Eurosceptic Frank Field MP on Labour and EU policy BBC News #Australia #Corruption

Labour lost nearly a million voters to UKIP at the general election because “they thought we had a Labour Party that did not represent, in public debate, their real interests,” says Frank Field.
The Eurosceptic Labour MP said the party’s decision to back EU membership in the forthcoming referendum was out of step with many of its traditional supporters and it risked losing more of them to UKIP.
He rejected a suggestion by Daily Politics presenter Jo Coburn that he could create disunity by speaking out.
The SNP’s Alex Salmond said it was “a bit ridiculous” for him to be defending the Labour leader, while Mr Field attacked him.

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One Thought to “Eurosceptic Frank Field MP on Labour and EU policy BBC News #Australia #Corruption”

  1. Damn you Jo Coburn for your blatant pro EU stance !!! You say almost how dare you Frank Field cast aspersions within the Labour party who are generally behind the remain campaign . Frank Field is honest in his comment that 40% of Labour traditional voters are anti EU and are NOT being represented by the Labour leadership of Corbyn and Johnson

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