European Union Corruption Exposed

Will UKIP Expose those who the great Christopher Story never got to finish before they killed him.



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7 thoughts on “European Union Corruption Exposed

  1. it is not power , it is not money what the evil people want.
    it is just evil worshipping.
    and they are trapped.
    as soon as we start to realise this, history becomes understandable.
    see for instance the book of eustace mullins: curse of canaan.

  2. Heinz Kissinger was knighted by the queen yet he's German , Russian/ American ? 

  3. European People, get out of the European Union, you have been tricked by a bunch of unelected members of a phony parliament, you have lost your rights, your lives are dictated only by the NAZI criminal Juncker, your laws are not valid anymore, they will run your economy to the ground till you go bankrupt nd then you will be totally at their mercy, they will seize everything you have of value and then have you work for them for peanuts, you will never see prosperity again except your puppet politicians who will take orders from the EU, This is HITLER"S DREAM COME TRUE. this is exactly what Nazi Juncker did to Greece, Cyprus, Portugal, Italy, Ireland and Spain they are all living in misery, next are the Balkans who were better off with Capitalist Russia which now you can trust, the EU has bought your politicians the worst was the planting of terrorists in the Ukraine for brothers to fight brothers and kill each other and then plant themselves in hoping to go forward with the help of the US and eventually go into Russia (That is a midsummer dream) Hitler wanted Russia but failed thinking now they will get it. If some of you know WWII history Hitler collaborated with the muslims to help them, haven't you still figured out why millions of muslims have occupied Europe and the Americas ? They have the muslims do the dirty work of slaughtering Christians, Jews and whites in General. Wake up and get ready to fight and restore your dignity which now you do not have any your are spineless.

  4. Mr Wickins – when was this speech, where, and to whom, please?

  5. "The fool has said in his heart that there is no God."  I like that.  

    The EU is certainly soulless, Godless, politically demonic; and, yes, actually demonic, too.

  6. Why hasn't this gone viral yet? It's time has certainly come.

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