Fake news crusade? Facebook fact checkers have financial ties to Clinton donors #corruption #theresistance #russiagate

Social media giant Facebook has announced that its fight against ‘fake news’ has begun in co-operation with third-party fact checking organizations. However, as RT’s Miguel Francis-Santiago explains, there are genuine concerns about those very groups.


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23 Thoughts to “Fake news crusade? Facebook fact checkers have financial ties to Clinton donors #corruption #theresistance #russiagate”

  1. any talking heads from the US, is fake news

  2. A fake news YouTube channel reporting on fake news hahaha 🙂

  3. get ready for more fake news then…

  4. (((Controlled media))) has long been exposed just like the (((Enemy)) to humanity

  5. How do you determine what is fake? Sure you can verify that someone said something, but rarely can you verify that what they said is true.

  6. Snopes, founder David Mikkelson …the guy who was hired by Facebook to determine what is fake news…embezzled $98,000 and has left his wife for a porn star.

  7. I have serious concerns about fact checkers censoring news that doesn't fit the narrative, particularly if George Soros has his finger on the little red button. But it seems this should open up opportunities for a FB replacement for people who feel capable of filtering the "news" for themselves.

  8. America is looking more communist everyday.

  9. Third parties?
    You mean those with vested financial interests that paid fakebook to propergate bullshit!

  10. I deleted my Facebook years ago. It's crap.

  11. Good to know that the USA now has a de facto Ministry of Truth.

  12. "Fact checkers" are little more than the American 50 cent army.

  13. The irony of RT reporting on fake news!

  14. Thank you RT. You confirmed my suspicions?

  15. So its Media Matters 2.0

  16. They are such stupid assholes. If they begin to label videos with a warning then human nature dictates that more people will flock to them. Just as some assholes put warnings on record albums which caused their sales to soar.

  17. funny the creator of fake news, Hillary Clinton, is talking about fake news

  18. ((((Fact Checkers))))

  19. Fake News = anything that points out the lies and corruption our governments commit.

  20. Facts are facts… if a fact comes from Trump- it's a fact. if a fact comes from Hilary- it's a fact. If you find a fact written by an elf under a rock- it's a fact. Facts are not contingent on their origin, they stand on their own merit. Facts are bias, they don't give a shit about your feelings, and they don't have an agenda. A 'fact' is merely something that is real.

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