EXILITY CLICKBAIT GONE TOO FAR – (Exility Sister Clickbait & Misleading Content) #PizzaGate #Corruption

EXILITY CLICKBAIT GONE TOO FAR – (Exility Sister Clickbait & Misleading Content)
So yeah I talk about Exility and how I think his use of his sister for clickbait isn’t right and how misleading his content is. Give me likes.

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These are just MY opinions I do NOT condone anyone attacking anyone in this video or having a “witch hunt” to anyone for any reason.



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21 thoughts on “EXILITY CLICKBAIT GONE TOO FAR – (Exility Sister Clickbait & Misleading Content) #PizzaGate #Corruption

  1. Geez you're very redundant and cuss so much to the point where it's kinda annoying :/

  2. You copy from trollzous retard

  3. ✌️ Just subbed love you're videos man

  4. Exility is exploting his own sister for views.

  5. Are people who look like trolls allowed to call other people trolls? Either way you like like a troll back that face cam up and let me focus more on that Grade A voice of yours. +1

  6. i have nothing to say but i will boost your algorithm

  7. good video but I really don't like that you used the kid with the knife to his head on your thumbnail. I know it's linked to your video in a way but just really bad taste and in a way just as bad as exility

  8. i want to start a cod channel but i don't have a sister ;-(

  9. Retarded mother fucker

  10. Commenting So you can get money

  11. me and my dad were fishing we ran out of worms so we used this video as bait

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