EXPOSED: Pay-To-Play Corruption At The DNC

After addressing a cybersecuirty conference in London, notorious hacker ‘Guccifer’ shared over 500Mb of documents detailing 100,000 DNC donors contact info and donations. A large number of the largest donors received senior diplomatic or political positions following thge donations, ranging from UK Ambassador to Assistant Attorney General. The DNC released a statement pre-emptively claiming that this was the work of Russia (and reigniting Trump’s links to Putin)…

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45 Thoughts to “EXPOSED: Pay-To-Play Corruption At The DNC”

  1. Those are just consecutive coincidences.

  2. This is why Obama is in her corner, partners in crime

  3. The problem is more people rather watch Jimmy Kimmel, read about stars, or a movie than go into politics and the real world.

  4. Progressives never learn that when you merge the market and government, the corporations become the government. There needs to be a separation just like church and state.

  5. First, bitching shirt. Love that color. Love that shirt. Second, wow. This…this is…damn.

  6. Did YouTube cut off your video?

  7. can congress call obama to testify on these revelations?

  8. thumbnail looks like lacy green on crack in her 50s

  9. This Is Why Another VOTE For Corrupt ESTABLISHMENT Politician Hillary Will Change Nothing The Other Side Is Voting TRUMP Against The ESTABLISHMENT Republican Party NOT In Support Of TRUMP But There's Nothing To Be Afraid Of Because We Have A Constitution That Puts Most Of The Power In Congress Who TRUMP Would Have To Get Them To Agree & As You Can See With Obama Who Can't Get Anything Good Done Shows This Can Even Be Used Badly But When It Comes To Hillary She Knows How To Manipulate The Gov Systems & Most Of Her Republican Friends Agree With Her #JillNotHill

  10. `This is the root of all evil in our political system` The democratic party is thoroughly corrupt, the pay to play scandal affects more than just Hillary Clinton … #DEMexit

  11. It wasn't covered because it's common. So people just assume that this happens everywhere.

  12. See this is why I'm learning German in addition to Japanese. The German/ Scandinavian countries are so well off that rich, corrupt assholes are paying to be get fancy jobs there. I remember my freshman advisor telling me to learn a "defense language" instead and I thought to myself "fuck that. I'm not working at an embassy that will be firebombed if the population there sees my youtube comments. My state is already ran by a theocratic fuckface who borderline praised the Orlando nightclub shooting. I don't want to end up somewhere even more conservative than that."

  13. "they ain't lookin out for you bitch" haha I love how kyle talks

  14. Just not a lot of leaks exposing the RNC at this time I guess.

  15. This won't phase your average democrat. They'll still vote for Hillary. Welcome to the USA.

  16. Pay to Play is an issue. However, the countries you gave a run down on to the tune of 605,000 to 3 million dollar donations are vacation posts of little political consequence which do not require career State Department Officials to run them. Monaco? Luxembourg? Let us know when the next German/UK/French/Russian/Saudi/Pakistani/Afghan/Chinese/Korean/Japanese takes deep breath ambassador or station chiefs are installed via donation. Not too concerned about a donor shelling out half a million dollars to get a special passport in order to be posted in a country where the United States has minimum to no engagement with. The ambassador of Monaco has to host a dinner once a year and attend the Grand Prix?

  17. Is it time for the next revolution yet??????

  18. Is there any way to get the big media outlets to start pointing this out? Maybe if enough people forward this video they will run with it just to avoid be "scooped" ?

  19. No wonder Hillary wants to respond to cyber attacks with military force.
    P.S. Obama, Hillary & DNC, vas te faire enculer (From Paris With Hate)

  20. I agree with about 99% of the video, but one statement is false.

    "The reason Wall Street and the Big Banks got bailed out, while Joe Down The Street isn't, is because Wall Street and the Big Banks paid their Bribes"
    That's not the reason, actually. The reason is that Wall Street and the Big Banks (smaller banks too, possibly) have become a parasite that has integrated itself to such a degree in all the vital organs of our Society [and non-vital organs, come to think of it — it has basically integrated itself to an almost perfect degree in every part of our Society] that if it dies, we die. Basically, we didn't have a choice.
    Joe Down The Street doesn't have the distinction that he made our survival dependant on his own.

