Elizabeth Warren Exposes Tom Price’s Unethical Dealings #pizzagate2

Senator Elizabeth Warren reveals Tom Price invested in a knee replacement technology company six days before introducing legislation to boost revenue.

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31 Thoughts to “Elizabeth Warren Exposes Tom Price’s Unethical Dealings #pizzagate2”

  1. Why the fuck are there time limits on ethics reviews ?!?

  2. How could Liz expose anyone? She is crooked from her fake injun blood.

  3. Elizabeth Warren for President!!!!

  4. Look, Trump is not worth even 500 mil, and He will not release his taxes for one reason, he is in for the money, do you think when he called out Toyota and BMW and the companies stock fell he didn't benefit? he will use the office to make the money he failed to make as a business man because he is by far the worst investor.

    He will use his friends and family to screw the US, the press freedom will come to an end under Trump, basically he will take the US at least 60 years back, Look I'm not a big fan of Obama for one reason some of his foreign polices were bad, but his work inside the US is great especially after taking the US from Bush.

    So enjoy Trump and if you suffer from Blood pressure or heart issues I recommend you stay away from the news for the next 4 years cause nothing good will come from this Orange Monkey……..

  5. What we need is an Available Care Act. Insurance coverage doesn't mean doctors will suddenly spring up to care for people. Let's make things easier for ARNP to be in the mix.

  6. This guys been in a swamp for so long he has grown gills. You can tell he's using them by the redness of his face.
    Or is that…SHAME.

  7. With trump in town, he will chase away all the Ethical people. It is the time in the video game when the palace is overtaken by the other party !!!! Get ready X-Box !!!! :):):):):):):)

  8. Wow… how he looks at the chairman to shut her up…. just plan dirty. Boy I tell …its going to be many butt hurt people in 4 years.

  9. D

    Goofy Elizabeth Warren. Unhinged lunatic. Just look at her. Did nothing, fixed nothing, improved nothing for 8 years. Embarrassing!

  10. sen.warren doing her job.

  11. Heard a very interesting political observation this a.m.
    Both PRESIDENT Trump & Obama have a number of things in common:

    Both started as long shots with no chance of winning.
    Both are & were historic Presidents,
    Obama as 1st african American elected to office of President.
    Trump being the first non politician or non military to be elected.

    They BOTH beat Hillary Clinton !!
    Kind of tells you what a P.O.S. she is.

  12. Tom Price should be locked up….

  13. Crooked Price picked by Trump for his swamp administration.

  14. Elizabeth Do NOT PICK THIS DUMMY

  15. Dayum, Liz need to be a detective with them interrogation skills! Yass girl, work!

  16. Wild distortion of fact by Warren. Trades occurred in a non-discretionary broker account–Morgan Stanley rebalanced in march. 68 other trades the same day. Even EW stated he wasn't aware of trade til April. Also the trade was $2700…I'm all for opposing policy debate, but cut out the political opportunism

  17. This woman is what we need!!!

  18. this guy cant even defend himself.. wimpy… the new america

  19. Takn hoes down since 1978

  20. do you even know what are you talking about miss Warren?


  22. elizabeth Warren you are brilliant, keep being a 'nasty woman' we need more like you!

  23. elizabeth Warren you are brilliant, keep being a 'nasty woman' we need more like you!


  25. He lacks credibility. THIEF!

  26. Ah Warren, the loser who got into college and hired after, by claiming to be native american….thus stealing affirmative action opportunity from an actual native americans. Remember when native Americans were blond haired and blue eyed? Yeah I don't either.

  27. Hahaha Liz is not having it 😂😂😂

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