Eric Trump: WikiLeaks exposed true level of gov’t corruption

Republican nominee’s son speaks out on ‘Hannity’



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24 thoughts on “Eric Trump: WikiLeaks exposed true level of gov’t corruption

  1. in 2024 , I will vote for Erick Trump. …

  2. Crooked Hillary Lmfaoooo 😂😂😂😂👏🏼

  3. Pretty sad how biased American tv shows are, like CNN and Fox News are so biased to one side it's disgusting

  4. An actual reporter that doesn't get influenced by the bags cash that Hilary leaves by his door

  5. if trump wins we are saved if hilary wins its civil war and world war 3.

    wake up Americans

  6. OMG all those leaks and emails, its terrible, its awful, its…..zzzzzzzzzzz

  7. I live in Canada and I can't believe what I'm watching with the rest of the world, the USA no longer has that appeal or shining exterior it will soon be one of the worst places to live if the Clintons get into that White House.

  8. Noticed how that dictator looking guy with the Nicaragua illuminati pyramid shirt just disappeared. These Hill's shills are savages. Especially the ones who weren't smart enough to know they can get paid to actually shill for Hill, lol.

  9. How is Trump going to tackle corruption? By tackling himself right? He lacks the backbone to publish his own tax so how realistic is his promise & any of his promises' promises? The very word Trump is a pleonasm for corruption even Bush knows that. He's adorable :)

  10. Mr. Trump.. Just like you going to built a wall please built a NEW CONSERVATIVE PARTY… We are behind ya

  11. You dont need their stupid individual support… THE NEW TRUMP Gran Old Party

  12. The GOP has not supported the DONALD!!!!! Mr. TRUMP win or lose you MOST create the New Grant Old Party OR!!!! the TRUMP PARTY……YOU HAVE TO … We can not allow this current currupt GOP enjoy your support…

  13. Trump should have Rudy use RICO to dismantle the Democratic party the way he did the mafia. The Democratic party needs to die, liberalism is a dangerous virus.

  14. Is Eric learning disabled?

  15. Thanks Eric and Sean! Great interview!

  16. From France.
    Bill Clinton Is a Rapist! Hillary is corrupt.
    Please, for the peace, for honor, vote TRUMP.

  17. His voice is Donald Duck

  18. I can't say I'm all for trump but I'm definitely not for Hillary.. but what I can say trump is not a politician and so wasn't John F. Kennedy and he was the only real president we ever had..

  19. This is game-changing material, here. Compare talking shit with your bros about women to this?! How could anybody that's seeing this still vote Hillary? Oh wait, nobody wants to pay attention to shit that doesn't pop up in faceland. Damn just add the likes and dislikes here, then go to a Trump hate video and see how many more there are.
    Doomed, indeed

  20. Trumps children are GREAT!!! Trump has done a great job in raising his children. He will do GREAT for this country!!

  21. Sean Hannity has balls for publicly supporting Trump. United States needs change. Trump 2016!

  22. I won't vote for that rapist , pedo , child molester and so on TRUMP

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