Feb19 Disclosure Report – Kutcher’s Fake Tears, Flynn Out, McCains Gross, Antarctica Caution #Pedogate

Is Ashton Kutcher fronting for Clinton Foundation 2.0, headed by John McCain? Is that John McCain is crying about Trump on CNN? Wikileaks might not be compromised after all. Are the deep state elite’s using a false flag, partial alien disclosure as a card against higher level arrests? Questions discussed in today’s video.

Work Referenced in Video:
America get’s Punk’d by Kutcher – http://bit.ly/2m1buUj
Rob Steele: Flynn fired for pedo list – http://bit.ly/2lpSP6B
George Webb YouTube channel – http://bit.ly/2kWWeqi
David Wilcock Endgame Pt. II – Antarctic Atlantis and Ancient ET Ruins – http://bit.ly/2m1qD7R


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38 Thoughts to “Feb19 Disclosure Report – Kutcher’s Fake Tears, Flynn Out, McCains Gross, Antarctica Caution #Pedogate”

  1. You are sooooo sharp! Great work! @lynnrose789

  2. Mainstream Media is the real fake news and they are owned by 6 mega-corporations; Viacom, CBS, Disney, Time-Warner, G.E., & News
    Corporation. Do not take my word for this, run searches on Wikipedia on each of these corporations and connect the dots. They control 90% of what we hear, see and say daily simply by turning on your television. This isn’t a conspiracy theory it’s a fact; do a little work and see for yourself. According to Wikipedia, Viacom owns 27 networks such as MTV, CMT, Nick at Nite, Nickelodeon & VH1 to name a few. If they wanted to endorse a product or candidate how hard would it be to flood an item or individual on those channels? Then a child watching Nickelodeon, a country music fan watching CMT, someone tuned into BET or an idiot watching MTV; all of them are hearing, seeing
    and thinking about the same thing. Now that is real television programming.So if these 6 corporations decide that they want you to believe something, buy something or act a certain way… wait a minute that
    couldn’t happen though, could it? People aren’t that evil, right???

  3. absorb hurricanes of spiritual good positive energy reptilians hate that!

  4. No rush but fan out from the info you get. Dig into the CIA Library on RV…go looking deep in the web on everyone…amazing what you'll find. I don't share everything I know because I don't have this ability…you do! Rabbit holes go extremely deep. Go to events like Contact In The Desert and meet people…meet people and ask questions…remember INTUITION! Rock on!

  5. Assange has not been seen though, those videos are fake. You are good my dear friend

  6. Damn it, I bought into Ashton's apparency. Thank you for your take!

  7. You give me faith in the next generation. I started researching what is wrong with the world, back in 2007, because it was so obviously not the world I thought I grew up in (I'm old now). Unfortunately I found out, and was certain it was all connected somehow (big pharma, mis-education, money, geo-engineering, societal manipulation, sexual disfunction to be strived for, pedophiles, false-flags, ufos, consciousness stifling, even 'single moms'.) You're one of the few people that stresses that it's ALL related. Even comedy is now just crass & mean and others' pain is to be laughed at. Thank you so much for all you're doing to wake everybody up to the evil puzzle out there, and especially what we can all do about it. I made a conscious decision in my younger days to not bring a child into the world I was seeing become so…wrong, even in the 1970's. You make me regret that decision. Darkness can't live in the light, and there's more of us than there is of them. Keep digging & posting, take care and thank you.


  9. Why would the Cabal reveal the secrets of Antarctica to protect the politicians from pedophilia charges? John McCain and folks like him are just pawns of the Cabal. They are not worth disclosing Antarctica over If the Cabal is looking to distract us, they won't do it by disclosing Antarctica… they'll do it with a false flag.

  10. the list Gen Flynn got contained a name the is Mike Pence best friend, thats the lie Trump spoke of

  11. i think you're right. I've seen all of this info on different podcasts.

  12. Plus nobody could buy "THORN". It's for law enforcement only.

  13. Well at least Ashton Kutcher is doing something about it. Not just talking about it.

  14. Hey man, so excited to stumble upon your channel! I think you might be one of the most accurate indie journalists on YouTube. Keep it up!

  15. mirroring your self…Inspire and be inspired…This is a great victory for all mankind…We have the internet-network 1st time in history…EVOLution!!!

  16. the future of the world and peace in the world…in a transparent and public voting for ideas, solutions or projects…all people should be lead by ideas, solutions or projects…this is the highest state of human consciousness…no more a secret voting for the people because it is so possible manipulation and error…Inspire and be inspired…This is a great victory for all mankind…We have the internet-network 1st time in history…EVOLution!!!