    As for a source on these claims, there is the book Swimming With Sharks: My Journey Into The World of Bankers by Joris Luyendijk [someone asked me recently if I was Luyendijk when I recommended the book to them online. I can assure you I am not; my first name is an Anagram of "Ahsim", as a matter of fact]. The book also comprises THE best argument for why we need to change the System ASAP that I have ever read, by the way.

  21. wow! tyt and MSM told me there was nothing in the emails but yoga stuff. props to secular talk

  22. Breaking News: Greatest Democracy on Earth employs people based on even greater bribes.

  23. People just aren't surprised. They've suspected this was happening all along.

  24. D:


    are you telling me IHOP has been making my sausage out of ground up Democrats and Republicans?! I WANT MORE! EAT EM ALL!

    theyll be put to better use digesting into my fecal matter anyway :D

  25. The DNC and by extension corrupt-Hillary's candidacy should be terminated due to this massive corruption.

  26. If anyone from France (or just understands French) is on this channel.. you can translate this "Qu'ils mangent de la brioche!"  this is the apparent quote that basically kicked off the French revolution.. think this is pretty much what your politicians have been saying for the past 50 years!

  27. This isn't a new secret revealed. I remember stories immediately after the election stating that top DNC bundlers were becoming ambassadors and diplomats. Here's a map from 2 years ago, showing a bunch of them:

  28. The Humanist report covered this a few days ago

  29. you "bet the rnc is more corrupt because they're always more corrupt"?! OK Hillary, we just had 7 minutes of how corrupt the democrats are, but somehow end with the republicans are worse, with no facts no reference and no clue of any actual corruption. it impossible to be more corrupt than Hillary! literally impossible! thanks for the "analysis" though. fuckin genius! yes democrats are corrupt but I BET REPUBLICANS ARE WORSE! got alot of subscribers but no commercials, who's paying the bills? are these real subscribers? I have NO PROOF but I GUARUNTEE your more corrupt than Alex Jones! your a fuckin idiot!!

  30. you "bet the rnc is more corrupt because they're always more corrupt"?! OK Hillary, we just had 7 minutes of how corrupt the democrats are, but somehow end with the republicans are worse, with no facts no reference and no clue of any actual corruption. it impossible to be more corrupt than Hillary! literally impossible! thanks for the "analysis" though. fuckin genius! yes democrats are corrupt but I BET REPUBLICANS ARE WORSE! got alot of subscribers but no commercials, who's paying the bills? are these real subscribers? I have NO PROOF but I GUARUNTEE your more corrupt than Alex Jones! your a fuckin idiot!!

  31. We all know that Billionaires and Politicians work deals. We have BOTH evils this time with this election.

  32. Were there any people that donated and didn't get a job in the democratic party

  33. What did Debbie look like BEFORE
    her head went through a windshield?

  34. this is all stuff we already knew but was never confirmed along with everything else we obviously know is corrupt and disingenuous. no one is surprised, amd what cam we really do as average citizens? storm to twitter? very progressive. .

  35. I have been EPICALLY pessamistic with how the world is going. But over the last few months stunningly amazing things have been happening in the background which implies we are on the cusp of a stunning revolution for humanity and life on this planet. The only thing that can try to stop this is the nest of corrupt, psychopathic, neoliberal monsters that have stolen democracy from the people in the west. If we just depose these people and elect lefties to run things (right wing politics is dead or we will be), then you and your friends and family will have an epic future ahead of you and starting suprisingly soon (within 5 years)…

  36. It's undeniable now – the US is an oligarchy. No single election cycle can change that. The best bet is a reform of the voting process. Two party system that created the oligarchy benefits enormously from strategic voting. I can't think of a better example that the current cycle. After all there are two candidates left, who are incredibly disliked by the majority of people. How did it come to this? Really simple. People vote primarily for the lesser of the two evils or in other words for a candidate who they believe has the greatest chance of beating the candidate they hate the most. They have no other choice, since that is the inevitable consequence of the voting system.

