Sub for more: http://nnn.is/the_new_media | Jake Anderson for Anti-Media reports The war on “fake news” embarked upon by Facebook, Google, and Twitter may be earning the media goliaths brownie points with establishment politicos, but users and even employees aren’t feeling as enthusiastic. In the midst of backlash over the stunning victory of President-elect Donald Trump, which some people attribute to the preponderance of apocryphal headlines disseminated by Internet search engines and social media platforms, the companies are tweaking their algorithms in order to target specifically blacklisted sites, many of which happen to be alternative media sites that question the political and media establishment. Many of the sites are also financially dependent on ad revenue earned by organic and referral traffic directed by Google, Facebook, and Twitter.

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Facebook Employees Are Quitting Because of Users Being Censored

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  1. Screw you for not talking about missing Julian Assange. You are distracting the people from the REAL truth. You are now part of the problem.

  2. never been on f $$$$$$k never will and the same goes for all the other ones (t$$$$$r etc.).
    If it means anything to this channel I found it just by going on YouTube. 👍

  3. they just want to control people!!

  4. Delete FB app they use it to spy on people anyway.

  5. Never been on Facebook and never will. Thank you.

  6. We need conservative facebook fast

  7. ALL their employees should quit and ALL American should quit their jobs until we get the things we demand which is less govt. involvement, abolishment of Obamacare which is just a tax that does nothing but take money from people in an unrepresented fashion

  8. I complained to FB through feedback, told them to stop censoring my news feed as soon as I noticed it changing. Everyone needs to do that. BTW, this video came up as recommended for me!

  9. Wesley freedom of speech

  10. A Joo is a pro-censorship control freak ? That's the first time ever !

  11. gary if you want to fight back then push your viewers to start using other search engines like duckduckgo, and other social networks like minds, we need to punish google and facebook for the actions they are taking and a large amount of people refusing to use there products does just that

  12. it's his company, he can run it however he wants. as long as he doesn't discriminate against gays, blacks or Muslims.

  13. They will have many opportunities.

  14. it is true… I haven't been able to share any alt news channels to fb for over a year… even with new accounts and a new computer. so how can we beat this? …..

  15. keeping face book so I can track their attack on freedom

  16. this is a sign of success .
    you have the power.
    make it count.
    a few self disposed nerds
    are just causing a few ripples.
    don't let it distract you
    from your focus.

  17. The truth will always be at there.

  18. I have heard that gab.ai? and need.live? are the new twitter and Fakebook. I have only heard little bits and pieces about them so I haven't started an account yet…I really hope that Bing, gab, and need replace Google, diptwitter, and Fakebook! The owners are as far left as it gets and most of these companies are 80% owned by the gov!

  19. is it to late to go back to myspace lol

  20. yes this is first video of next in days that I've seen. it's over a day old I think

  21. Facebook is a drama site, was on it before but had to delete my page because I noticed that my pictures was being used to make other Facebook pages. Those who really know me, knows that I am not a Stripper. Some ass hole took my pictures & basically tried to ruin me but, it didn't work. it took Facebook almost a year to make this go away .

  22. Maybe we should all join the Russian facebook…….

  23. Msn shoul start bing book and allow free speech

  24. Time for competition! I will leave Facebook for another company!

  25. I'll spread the word the thing is, most people I know are already agree with me. Might get you a few more subscribers or at least views, which you are welcome to, but it won't really push the cause forward.



  28. Who with a brain uses Fakebook any more ?

  29. jb

    I have been locked out of my facebook all day – it says I tried to log on to many times – this has never happen before – it was how I checked on my family – and if not fixed so I will just start using my cell phone and calling like before – they cannot lock me out of it

  30. i deleted my facebook account over 4 years ago and i dont miss it not one bit. fuck facebook and that libratard that owns it and all the other libratards. any one can come up with a website like it and start to become a instant millionaire anyways.

  31. What a bunch of bullshit , face book data mines every user . Yeah they are quiting yet no interviews with the employees on YouTube .

  32. This will not hurt Facebook at all unless people who have facebook accounts delete them and convince others to do the same in large numbers.
    I've never had a facebook account and I never intend to. I've never had a twitter account and I never intend to.
    I'm satisfied with an email address, a website and a YouTube channel. I don't care about view numbers. All I care about is speaking the truth. If people do not want the truth, that is on them. They can sleep in the bed they make. I sleep good in mine!

  33. Facebook playing along with #antiqueMSM games.

  34. Gary talk with Alex Jones and see if to can get together and fight as one.

  35. fakebook tells you ALL you need to know!!! Zuckerbug knows BEST.

  36. And in other news, Students at Hampshire College were upset Friday when school officials decided to raise the American Flag once again to full-staff after students demanded it be placed at half-staff because of the election of Donald J. Trump. Students at the Amherst, Massachusetts college had initially lowered the flag to half-staff in protest against the results of the November 8 election. Days after that move a group of students later pulled the flag down and burned it.The controversy at the college continued when on Veteran’s Day college officials raised a new flag to memorialize the armed forces, but students again launched into protest. Eventually Hampshire College President Jonathan Lash pulled the flag down entirely and opened a “dialog” on how the flag controversy was affecting the school.The decision to fully remove the flag led to a November 27 counter-protest against the left-wing, anti-U.S. statement being fostered by the school. Hundreds of veterans of America’s armed forces gathered outside the school to protest the anti-flag stance the school was taking.

  37. I am so sick of our first amendment rights being taken away

  38. My voice has already been silenced. How do I quit?… WE THE PEOPLE NEED TO STAND UP and TAKE OUR VOICE BACK!!!!!!

  39. Fight the good fight Brother!

  40. Facebook will die at this rate… As for twitter.. The only thing saving it is Trump's tweets..

  41. Facebook from now on should be called Fakebook.

  42. I've never like the whole fb thing. If I want someone to know something, I'll tell, I won't paste it on line. F them.

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