Explosive! CNN Admits Obama DID Spy On President Trump

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40 thoughts on “Explosive! CNN Admits Obama DID Spy On President Trump

  1. I post about pizzgate on comments in fox just about everything thay put out i go back to look and its gone!what are thay afraid off??????

  2. right we can now trust Crap News Network.

  3. Its amazing so many online saying obama is a hero still and trump is a monster . We're going to civil war people the shit needs to stop. Trumps ban has to do with CIA brining in terrorists and slowly bringing in the army that will strike . If our army does enforce things then the foreign armies already here will be happy to oblige a genocide . There Lying in wait , planning . What are your doing ?

  4. I missed the part where CNN admitted or provided evidence that Obama was involved in surveillance or spying on Trump.

  5. Patriotism is not nationalism. Don't call someone else dumb just because you don't understand what they are saying. Patriotism involves helping your country. Nationalism involves blindly following everything they do like sheep, and making every other country your enemy. God damn it's hard to listen to people speak with so much conviction when they have no idea what they are talking about.

  6. Woah Info Wars has no sources!

  7. Something called "save my care" is advertising on your videos Alex. Had to click "skip" but they've got click bait thumbnails saying "broken promise" with Trump on the front. Nothing you can do, but just thought I'd let you know what is being advertised on your videos.

  8. This is probably why America isn't mentioned in the Bible. The way judges are interpreting the laws from the benches and the demand for open borders from the left, it will cease to exist as a nation.

  9. In Britain if the mp's use iPhones mi5 locks it so it cannot be tapped

  10. The democratic party is the world's most successful hate group. It attracts poor people who hate rich people, black people who hate white people, gay people who hate straight people, feminists who hate men, environmentalists who hate the internal combustion engine, and a lot of bratty college kids who hate their parents. However, the real secret of the party's success is that it attracts the support of journalists who hate Republicans and therefore will work tirelessly to convince the rest of us that we should vote for democrats.

  11. Can we just kill all the liberals

  12. NSA could record a person on the phone talking to another person in Russia thats just old friends and everyday persons. They record it, and spin the news saying this is from the campain! When it was just two people talking about the elections. I talk with my sister by phone back in June about Trump and how they keep saying Russia is helping. Or they could stage a phone call, read a sript, then say it is Trumps people talking to Russa.

  13. people Now CNN is fake news stop watching then maybe they will start telling the truth.

  14. jesus christ this guy needs to get some vacation

  15. Not even 3 minutes in, yet … you are spot on regarding Memory, Alex!
    As true evil, they want us to forget ourselves as Spiritual Beings … and to forget ourselves as Sovereign Beings as well. The two, Spirit and Sovereignty, go hand in hand.

  16. So all he did throughout the video was read a title of a CNN headline, which everyone considers is biased news, and then went on a tangent talking about random shit. Literally no evidence provided, no references, nothing to back up his statements. Im curious, why do people listen to him?

  17. So I'm just looking up some of the information as the video goes along.

    Looks like the NYT article he talks about was about an FBI investigation on some of Trump's former staff and make absolutely 0 mention of anything actually involving Trump, Trump Tower, or Obama. So, I'm not sure how that's relevant.

    Also, Nationalism is not Patriotism. They have similar aspects, but by far not the same.

  18. now cnn saying the truth i thought cnn is fake news

  19. when will you stroke out

  20. Angelina Jolie… Professor of shilling?

  21. What the hell does Jolie know? Who is she? Do people really care what she says? I don't think so.

  22. So many bloody Lib trolls…
    Just down vote their comments people, don't feed them.

    But they're dumb enough not to understand that the more views and comments the videos get, the stronger Infowars gets..
    So good job libtards.

  23. Was Grubber working at Harvard?

  24. This is a great comedy show

  25. The tables got turned Hill was going to do the same thing.. blame him for blackmailing her.. lmao

  26. wtf so you cant see the flag of the country you are living in. your homes flag makes you triggered? MOVE!

  27. It took years, but they got Christianity out of school. Now they get rid of flags. Next they outlaw the words 'nation' 'america'. Now Islam is in schools.

  28. To much talking Alex, arrest the criminals or lose the battle…

  29. remember isnt under obama that they were all doing drugs in the white house so yes they are playing games but, the drugs will make them even stupider then what they are, and mayb they dont remember half the CRAP THEY SAY AND DO, drugs will do this to people, but all the people that was under obama i believe they were all drug addict's, when obama was in office jus about the whole clan under and following oboma were all DUMB ASS'S ANYWAYS, AND THEY ARE ALL JEALOUS BCAS THEY ALL KNOW THAT MR TRUMP MR PRESIDENT WILL B THE BEST PRESIDENT THAT WE WILL HAVE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. in phoenix arizona I attended grade school in the 90s and we always recited the pledge of allegiance–do they still make clasrooms do this?-becuase they should

  31. And that maybe about the only truth coming from the fake Clinton News Network!!!

  32. Why is there no video of the ISS being built?

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