End Times Why Israel and USA Will be Burned 100% on February 17, 2017 – End Time Prophecy . 2017 #PizzaGate #Twittergate

The end of the world ,end of days And The End Times countdown in the book of Matthew provides an important context for the mention of the Sabbath as a divine requirement in the last days. And many of the prophecies confirmed that the end of times , end of days ,End of humanity and the end of the world will be on February 17, 2017.
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20 Thoughts to “End Times Why Israel and USA Will be Burned 100% on February 17, 2017 – End Time Prophecy . 2017 #PizzaGate #Twittergate”

  1. So rubbish…your wasting your time judging people. Stop judging others or you'll be judged.

  2. Your one of the false prophets.

  3. The words of Jesus himself = Matthew 24:36 But of that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, but My Father only.

  4. God bless you guys. This is such an amazing video. I'm so glad I watched it.

  5. Here is my prophesy you foolish duo
    The world will NOT end on Feb 17, 2017.
    Throw your concocted Bible away. Did Jesus (pbuh) spoke English or Aramaic?
    I stopped at 8:33. The duo were hilariously stupid.

  6. Listen to these to idiot heathens ..reading black Hebrew Israelite history ..talking about a black God (Yahweh ) and a black people ..and trying hard as a mutherfucker to try and tell you that the scriptures is talking about their LYING Christian Zionist FAKE Jewish arse ….pathetic motherfucking HEATHENS.

  7. absolute bullshit,,the real enemy is israel,,they play america like a harp,,you should never give a date for end times, you get it wrong all the time,,

  8. Actually the one rider has a sword and a white horse , and the other has a bow and a white horse , the one with the bow as representative of False Religion , as Christ is pictured as having a two edged sword proceeding from his mouth , devouring his enemies with the word of his mouth . and the LORD a rod of iron .

  9. Revelations was a forgery. It's not a prophecy it's the elites game plan. Wake up. Damn.

  10. Respectfully, the Bible was written by many mere humans over many ages and various parts translated with human language. Writers and so-called prophets claimed to speak for God. They were however only humans who claimed as much. When you analyze the Bible it is NOT EVEN BASED ON TRUE MORAL PRINCIPLES. Rather it is based an authoritarian principles and punishment from a God who will not take responsibility for his own creation. You people and anyone who believes this stuff are living in a delusional bubble.

  11. you are wrong use all of the bible talk to Jehovah's witness they do and will help they helped me

  12. Propaganda videos pretending to be a Prophet will be your undoing. Trump is a gift from God and gives Jews time to except Christ, They Kingdom Come will not come until the Jews except there sin and except Christ.

  13. The end will come about in 2028.  Genesis shows us that. Google 2028 and then google Gabriel Ansely and listen to all the testimonies from God to His people regarding 2028. God did not give the day nor the hour but He does show us the year.

  14. well i listened & i should compensated for the brain numbing idiocy you subjected me to so the black pope rules the world huh ? the reason so many jesuit trained is the church started institutionalised education & is good at it particularly at the higher levels you say jesuit training as if it was some crime , squaking a bible passage does not contextualise the bullshit you drip , so you've read the highest level masonic books prove it as you can't i call liar liar yamaka on fire or admit the FORMAT of said books & your degree to be entitled , the pyramid symbol complete with all seeing eye was around before the days egyptians hosted jew labourers . the talmudic moloch worshipers left egypt in their fashion by murdering many stealing whatever they could including the mystery teachings /magic on the way out how many other nations through history have suffered after hosting a thieving ungrateful guest culture .god did not require blood over doorways for angels to spare occupants talmudic hit squads did if you write down you are "the chosen" does not necessarily make it so ,just as if i wrote you pair are sharp intellects & insightful men doesn't change the fact you are both dullards with no depth on the subject matter – quoting passage is not depth a parrot can quote

  15. did you recently have a political lobotomy ? if one wish's to be seen to have power or influence one must interact with the premier players regardless of what zionest you tubers think . heard bibi threatening senegal & new zealand for not cheerleading israel – thats a b grade politician now saying saying that israel doesn't like being questioned by anyone re their human rights record . i suggest you interview black jews in israel about forced sterilising etc or how about you go to israel take out your bible & spread the word have money for lawyer you will be arrested . talmudic believers are preparing for animal sacrifice how primitive & pathetic , so mutilating a baby boys penis & SUCKING the blood off & animal sacrifice this is the chosen people christians have been sold a pup & are to stupid to get it . vatican is guarded by swiss guards the swiss deal is zionest bankers so who owns who grow up fools

  16. god will destroy them like he did nimrod

  17. Ezekiel 39:9 specifies a 7 year clean-up period beginning shortly after Jesus annihilates the invaders of Israel.
    So, The day when Jesus annihilates the invaders of Israel is at least 7 years before the Rev 19 return in power of Jesus.
    The final day of the Beast 3.5 rule is same day as Revelation 19 return of Jesus in power [with the saved of our era].

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