Feminazi Social Justice Warriors – Cringe Compilation #PizzaGate #Corruption


Feminazi Social Justice Warriors – Cringe Compilation

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22 Thoughts to “Feminazi Social Justice Warriors – Cringe Compilation #PizzaGate #Corruption”

  1. to the third bitch. what were Adam and Eve. come on, tell me.

  2. She doesn't want to be a baby factory….well….stop having sex or get on the pill. I almost couldn't watch this after the first 15 seconds.

  3. And I believe calling them feminazis is an insult to national socialists , as if Adolf would of put up with those cunts he weeded the fuckers out of decent society

  4. Ha ha whites are parasites ? Rich coming from a monkey who's people haven't invented a written language or brought anything meaningful to society bar hip hop and twerking , while she wears white man clothing (Africans go naked or wear bark ) , that maggot sits there in a society white nam has built , fought and died for and calls us parasites ? Baaahaaahaa we waz kangs


  6. This blomd retarded cunt do know it take 2 to tango ! Right ? You need a mans seemen to make a femal baby ! And it extream racist of her ! All men include black, asian, middle east, men hu live on hawai and othere small ilsland, and naiv americans ! So kill all men is not only a nazi point of view but also most racist ! Sins in contain all race ! And because this cunt maby was rape by a familey member, no it all men fault ! Even tho 80 procent of all inventions if from men in the world ! And men has the hardest jobs and dirtiest ! I dont think this ugly hag will spend time, sucking humas shit or fic the sewer! Or drill for oil or build house and tunnel tru mountans or work in mine ! Of fire men ! But if all men shut 1 day disapere she will be feaking she shit out ! But if tou really want to shee what happen when women are alone ! Watch the robison the german verson where men and women was on ther own iland !

  7. you shouldn't call these women feminazi… They are feminists and need to stop being separated from the true meaning of what a modern day feminists  is… Calling the bad ones feminazis gives them a way out to say well that's not all of us… Also where is this camp that woman is talking about where shes gonna give us a choice of vehicles…. That place sounds like heaven lol

  8. Your grandfather probably fought in the war. Your dad got a stable job to support his family. AND THIS IS WHAT YOU DO WITH YOUR LIFE.

  9. "White people are parasites"? WTF? If it wasn't for white people, you black guys would have no place to get your welfare from

  10. Lets give a rifle to all this feminazis and drop the. In Siria to fight for women rights
    Lets see how they do it .

  11. dose a femihitler exist ?

  12. See… That is sexism and hate speech

  13. you went full retard man !!!!!

  14. behold everyone the femism version of nazis.

  15. Oh shit that first one is AMAZING! Who says women aren't logical thinkers? Hahaha

  16. I see very few women who work on farms, build houses, work on oil rigs, work in logging, or the transportation industry. Men grow your food, build houses for you to live in, extract and process gasoline for your car so you can get around. Yet you still aren't happy with what you have, which seems to be a lifestyle choice. I will just presume that being a professional victim, is your destiny :)

  17. Fun video! Whats the debate with purple dress lady?

  18. I now hate video games because men are constantly being killed!!!!


  20. lets kill girl babys and trow them off a bridge

  21. The first one is a true example of a dumbass

  22. Hey dont assume the baby's gender, are you fucking kidding me omg omg omg im triggered.

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