Elijah Wood Exposes Hollywood Pedophile Elite #Pedogate #Pizzagate #childtrafficking #Mysteries

Child actor Elijah Wood goes on the record explaining how Hollywood has a pattern of pedophilia and child sexual abuse.


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9 thoughts on “Elijah Wood Exposes Hollywood Pedophile Elite #Pedogate #Pizzagate #childtrafficking #Mysteries



  3. If you let your children watch tv you are exposing them to endless programs designed,written,directed by pedophiles. most of the movies you watch are directed by pedophiles. If you watch tv you are a bit sick, especially if you know these scumbags do what they do.

  4. The same "industry" which has been pushing for the establishment of homosexuality in several areas of life (e.g. the matrimonial sphere; the workplace sphere; the commerce sphere; the entertainment sphere, which is also used as the Trojan horse to make further inroads for homosexuality; the military sphere; the "child welfare" sphere; etc). Hhhmmm, I wonder what's next on the agenda to try to make the public accept? It shouldn't require any great deal of thinking to ascertain that pedophilia (i.e. adult sexual activity performed upon children or adults encouraging children to sexual activity amongst themselves) is definitely in the plans of Hollywood & it doesn't take too much investigation to know that they have already produced such pedophilia-promoting filth in music, in movies, in television, in theatre, in dance, & even in commercials already to try to test what the response of the public will be & also to try to desensitize & reshape the psyche of the public to accept pedophilia.
    Who is going to try to overlook this atrocity or continue to try to overlook this atrocity to supposedly secure whatever supposed benefit there is to be gleaned from Hollywood's "entertainment" productions?
    Frankly, & this is hard to say because I know that there are indeed children who are in need & the more genuine concerted efforts there are to meet those needs of food & clothing the better, but I really have to wonder about the ones of Hollywood who are pedophiles or soft on pedophilia having involvement in the "Red Nose" thing that has been recently promoted for their ulterior motive will no doubt be pedophilia, them trying to gain access to children who are particularly vulnerable. Indeed, if there are any in Hollywood who are against pedophilia & could not care any less about losing out on employment, money, & accolades when they are punished for speaking out, if there be any such & such being rightly genuinely interested in the success of, say, the "Red Nose" thing & so on for kids, then they had best speak out against those casting administrators, producers, directors, actors & actresses, & so on who are having sex with or promoting sex with children or encouraging sex between children.
    Indeed, those same ones of Hollywood who are anti-pedophilia (& ideally they should be & would be anti-homosexuality, too) also should target the so-called "child welfare" system which also facilitates & is guilty of countless instances of physical & sexual abuse of children while the children are in the custody of the same system.

  5. vultures who ejaculate in kids faces–that's minor..ulgy men like eisenhauer

  6. I think he was sexually abuse by men and women

  7. Too bad Feldman doesn't have the balls to name names.

  8. Um, it's not Harry Potter. He's in The Lord of the Rings.

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