    Let's say there are a number of candidates to choose from in an election. There is a candidate that perfectly suits you, you agree with most of his/hers platform, trust his/hers leadership skills etc. On the other hand you have a candidate you despise, the candidate you'd do anything to keep from power. Then there are other candidates you like/dislike to various degrees. There is clearly the best candidate to choose from, so it shouldn't be a problem, right? Wrong, that's actually the least important thing to consider. The reality every voter is well aware of is that a candidate has to have a chance of winning, otherwise your vote is wasted and effectively helps other candidates, even the candidate you don't like.

    There is always a chance of your vote being wasted and that can be used to manipulate voters into voting for candidates they wouldn't vote for otherwise. It doesn't even matter if the candidate presumed to have the best chance of winning isn't actually popular. It's usually a self-fulfilling prophecy – people think a candidates has great chances of winning, so they support him/her against the candidate the hate more. It's as easy as that.

    There is a simple solution for that – ranked voting. As the name says you rank candidates instead of choosing a single candidate. First choice is what you actually want and you don't have to strategize regarding his/hers chances of winning. Second choice is someone you like just a bit less than the first choice and still you don't have to strategize. And so on to the bottom of the list. If your first choice candidate has enough support (threshold for parliament, majority vote for presidency etc.) your vote goes to him/her. Otherwise it goes to the candidate next on the list. Simple as that.

  37. hey don't knock Brouwindi`…..the women are fine……

  38. So the Lizard People are in charge after all?!!

  39. This (c/o Guccifer et al), Panama Papers, WikiLeaks, … all ignored by propaganda promoting presstitutes & media shills of the kleptocracy & corporateers. No responsibility from the 4th Estate as corruption & evil indulged especially the Veterans Administration negligence including cronyism & fraud-ridden NGOs funded while malfeasance proliferates but ignored & indulged as shills are paid to look the other way. Ethics, morality, integrity, values, virtue … none worthy in ScAmerika. Thx.
    #WarOnCorruption #ExposeHypocrisy #KaepernickforVeterans

  40. There was nothing "exposed", you propagandist piece of shit. Presidents have placed former donors/friends in diplomatic offices for decades. The "EXPOSED" information you got from the leaks was public information on opensecrets for years.

    It is absolutely amazing how you and your retarded followers can pretend to know shit while simultaneously not knowing almost anything.

  41. its a soft c sound on the guys name. it sounds less weird that way.

  42. Could these mentioned people actually pay so much or did someone else pay to get them in?

  43. Maury Povich:DNC when it comes to impartiality you say its true the lie detector showed that was a lie

  44. Obama as a great salesman. Trump is almost as good. So my question out to the Young Turks, Secular Talk, etc. Is how much BS do you have to uncover from Democrats before you realize Trump is not a greater evil?
    Correct me if I'm wrong but the "Central American" family's that were being deported from fleeing conflict.. how were those even differentiated from Mexican illegal immigrants. All of those worst case scenarios with Trump MAY already exist. He could also be a extreme tipping point to taking those issues which are a 5/10 now and ramp them up to a 10/10.. at least people will openly criticize the administration.. not like this BS circle jerking

  45. You provide good content and commentary, but I wish you would learn to back off the mic when you screech and lean in when you lower your voice. You are hard to listen to because of it. I have to keep turning you up and turning you down to be able to hear you at some points and then to protect my ears, and it would be much better for your audience if you would just regulate that better yourself.

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