Exposed Corruption in Rajasthan Land Revenue Department – Sting Video

Revenue Department Officers Forcing property buyers to pay Bribe and Extortion Money with help of private Typists as Mediators in Pushkar, Ajmer, Rajasthan, India. Under BJP Rule Corruption at its peak in State of Rajasthan. Corrupt people openly asking bribe and forcing taxpayers to pay bribe upto 4% of registration value above govt. Stamp Duty Registration Charges to get there property registrations done in timely manner else such registration cases kept on hold for months in case of non Payment of Bribe to this whole network of corrupt officers and private read writers/typists.

Still I have been forced to pay Bribe to Govt. officers via mediator parties and harassed on every step. I have contacted ACB Office(SP Range), SP Office(Ajmer), Jaipur Range Offices but no one is ready to take action.



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