now..you can try to come up with a new model (This is what you are good at..constantly changing your models whenever your current one is proven wrong.) But NOTHING you can come up with (I don't know..some flat spotlight sun that curves around the edge or something) will explain BOTH the 17+ hours daylight in the deep south (that is just the populated areas…go deeper and it is 24 hours in places) AND the less daylight in the north.

    So…how is this possible. I have asked his dozens of times and NONE of you have had the integrity to answer.

  10. I want NASA to take the leader of the flat earth fucks to space to prove how idiotic they are

  11. nuh uh, I have a galaxy s7 edge I see a curve. debunked.

  12. I'm going to assume you're American…..

  13. I can debunk every point on this list. I'll do the easy one's in this comment and skip the one's that require longer explanations, but if you want I'll give you them all.

    Your points about planes are strange. From the planes perspective it tries to maintain it's altitude. So if it is at 35000 feet and it keeps going straight eventually it may get to 35005 feet and then either the pilot or the computer corrects it back to 35000. The key is this is so gradual because of the earth's size it's nearly imperceptible.

    The other one is even easier to explain. If you're on the worlds longest straightest train and reach your maximum speed. you'll notice it takes you the same time to run to the front and back of the train. It's true that from the outside it looks like you as a person are going faster or slower across some arbitrary distance, but inside if you have no way to percieve the outside it takes the same time.
    Planes do go faster flying West-East, however this is due to air currents which are easy enough to look up if you want.

  14. Facepalm. If any flat earthers want to debate me, i'm in the mood to give a good intellectual buttkicking right now.

  15. in first 2 minutes dumb Ass says flat globe

  16. The reason why we don't see curvature (unless you're really high) is because the earth's mass is too big to see with the distance our eye can go. However at a mountain with land around it, you would see curvature because the height lets you see more area and if high enough just the slight curvature because, well, earth is huge. Obviously you can't see curvature when you're too low. And if you look at circle and place a ruler, a bit of the ruler WILL line up with a tiny bit of the circle. It's the same with earth and it's why you can't see a STRAIGHT road's end

  17. Let's debunk this in 2 words. Gravity and orbit. Go to school and study it instead of speaking crap with no evidence on the internet

  18. Hi Flat Earth Veritard! You know a video is gonna be awesome when there is a grammatical error in the title! I would debunk you but all you did was spout factually incorrect opinions. Have fun feeling special.


  20. 50/50 share of likes and dislikes says it all.

  21. You literally have no knowledge on how gravity works, yet provide "evidence" on why the Earth is flat.

  22. he sounds retarded and then he tops It off by stating his first piece of evidence fucking dumbasses even if the earth was flat which it never was and will never be there are a lot better things to do than argue on such a pointless matter go find a renewable resource or try to make a perpetual machine which may never happen either

  23. The argument: it is almost flat no matter how high you go…

    Well idiot, how high HAVE YOU gone? 20 miles?! REALLY? Because then you made it almost one tenth through the height of the atmosphere. I cannot believe there are so many of these idiotic videos.

  24. The 1st video. What if I've been in the ocean and I see the earth curve?If the earth is flat, then how does the solar system work? dumbasses these days.

  25. How about I debunk your grammar first.

  26. Gracity pulls everything down to its center if its 100 km in diameter not from the north pole to the south pole crackhead

  27. What about the pictures from satalites

  28. If the earth is flat the whole world would've gone dark for like every two days in other words it would've taken us 48 hours until we see the sun again .

  29. why were you showing POLAR BEARS just before a postcard-type 'greetings from Antarctica' graphic? Do you believe there are polar bears in Antarctica?

  30. All you are doing is repeating the stupid crap other flat earthers say over and over, but you don't even understand what you are regurgitating.

  31. 1. "appears to be flat" yes, is flat, no. Have you calculated how much curvature to expect? I think no. You can see the lower part of ships disappearing behind the horizon.
    2. How do you know whats horizontally in a plane? You don't, you have to meassoure it some how, but did you? I don't think so.
    3. Water is leveled and is curved at the same time. It's both possible at the same time, don't you know?
    4. Which experiments? How did they meassoure it? There are always waves. How can you say, it's perfecly flat?
    5. What? Sun should be under clouds? Thats not even possible on a flat earth. Hotspot is a reflection. The sun is not really abouth it. Do you know how a reflection work?
    6. Pilots only have to hold height. By that, they automatically follow the curvature. Yes, they have to dip the nose down, but constant, so no one would notice these 1° curvature after 69 miles. And no, they don't travel faster into west direction. The air travells with the earth, so besides wind, which has nothing to do with the earth rotation, there is nothing that pushes the plain forwart.
    7. No, it didn't prove the geozentric model. The difference was only not that much as expected, but there was a difference, which souldn't be, if the earth is flat. The experiment wasn't precise enouth to prove or disprove anything.
    8. No, it only proves, that light has always the same speed. There are experiments with moveing light sources and moving detectors, but they never detect any change in speed. So this experiment couldn't prove any of these models.
    9. Gravity pushes all in the center of the earth. Because there can't be all at the same time, these objects which have a stronger force, are pushed more in the middle than others. That's why buoyancy exists. Lift force works similar. Birds and other animals/plains use its force, so they can fly.

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