  17. It is my opinion that Goodie and David hold a lot of information…there is not full transparency with them…specially David he is always holding something back but can only be revealed in his ecposs.

  18. i enjoy your videos. What you said earlier about tap water worried me, because I've been drinking that water all my live. What are your dietary consulting cost, I am interested in improving what I eat and preparing for the economic collapse. What you are rates?

  19. I just came across your channel…and subscribed…THANK YOU!!..Im from the first wave…that came to help the planet…hippy wave…Im so glad your generation is on this…

  20. So if the likes of war monger McCain controls Kutcher & Demi's software project … he can make sure he and his perverted, puss filled bottom feeders don't show up on the pedo databases? Someone should check McCain's smartphone apps. Betting his apps provide a VIP account for his daily Pizza. btw I thought Demi Moore got so f*cked up on K2 around the same time Charlie went off the rails because of the same synthetic weed? … Yep the Clinton Foundation is tight with the entertainment world … Another Kutcher & Moore video is about half way down the page. Evil hides in plain view.

  21. Ashton Kutcher has very bizarre manner or affect – any one with real human emotions can listen to that video and feel the empty words with out any true human compassion – it reeks of "agenda"

  22. … Since all these disclosures are coming so fast and furious, maybe establishing an instantly identifiable "tag" for yourself would "light the beacon fire" = in all this increasing uproar, your followers could more easily find you, go right to you … ergo …


    The "DISS" = "Disrespect" meme insert has some bite, and also catches the eye = the internal grammatical misspelling pun. Best I can come up with at the moment, I'll think on it, K? And while I'm here … McCAIN, DO HUMANITY A FAVOUR AND JUST ———>DROP DEAD,<——– WOULD YOU???

  23. Part of the bait and switch i have been hearing about is that they removed artifacts from Antarctica and replaced them with Atlantis artifacts. I would love to know if that is part of the psyop as Atlantis should be in the Atlantic ocean…not the south pole.

  24. You may be the David Wilcock of your generation. 🙂 Sharing.

    Odd that your vids are now getting so many views but so few "likes", isn't it? Almost as though there are folks watching what you say. #peace

  25. Thanks for this.  I do like the date preface so we can tell how old it is.  Super alternative perspective for a young man.  I also like the data crunching because alot of us don't have the time to check all the references.

  26. People worry about your/re handsignals? Cute.
    People also seem to forget that doing the 666 could be a positive sign too. Just as the number 13.
    Everything is balanced. So do numbers. If numbers have a negative, what happened to the positive? UH?
    Anyhow, great video.

  27. Felt the same thing about Kutcher, without knowing some of what you spoke about here about it. Seen a handful of your videos now and they're very interesting and very aligned with my own thoughts and perspective. About the Disclosure Project that you've spoken about. Remember seeing it live in an Internet cafe all those years ago and thought f'ing hell, and although I already had awakened back then (there are degrees to awakening though) and knew some about how the media were set-up I did think I'd see it on the news that night even here in Sweden and was tremendously excited, but no – not a beep of course. And my thoughts on Mr Greer has changed too. I feel there's way too much ego going on there …
    Anyways, I'm a subscriber and keep 'em going. Be well.

  28. Thank you for doing this work … Antarctica is key though I have little trust left of CG or DW or the SSP, a program, not a reality, part of the psy-op programming – MKUltra. And keep your eyes on the Arctic circle too. There are inner hidden keys that can't be see in the outward view.

  29. great video, its reaaly lots of things happening we all want TOTAL disclosure !!

  30. So one question. Do you believe Ashton's  anti trafficking effort has really saved any children at all? If no, then show evidence for why you believe no children have been saved, especially sense you're discrediting it. If yes, then why are you discrediting it? I'm just saying if this is about helping children then I would be cautious before trying to turn ppl against others that may be actually trying to save children with nothing more than "seems fake I'm not buying it". Just connecting him to McCain is not enough seeing McCain hasn't been charged with anything as of yet. When you just brush off someone calming to have already rescued many kids and trying to rescue more, then it seems like you're more interested in having juicy topics rather than wanting children to be saved from sick ppl.

  31. The benevolent race of Blue Avians use hand signals all the time.
    The Luciferian religion is just a rip off of anything powerful and good that they can't get their small minds around.

  32. what is this software and how bad is ashtin, who is a mason.

  33. I call BS at 4 minutes–DC pizza is dems dems dems. franklin was repubs.

  34. Yes I think you are dead on!

  35. A really very fine synthesis of current events gleaned from a well-rounded accumulation of sources. Well done, Jordan.

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