Edward Snowden : i can tell you who realy rule america !! #Vault7 #ItsTime

– Edward Snowden : i can tell you who realy rule america !!
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7 thoughts on “Edward Snowden : i can tell you who realy rule america !! #Vault7 #ItsTime

  1. what do some of you think those Smart Gadgets inside your house can do? Stop buying this shit and put these eves dropping commy motherfuckers outta business

  2. I now know what the traitors parents look like.you do not know what he gave china or russiamthey are our enemies.simple and plain.

  3. Wow, I don't even know what to believe anymore. I've never seen this clip before. Once again, great job Infinite Flames. You're awesome 🙂

  4. He was low level, what he knows was Intel gathered by others.

  5. This guy comes across as sane enough, but he's a liar and a cheat with delusions of grandeur. Please stop giving him legitimacy.

  6. This man is a hero, a patriot and any one who does  not see that is not listening to what he says.

  7. Plant moles among these crowd.

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