‘Fake News’ Viewed as Move to Ban Dissenting Voices #PizzaGate #Corruption

Infowars reporter Millie Weaver asks people in Downtown Colorado Springs, CO their thoughts on efforts to ban “fake news”, and infringe on the freedom of the press. Most of these people disagree on who or what is ‘fake news’ but agree that censoring or banning ‘fake news’ shouldn’t come at the expense of Americans first amendment rights. Most saw efforts to silence those deemed ‘fake news’ as infringing on the freedom of the press. However, some did want to put restrictions or regulations on the press to make sure only “real news” was being reported.

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27 thoughts on “‘Fake News’ Viewed as Move to Ban Dissenting Voices #PizzaGate #Corruption

  1. Motherlode of "fake news" is "Iraqi weapons of mass destruction" tipping off a decade of war, untold deaths, islamic invasion of Europe.

  2. This is all about pizzagate…Hillary came out of the woods the same week when the Gun man went to the pizzeria and the incident was pick by MSM, She said "this is not about politics" this is about coverup!!!

  3. 5:39 gasp ♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡

  4. Brian Williams talking about "fake news" is especially comical.

  5. The threat of Alternative Media to the establishment, whether their Democrat or Republican is loss of or lack of control. Randolph Hearst was once asked "what do you think the people believe about this?" his response was "They'll believe what I tell them to believe". The establishment media has been in bed with the government for at least 150 years if not longer. Their fist salvo will be to shame you into returning to the establishment MSM if you don't return by shaming they will take further steps. Bye Bye First Amendment.

  6. It's scary when we start messing with the first amendment.

  7. how can this supposedly be the most powerful nation on earth there all thick as fuck.


  9. if a news anchor has breast augmentation surgeory i want her removed from the air, these eyes only trust real breasts.

  10. Leftist Dictionary: Fake news is any information that doesn't support state propaganda.

  11. Funny how the one who "reads books" was the dumbest of them all.

  12. I went to college in COS, fuck that place.

  13. Um, Millie reporting for InfoWars about fake news. No one sees the irony in this? Wasn't Infowars one of the biggest perpetrators in spreading the PizzaGate story?

  14. At 1.14 of this video we see Hillary talking about fake news after her election defeat. My question is why is this political loser given a bully pulpit in Congress to spew her sour grapes and excuse making? The fact is, Hillary hasn't held government office since February of 2012. So exactly what entitles her to speak before Congress? The answer is nothing. She lost. She knew the election rules before the race. She and her bootlickers need to shut up and stop acting like little sissys.

  15. We've had fake news for years.  It's called "mainstream official stories".  Examples: 9/11, Sandy Hook, Boston, Orlando, Brussels, Nice, etc.  I thought the stories from both Tony Casiano and Tony Marrero getting shot 4 times in the back at Pulse and having the bullets "just go straight through" sounded pretty fake, but whatever, I guess.  Ellen D. said it was a miracle when talking to 1 Tony, but this was at least a double miracle.  Yalaylooyah!  I love Millie though.

  16. This video proves that people who read books and not necessarily intelligent.

    I would suggest putting rules on media outlets, perhaps make media outlets volunteer to register with an oversight body to check the information presented is fair and accurate at the time of posting, meaning if you slander people without evidence or cherry pick information to present a one sided argument without stating first that it's an opinion piece then you get a poor rating.

    Make it like a review thing, but with people only reviewing the integrity of the information and the way it's presented.

    So you don't censor, but a reputable site would want to present the fact that the have a high standard would be a good thing. Just a simple set of rules, if you do post something proven untrue by mistake then you are asked to retract it, but not delete it, if you don't then you get a poor rating.

  17. where is the delineation between hollywood fake movies owned by same globalists that own fake news mainstream media? they both push anti value agendas from the same inverted billionaires calling the shots. how dare they attack grass roots truth movements that "undermine" their rotton swill. wake up people…the king has no clothes.

  18. When citizens do not care an d allow the news to fabricate and the politicians to defraud them they LOSE their country (it has happened before in Rome and in Germany and in Latin America)… if you snooze you lose .. so wake up

  19. I'm horrified by the ignorance of the respondents.

  20. Wow ! How stupid are these people?! They need/ want the Government to tell them what to believe and read ?

  21. B C

    Media Malpractice – John Ziegler; Great Documentary about news.

  22. I've got "real" bullets for ya if you try to silence my "fake" news (aka freedom of speech)

  23. In the old Soviet Union there was one truth for all, printed in a newspaper called "Truth" ("Pravda"). In the USA at the time newspapers printed their versions of the truth, which varied a lot. What? How did people know which version to believe? Did people just read the paper they liked best and believe whatever they wanted? Yes. It is called "Freedom of the Press." We used to have it here in the USA.

  24. 8:51 can you blame her she is gonna feel more at home(china) :)

  25. The tall Hairy Potter guy is an idiot

  26. Hillaryus said, Fake news can have consequences in the real world; Fraud people, as bad !

  27. If these people are an accurate representation of the current average ability and capacity for critical thought in The United States Of America the nation will soon cease to exist in a manner that is recognizable by anyone over the age of 25.

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