Flat Earth Shill COMPLETELY EXPOSED – David Weiss DITRH is 100% LYING SHILL #ThingsWeShouldInvestigate #PedoGate #Pizzagate

The sun does not go down Flat Earth https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N3sEqqhOE1g
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27 Thoughts to “Flat Earth Shill COMPLETELY EXPOSED – David Weiss DITRH is 100% LYING SHILL #ThingsWeShouldInvestigate #PedoGate #Pizzagate”

  1. 2:25 Jeff C's observations are erroneous. In climates of extreme aridity, the effects of atmospheric lensing are considerably reduced. Thus the optical distortions caused by magnification and downward refraction are minimized, and the sun is seen to behave as it does in DITRH's clip, i.e. diminishing in size whilst remaining above the horizon. This is the REAL, objective view of the sunset, undistorted by atmospheric lensing.

  2. He also plays the part of Dallas Goldbug, wellaware1, Ed Chiarini.  It amazes me how people can sell their soul so easily for a life of shame and dishonor.  Like a cannibal eating his own family.  Proven pure garbage, I bet mommy is so proud of her Judas.

  3. this has to be the dumbest argument I've ever seen. lololol
    that moment when you believe your government never lies to you bahahahaha round earth has never disproved flat earth which is why it has never been dead on its back. funniest shit I will probably see all day

  4. Arsehole!………….Where is it then? The curve or bend or sphere or spinny ball you fkn tit!

  5. The biggest waste of 4 minutes of my life I have ever spent. Thought you may have had some compelling evidence. For example, up until 400 years ago or so, EVERY SINGLE HUMAN on the planet believed the earth was flat, and had perfectly placed maps of where everything is located on today's globe model. You're a dip shit.

  6. How the fuck can you say a sun sets,are you retarded?? it's circling the flat earth and doesn't set anywhere,it's always at one end or the other of the flat plane,get the hell out of here with your bullshit,your a shill you fucktard

  7. Your such a fraud!! get the fuck off of here

  8. You are a lying, repugnant wretch for trying to defame David. We are doing a show tonight that is going to blow the lid off you flat Earth debunkers. Hate all you want. The only shill I see here is YOU.

  9. It's called time laps photography.
    I'm going to assume that you are a professing atheist,
    and as an atheist you could never allow yourself to accept that the earth is flat.
    Because to do so would mean that you would have to humble your self as a flat stationary disc shape earth
    with a dome over it, called the Firmament, would be proof that an intelligent designer exists.

    Just as Werner Von Braun the father of NASA did, when he left us with one Verse of scripture on his tomb stone.

    Psalms19:1 The heavens declare the glory of God and the Firmaments show, or (prove) His handiwork!
    You see the Bible is very much a flat earth book, and the sad thing is that the powers that be have even managed to deceive the majority of those who believe in the bible that the earth is a ball that spins at a thousand miles per hour at the equator,
    which travels at 67,000 miles per hour around the sun, which travels at some ridiculous speed around the galaxy etc.

    You see on a flat earth there is no room for atheism, evolution, or extraterrestrials!

    So I can totally relate to you because I laughed at the concept as well and couldn't even bring myself to even watch (one) video on the mater and told myself that this would be nothing but a waste of time and energy.
    Well about two years later the subject of, did man land on the moon came up on you tube,
    ("A funny thing happened on the way to the moon")
    and because a lot of very good points being made I then began to question if NASA was lying to us about other things.
    No sooner did this happen I found a video by Mark Sargent ("Flat earth clues")
    so I decided to watch his video just for shit's and giggles.
    More good points were made and the fact that the Bible also makes a lot of flat earth references I found my self asking more questions and hooked.

    And now I can honestly say that I am one of the so called retards that believe in a flat earth.

    So like I said previously.
    I can't blame you for thinking that this flat earth subject is preposterous and ridiculous
    because I thought so too!

    Never in a million years would I have thought that I would believe that the earth was flat.
    But the facts are speaking for them selves and as a seeker of truth I must acknowledge what I have found.

    The question that needs to be asked here is not.
    Is the earth flat?!

    But rather can one handle the reality of it being flat, if it is?!
    So from one who like the rest of us who are now believers in a flat earth,
    I say to you.
    I am not a shill,
    nor are most others,
    even though some are.

    I mean you no insult,
    but from one who used to believe in a ball earth for 52 out of 55 years of his life
    the evidence is there if you ask the right questions.
    And maybe one day you will see what the rest of us flat earth tards can see.
    If not then go ahead and laugh, but do so in a kind manner as coming out of the closet so to speak is not as easy as you give us the credit for.
    I hope that instead of lashing out at fellow people who used to believe in the globe,
    you will respond more with an open mind and with kindness.
    Hey would you scold a child for asking questions even if they sound stupid?

    From a fellow human being that cares and is angry at the fact that the evidence very much seems to point to the reality that we may very well have all been lied to!
    Don't shoot the messenger.

    Here are some videos that may help you change your mind.
    200 proofs that the earth is not a globe.
    Flat earth clues.
    ODD TV
    The morgile.
    My perspective.
    The NASA channel.
    And from a biblical point of view,
    Testing the globe.com by Rob Skiba.

    There are many more, but these are a good start.


  10. Earth is FLAT without any doubs.

  11. LOL, love the comment at the end

  12. is reaction to the sun shrinking was priceless i watch this daily just for that bit. so genuine.and funny as hell.

  13. Their terrible? So terrible for thinking and voicing what they believe? The only terrible person are people like Jeff Cunt who can't stand that someone uses critical thinking skills and questions everything that the liars have taught us in pubic schools and TV!

  14. hey dick face laundry trying not screaming into the damn microphone

  15. Instead of the typical ad hominem, why not have a live debate and disprove the points?

  16. Exactly, they now trying fake evidence to fit their believes. I seen this before when one Flat Earther tried to convince peoples that Sun change size and it was manipulated because make picture brighter so it look larger, but this one is total CGI fakery

  17. You don't really understand perspective, I see. I guess if you back your car up at night with the headlights on (across the Salt Flats) you are saying they would appear to be the same size and we would see them forever? And I would like to thank you for being such a trash mouth, cursing, insulting person in your video! It shows you have so much more class than a person who dares look at things in a different way, or with an open mind. Good luck trying to win friends from the FE community while you spit out nothing but vile comments. Like a child that just learned to curse. Patricia and David express their own opinions. Why would that make you so angry you have to insult whole groups of people? Even if they are wrong at least they show way more class and manners than you seem to. Be angry all you want. See where that gets you! Good luck

  18. No reply to my new videos showing how you don't understand perspective at all?

  19. I think you're the shill. Why would a fellow conspiracy theorist spend so much time calling someone names and not address the real meat of the argument, curvature.


  21. +Free Your Mind Come back here you fucking asshole piece of shit, I'm not done with you yet.

  22. And then there's the other tactic the flat earth assholes use: they start a comment thread and then when they get totally owned, they delete their original comment, deleting the entire thread. WHERE DID YOU GO, "FREE YOUR MIND"? Hey, I thought we had a really great intellectual argument going on there. I mean, yeah, you were on the retard side of the argument. But it was fun. I was having so much fun. Fuck you for taking my fun away, you flat earth fucking retard.

  23. your anger clearly shows your own stupidity

  24. This flat earth retardation should be the litmus test for all "truther" channels. If someone is promoting this flat earth nonsense, it automatically means a) they're a fucking retard who can't be taken seriously or b) a fucking shill who can't be taken seriously. Either way, these assholes need to be ripped to shreds for their criminal stupidity and spreading their stupidity to others like a viral contagion.

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