“Fake News:” How the MSM Destroyed Themselves #PizzaGate #Corruption

Lee Ann McAdoo and Margaret Howell discuss how desperate main stream media has become after Trump’s victory.

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19 Thoughts to ““Fake News:” How the MSM Destroyed Themselves #PizzaGate #Corruption”

  1. Leanne better get her facts straight about calling it 'a new movement' as if it's ok.
    Homosexuality has never been ok with God.
    It says in Isaiah that the one born to the virgin is 'Everlasting Father' the one who gave us the Old Testament and in Deuteronomy it's NOT ok. So what the father wrote stands.
    Peter also referred to Pauls writing as the 'Other Scriptures' making it equal to old testament scripture. And it's clear what Paul wrote about homosexuality.

    John 12:48 – 'that very word which I spoke will condemn people on the last day'

    Get your facts from the Bible when it comes to knowing Gods stand on an issue – not Infowars

  2. Lee Ann McAdoo is the most Gorgeous girl I've ever seen ♥ , thousand kisses on your forehead ♥ , Unlimited Blessings per second ♥ and may you live for 200 years ♥

  3. Fox is a wolf in Fox suit.

  4. wow! no every bar is on ESPN. i hope Obama gets confused and accidentally shuts done ESPN lol

  5. CNN – Communist National Nutcase…..idiots….I never watch them nor will I ever….

  6. allaua snackbar to late our white race is destroyed

  7. CNN Clinton News Network seriously mainstream media is dead

  8. CNN Clinton News Network seriously mainstream media is dead

  9. how dare companies get as many eyes as possible.

  10. I have nothing against the girls wearing whatever they want. Their dress lately though makes them look a lot more professional. good job :)

  11. I only watch for the Tit's!

  12. You guys ARE fake news. How do you feel now that Trump is adding establishment people to his cabinet. Wasn't he against this? Goldman Sachs COO to run the Fed Res. you all got played

  13. Yeah, they call everyone else "fake", when after the Boston bombing, the mainstream media reported the perps as being "White supremacists". After the San Bernardino terrorist attack, the mainstream media reported that "two tall White men" were the suspects. The mainstream media edited the Zimmerman 911 tape to make him say things he didn't say. AND, the mainstream media has censored all information about the Jessica Chambers case. That's lying by omission. If they want fake, all they need are mirrors!

  14. The worst is getting gas and MSNBC is shoving their shit down your throat at the gas pump.

  15. Nice to see Ms Mac-a-doodle-doo back in action. She's a handsome lassie.

  16. 9:009:09 You know Paul Joseph Watson is just collecting all these bloopers, don't you?

  17. My Mom told me if she caught me masturbating to Margaret Howell one more time she'd smash my head against the keybjdkfhdsfdkjzbhfsj

  18. I just love these two gals.

  19. Its good infoWars has these beautiful and intelligent ladies. Most women this age are wacked out weirdos.

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